Britain's Briton's Got Talent Event started today, and today is a challenge for Grandma Paddy Jones and his young partner Nico Espinosa!She is about to prove that age is not a limitation of self-challenges.

When this wonderful combination is on the stage, in fact, it has indeed suffered a number of different views, and the judges apparently seem to be at a loss as to what to do, and the jokes have been mockingly fun.When the two men formally started a slow-slow dance, one of the judges, Simon, couldn't resist hitting the stage with a cruel fork. Instead of being able to hold them away, Grandma Paddy was not moved. Instead, his grandmother looked at the music and the rhythm became very different.

Isn't the age limit?Is it that people are old, and that they can no longer dream?A 79-year-old British grandma Paddy gave you a little bit of space to think about!(Recommended reading: A recalcitron for the rest of your life!Who says the old is not romantic?)

Review before the show starts asking Paddy: " Do you think you won this game?

Paddy says in good faith: " It's great to be able to win!But for me, as long as people enjoy watching us perform because of our performance, that's enough, and that's what I want to do."And Paddy did jump out of the show to make the whole audience happy and moving."

Look at her challenging salsa action, roll over, throw out dressings, and not be afraid, the mood of the entire audience will follow the ups and downs of her. One side will take a few breath, cheers!Her face is full of joy. When Paddy is dancing, we can see that she is very proud and proud of herself.When a person loves what she's doing, she really can see it, and this kind of happiness also infects all the on-site viewers and us.

Paddy shared his own story after acting.She said she was once a dancer, because she had four children and laid down her dream to concentrate on her family.Later, when the child was older, her husband died in an accident. She looked at the dressmaking, and she decided to jump again in order to make a bold jump.

You like to see Patty's grandma dance, probably because she can believe that only you can show your passion for your life!

For Paddy, this will be an experience that she will never forget. For us, it is even more of a show for us to reflect on life!Age is not a restriction, nor should it be an excuse to escape life.The 79-year-old still has nothing to fear, dear, do you remember the way she looked at you when she was 20 years old?

UK's Talent's Got talk

The UK's Got talk has always moved much to the world!A dance troupe has created a great "shadow dance" on the dance platform. With dance, a complete story, from the germination of a love story, to the two men entering the auditorium, and then to how the war can tear up and happiness is alive.

Every time you look at this movie, you have a different feeling.Perhaps, for a lifetime, we need not have so much to do with what we need.Put down some hatred and hold the hands of people on the sidelines. That is the happiest moment!

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Text: womany editorial/Aubrey Ko