You have seen his songs of a few love cafes , fascinated by his words of exquisite and love, you dream back in the middle of the night, can not help but think of yourself in those feelings of the addiction drag lag, so bowed his head to cover the face side laugh side crying.

He is Yu Junyu , in Hong Kong, he is a congressman and a best-selling writer, the new book Loves You, if only as the first time in Hong Kong published a week, has been the third brush, holding a lot of people's hands to remember pain, practice love, and in the female fans, he is willing to do the most faithful to listen to the girl's mind, His words gently awakened you, you know this person, is understand you.

Today let Womany take you to know more about him more, this Hong Kong boy, how can mention a pen, write is called the human heart sour? How can you use a few strokes to write out the feelings of love? Listen to Yu Junyu's 12 questions about love!

Q1: Do you feel conflicted about being both a congressman and a writer? What are the individual meanings of these two identities to you?

A: Many friends will feel very fresh when they hear "the member who writes the love novel", the member's work is more "rational", the love novel is the Family "sensibility", how can the two coexist? But for me, "Congressman X Writer" is "Perfect Match".

In Hong Kong, members ' work is very heavy, as small as the public seek help from the Legislative Council policy, but the real core, without the word "love", we love this piece of land, so we want to protect some of the value of the loss; we have to help a certain people to reflect the situation, for me, the work of members to love first, move to the feeling, to say that Daniel.

Similarly, I put this feeling, put in my dream, become a writer, has been my dream, and the pursuit of dreams, is not because let busy become excuses, although my work is very heavy, but I will grasp the time every day, know my friends will know, I like to write articles on the platform of railway station, because I really do not have much time, Only sit on the platform bench, turn on the computer, buried in writing, how tired, I do not feel hard.

Dream, is to have power, let you tired, also won't let go.

Q2. Have you ever been hurt in love and have had the experience of being lovelorn and crying? What do you usually do when you are lovelorn?

A: Of course I have been hurt, but also pain, because of this, I hope that my words, can let the reader bring a little healing effect, find resonance, also find the location of insight.

Understand that someone has hurt you so much, but when the years go by, and then one day you look back at the pain, you wonder why it was so painful to be so cry? On the contrary, be thankful to that person, because the more painful, the more let you grow fast, one night grow up, you are no longer a little girl.

3. Are you a relative rational or sentimental person when you are in a relationship? Have you ever done anything particularly romantic?

A: I'm a relative sentimental person (laughs), romantic thing? In fact, two people get along, every moment can be very romantic, not necessarily need a moment, something can be romantic, for me, I need to have her beside me to support, can in her want to cry, have me beside for her tears 㾗, simple mutual support, already very romantic.

Of course, the most profound, or some, my first work, "Love you, if only as first sight", in fact, is to give important people a gift.

4. Have you always enjoyed writing? At what Karma did you start writing? What do you usually think when you're writing?

A: As a child, I have been very fond of writing, also tried to participate in the Hong Kong different novel competition, but really start again, is 2012, the world end of the day, I wrote a "WhatsApp" "last online Time" article, then I was thinking, if the end of the world did not come, we have to think , no longer because of the development of technology and the people around you?

Very grateful, that piece of work, one night in FB received million netizens, therefore, encouraged me to restore the pen, in last March, I published in the FB page prose, a year, condensed more than 60,000 readers friend, very grateful.

I like to go to the coffee shop on weekdays, of course, the coffee shop in Hong Kong is less than Taiwan and popular, but I still like to be able to taste coffee and write articles on a weekend afternoon.

Listening to music is inevitable, especially I like the lyrics in the article, because I think, words with music, can exert the greatest appeal. (To feel the charm of Yu Junyu's words: The song column of the Love Café )

5. In the fan group, you take "the most faithful tree hole" as everybody's friend, please share with us to let you most impressive reader story?

A: The most unforgettable story, is "Looking for the Angel" that article, is a real, a cancer patient, like a nurse, has successfully dated her once, and he has always wanted to date her second time, but worse, he joked with his friends: "I will be able to date her the second time, otherwise, she can only see me at my funeral." 」

Friends scold him not to joke, how to, only a few days, he passed away.

Friends for his funeral, just remember that he said like a nurse, but do not know the name, do not know the appearance, also do not know what hospital she was (because she converted the hospital), in the hundred thought there is no way, I know this story.

It's hard to find her in the crowd but also decided to try, by writing "Looking for the Angel" a article, 3rd, thousands of netizens enthusiastically paste, the result, unexpectedly found the angel, and the nurse, finally attended the boy's funeral, round the son's wishes.

6. What is your favorite love proverb? Why?

a:"life if only as first sight, what autumn sad painting fan"

Is I like an ancient poem, I think, first sight is the most beautiful time, when she was very sweet, then he is very warm, we should strive to let the initial sugar, do not slip away because of time lost. (Do you remember?) who first said I love you )

Q 7. What do you think love is when you use a thing or an object as a metaphor for love? Why?

We've asked a lot of writers about love before. The restaurant said Love, ordinary than imagined more important ; Bailey said Love Like the sky , will not always be the same scenery, there are cloudy and sunny; Sea Moss Bear said love is like a soft bear doll, let people feel very relieved. and Yu Junyu said Love is ...

A: Love like quicksand, put in the palm hand, the more want to hurry, the more quickly slip away.

Q8. What is the good love in your mind?

A: Support each other, until old age, each other can continue to hold hands, walk slowly under the scenery, the wrinkles on the face of the smile and become beautiful.

Q9. Do you have any type of girl you like? What do you think is the most important thing for two people?

A: I like good girls, for me, the appearance is not the most important, the inner beauty is long, if, there is a girl, in my work to the most tired, give me encouragement, such as accompany me to eat good, coax me, for my massage, these small happiness, enough to teach me like.

Two people together, the most important is to share and share, let two people's heartbeat, keep at the same frequency. (same field Gayon: three critical time to keep intimate relationships lasting )

Q10. How would you describe yourself when you were in love, and what you did when you were lovelorn?

A: In love, sugar on the brain, blurred vision, everything is sweet, lovelorn, only to find out how sweet the past, today, how bitter, sugar and can not travel through time, came to the heart of today.

Q11. When do you think it will be when a girl becomes a woman?

A: I think a girl, grow into a woman, the focus is not age, and in the mind, when she experienced a certain period of time, then precipitation, people will grow up very painful

But I'm sorry, the growth is to be replaced with pain. (Recommended reading: from girls to women, we learned 10 things)

Q12. Please speak to the readers of our website.

In the womany you, despite the injury in love, but still climb up and believe in love bravely. For so brave to love you, Yu Junyu to say so ...

A: Please believe in love, one day, you will learn to appreciate the person who gave you pain, because he let your life become thicker.

There is a person in the world, in the crowd of you, perhaps has not met, but it does not matter, fate will always let you meet him, before this, please good pain yourself, to become better, ready to meet your happiness. (Recommended to you: a letter from a girl to her future boyfriend, will your love make Me grow?) )

Come on, girl:

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after 〉〉 broke up, your tears had nothing to do with him.
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