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What is the most important element of the film to be photographed? Is it a director, an actor or a story line? Let's make people tears of Thai film tell you, good film, from life, also from people to do! Get your toilet paper ready, and take a look at the following five from the real story of the moving, it will give you a different view of life!

Thailand's advertising can always affect the most subtle nerves, with a close to the angle of life, with the same as us as the protagonist, with a delicate mood to explore the gray area of life. In Thailand's ads, the protagonist is never a commodity, has always been a person.

Read the following five from the real story of the Thai ads, for their dreams, life and bad habits, I believe you will have different ideas. (also remember to prepare toilet paper, we cried at work when a runny nose a tear.) )

Thai insurance Ads: Every day there are good things happen, you see?

Help people, is not nothing? Is there nothing to be got? Look at this Thai man's story, for help, perhaps you will have a new feeling.

Perhaps really help people, we seem to have nothing to gain, no substance can be held in the palm of the hand, but when you stop to look back, you will find that your feelings and happiness, more than anything else to make you feel happy. (The original, the most difficult is the stability of happiness )

Your happiness, no amount of money can not buy. And the world really really, will be because of our little bit of good thought and become better.

Hey, let's be the city, the Nameless, the little hero.

Smoking cessation ads in Thailand: The person you should take good care of is yourself

If one day, you walk on the road, is smoking, a child came over, also want to have a smoke with you, at this time what would you answer? Let's take a look at this heartbreaking story.

If you know that smoking kills you, you worry about children, so why don't you worry about yourself? "You worry about me. But Why not about yourself "we will worry for others, but forget to think about themselves, in fact, you should take good care of the people, is not others, it is their own."

Lingerie ads in Thailand: Women, you are born beautiful

How much social pressure does a young high school mother, holding a small child, endure? To see the story of Jane and June.

Love can be selfless, can not be estranged, because we are also living in the world that small people, because the other side, and start important.

Jane said: "Rather than let the social attack June from childhood no parents, would like to let the weight of public opinion on me, I hope June can grow up without worry." "(a series of film reports, please see my beautiful woman three Thai women's Moving story )

Thailand's line ads: the deepest love, but also to say to you export

A mother child, a father who lost his lover, how to communicate with two heartache people? See what this father does, hug himself and hug his daughter.

"Although the mother is not in, but don't forget you have a father, you can tell dad everything." "This is a little bit of a detour, stupid but the most sincere way of confession." The love that cannot be exported, anyhow, still want to let her know.

After watching this film, you are not also beginning to ask yourself: in the off-site you, the last initiative to greet parents when ? When was the last time you had dinner with your family? Life time is not long, remember to bring with the worthy people to get along well. (ICU Nurse's true confession: Five things that people regret most before they die )

Thailand's shampoo ads: Because you are not the same, so you special

A girl who can't hear, is she qualified for a musical dream? Lose at the starting point, still can let oneself obey the heart to pursue a dream? What others call madness, do you dare to gamble for your life?

"Why am I not like him/her?" Why does he/she have, I do not? "Sometimes we really want to ask. But, honey, why do you have to be like everyone else? Because it is different, because every life can not be replicated, so it is special.

Let you risk the heart to take you into a faraway place, gossip too much, then shut up the ears, really important things, with the eyes is invisible, with the ear is not audible, to find out attentively. You may dream, you can shine, your will shine.

No one is born brave, courage is nothing but learning in wrestling. The first time brave, later will be more and more brave.

These ads, in fact, not just advertising, but also a gentle and forced out your tears of life proverbs.

We want to say, life is the only one. Take some more roads and see more scenery, care more about the people around, love themselves a little more, laugh more, cry a little more, for the life left their own marks, the master control right back to their hands, then, is the good: (The same field Gayon: How long did not laugh?) 10 small exercises that make you more comfortable

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