Hey, you know, day after day, in fact, the life of a person if lucky to live to 80 years old, from the day of birth to the moment of death, also only 30,000 days. 30,000 days a day countdown, more yesterday, more and less tomorrow, dear, how long have you not asked yourself, in these days is happy? (same field Gayon: four psychological questions and answers make everyday a good day today is brighter than yesterday!) )

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If you stop every now and then and you feel like you're in a rut, and you're immersed in a working pile of meaningless work, you're worried that one day you'll never remember the last time you really smiled, you couldn't remember how to live your life, dear, before that, we wanted to tell you the secret of living happily every day.

Happiness is not just a change in how much you break, but in the way you repeat each day, you experience different feelings. The following eight secrets, want to tell you, in life is not long, say short or short journey, your choice is more important than anything. Your happiness or unhappiness is closely related to your choice.

01. Do at least one thing you think is worth every day

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To be honest, if you dissect each person's day, you will find that many people are also working hard in repetitive work. Work is like this, there are some things you feel very meaningful, some things are not to say that cumbersome to No. No job can be easy or enjoyable, there are always parts that must be overcome or tried, this is the normal work, we can not always choose the sweet part to experience.

If the mood is irritable, and can not change the working pattern, how to do? Honey, please do at least one thing that you think is important.

But it's not important to ask yourself. Perhaps it is early to go home to dinner with their families, or with the strangers around a few minutes of the day, or to get through the phone and a long time no contact friends to chat, you know, your eyes are important, may be the eyes of others, but how? This is your own day, you have a good time, you feel valuable.

Happiness, is in the important things, see their own value.

02. Listen, read, and feel the information that will help you grow

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The rapid network information, so that modern people every day exposure in a lot of information, we have a certain degree of reception breadth, but often lack the depth of understanding, and the effective time of the information network with the rapid, more and more short-lived.

So, dear, please remember to give yourself the opportunity to grow heart, first stop at hand is sliding gossip or comprehensive arts news, in the vast network of sea search can let you grow information! (Ted Speech recommended: Six Ted speeches, you see your strength , Six Ted plays, make you more different )

Or you are at work, there is always another good dream to practice, good want to learn things. Maybe you want to learn more about photography, you want to learn illustrations, you want to practice writing programs, you want to go into the kitchen to learn how to cook French, dear, we do not just "think", think the next step should be "do" rather than "think again", spend their leisure time to accumulate their own, so that each day closer to the heart of that goal! Choose what you want to learn in your heart and learn to make you happy.

Happiness, but also find yourself every day is better than yesterday.

03: Take the life on and off switch on the hand

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When Taiwanese people's overtime habits become a normal workplace culture, many people do not have the so-called life, only the workplace life. Even with oneself have no time, more early forget what is called to move out time and friends together. (Recommended reading: overtime is a kind of cancer )

Dear, one of the secrets of a happy life is to put on and off the switch and take it in your own hands. On the time, we go all out, off time, we enjoy the carnival, work hard play hard! Remember to decide for yourself the direction of life,

Happiness is to remind yourself that your life is in your own hands.

04: Don't be too obsessed with things you can't control.

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There are so many things in the world you can not control, if you have been brooding over the past, how to stride forward? Don't let the past tie you up, we can't change the past, but we have a way to reverse the future.

The dead are gone, and what we can think of is how to do it better next time. In advance, to do the best of their own, remember to let go, this time to do the power, no matter what the outcome, all the changes to the future bar. Because persistence is like a double-edged blade, used in the wrong place, will only be a pernicious harm.

Dear, happy is occasionally put oneself a horse, no longer to the past things brooding.

05. Learn to pay for others free

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A selfish man is hard to be happy because he doesn't know what to share. He only knows how to take, but does not know to give, and spend too much time and experience to feed their self-esteem.

"Why should I be good to you?" No why, just because you deserve me. "We go on the habit of paying will have a harvest, so do not ask for the return of the pay is needed to practice, just as mom and dad to us." Honey, you can start from the other side of the practice, good for him, not because he will be better for you, but because you want to do so from the heart.

When we can experience for another person to pay, but not in return, it will probably be our very happy time, because we know that the pay is not just to "get", but a profound experience of the "give" the meaning behind. (Recommended reading: Learning to pay in love, no complaints )

Happiness is discovering that you have the ability to "give".

06: Take 20 minutes to think about what you have

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People are like this, we often see not what we own, but what we do not have. But when you envy others, maybe others are envious of you too!

If you go straight ahead and never stop to count what you have, you won't be happy if you go any further. dear, I would like to ask you to give yourself 20 minutes a day to remind yourself of what you already have, what you are holding, and what you will have in the future. You will find that, in fact, you are really rich. (Recommended to you: don't compare with others )

Happiness is discovering that you have so much.

07: Give yourself a little less pressure, a little more encouragement

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Some people are good to others, but they are bad to themselves. Is that how you do it?

Dear, please give yourself a little less pressure, a little more encouragement, or, more specifically, please give yourself the pressure to grow, not the criticism.

When you tell yourself this: "I do not do well, really stupid," my things for nothing to do, must be I have a problem, I just do bad ", can be changed so as to encourage themselves:" I am good, and I believe I can do better. " "Things can not be done, maybe my method is wrong, another way to try again!" "Everyone likes to be praised, and everyone needs to be inspired, dear, to be inspired by the people who inspire themselves, every day looking in the mirror, from the heart of Praise yourself!" (Recommended to you this beautiful story:"My Story, on the painting on my own body" white spot syndrome female mold Chantelle)

Happiness is discovering that you are your own biggest supporter.

08: Send your happiness to others

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You have probably heard a word, happiness is contagious, as we first to spread the happy people! In fact, we need, but is the joy of the stupidity peculiar.

Silly, but we believe that I am happy, I hope the people around me can be as happy as me. Silly, but we know, you lovelorn when I accompany you scold that bad man, I am frustrated when you will accompany me to drink wine, because we want to be happy together, we can be happy together.

A person will not be happy all the time, but if he has accompanied him from sad to happy partner, so happy, it is not so difficult. Hey, are you happy? You are happy, so I am happy. (same field Gayon: secretly tell you 25 priceless secrets )

Happy Days, is to find a person can also be free;
Happy Days, is the excavation of ordinary days of extraordinary;
Happy Days, is to accept life after climbing uphill, there may be downhill;
Happy Days, is to understand that some things do not do now, will not do in the future;
Happy days, is to want the future, to work hard and sacrifice something, after all do not regret.

Life is connected by one day after another, there are happy days, there is a happy life. Eight small secret, also share to the people around, the happiness spread out: Hope every little day, we are happy.