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Recently, from Li Xinjie and Peng Shun, to the Bumbent and Yellow Master, a series of extra-marital affairs incidents have stirred up a lot.These news stories satisfy our curiosity about the private lives of celebrities, and on the one hand, we also provide us with the opportunity to reflect on how the social structure and gender ideology affect the affair.Now, let's deconstruce and reshape the discourse of the affair of Li Xinjie and Peng Shun, so that we can explore the enthusiasm of the social system from the gossip of gossip!(Recommended reading: Best practices to prevent eavage, please try to marry before committing )

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For more than a week, when we open the entertainment side of the news media, it is full of reports of an incident outside Li's husband's wife.Perhaps, you are interested in the news of the celebrity celebrity, because they provide a small window of window to the celebrity's life.Or perhaps, you dismiss these gossip news and think that they have done it, but they have repeatedly exposed the scars of the client, and they are not worth so much attention to society.While we are meeting or doubted the entertainments of the gossip news, we may all be wondering whether the news reports on personal private life can also tell us about what the social system we are in.

All the gossip news that we believe is a case provides us with a vision of understanding, scrutiny, or critical social architecture.

Personal as Politics, See Trees and Forest

In general, the media is accustomed to reporting incidents as cases for analysis.The story of love focused on the past of the former partner of stealing, third, or even the former partner, or the personality flaw, so that the public opinion tends to encounter the events of the events, which are due to the personal factors of these people, and to the social structure that we live in.But is such a media discussion really comprehensive enough?Li Xinjie's husband Peng Shun's encounter with Peng Shun, questions clouds of extramarital affairs, Li Chin-liang's repeated affair, and the cheating of … boyfriend, Pan Rudi, and the news of extramarital affairs, are all just cases, and not all of which point to the structural problems in this society?(Think about it: Voluntary derailment?)

See the author of the tree, Allan G. Allen. Johnson) 1 points out that this focus is on the individual's propensity to think, easily negligible, how the social structure affects our behavior, and how it is recognized.Similarly, feminist Carol Hanisch put forward the idea of a personal, political, political, and political system, 2 , emphasizing the interlock of individual behaviors or will with the social system.The personal problems that appear to be faced by themselves can actually reflect some of the deficiencies in the social system.

The propositions of these scholars provide us with another way to interpret the event.It may not be the case that it is only reported or used as a case for entertainment.And we can look at it in a more macroscopic perspective. What are the social symptoms that can be highlighted by individuals' extra-marital affairs?

Re-interpret the incidents of Penson

as examples of Li's affair with Penson. Now the media reports have focused on how the third party's wrists and financial assistance, such as Peng Shun and Li Xinjie, as well as the disclosure of Li's past, and her Muslim beliefs, influenced her decision to forgive Peng Shunshun.But now let's think about what social factors make the affair a choice between Peng Shun and Li Yuantong (third party in the case of Peng Shun-outside), and what kind of ideology makes forforgiveness to be the best solution for Li Xinjie?We put forward several possible points of view to explore the social fabric of Peng's extramarital affair.

1. Overlandscaping and rationalization of gender imagination

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Of course, we are unable to fully understand the reason why Penson is outside of the people's field.But there is a masculine ideology in the community that provides an explanation of Peng Shun's possible view.

The Big Men's point is that men's abilities are superior to women's gender imagination.This gender ideology has created men who have to recognize and strengthen their gender status through their worship and need to be worshipped and required.

When this demand cannot be met in an established emotional state, the derailment is likely to be a choice for men.Newman, a marriage counselor, pointed out that nearly 50 % of the male respondents thought that it was a major factor in their affair that they were unable to obtain recognition from their wives, or their masculinable mascules, in marriage.An article about the relationship between the sexes in the World of Parenthood also points out that the pursuit of the need, worship, and recognition of the needs of the sexes is one of the main causes of extramarital affairs.(Recommended reading: Why don't you say so early?The Little Three is in love, the first one is life

Let's try to analyze Penson's outside experience with this perspective.Although Li Hsin-jie and Peng Shun are well known as working partners, Li's fame and dedication to Peng's daughter have probably contributed to Peng's psychological burden or loss of mind. However, after facing young performers, Peng Shun could satisfy his vanity in the interaction of the two, or through his help to Li Yuantong, and confirm his dominant position in the relationship between men and women.

Perhaps the male pursuit of affirmation, or the pursuit of a male partner, is not entirely pathological, or needs to be completely overthrown.

But when the gender of a large man is a small woman, it is a social structure that merits our deep consideration through romance novels , portraiture, and even education or corporate culture that are supported, reproduced, and strengthened so as to become the only or most important thought of our relationship with the sexes.

Dear, let's think about the characters of the heroine and the heroine of the heroine that needs to be guarded in the last few years of the fashion of the "twilight" or [from the stars]. And so the gender of a woman's little woman will not be able to influence the acceptance of other special gender characteristics through the influence of popular culture.

If you don't change society's gender norms for men's weak women, and if you don't expand the possibilities of gender-imagination , you may again be the leader of the big man in the heart of the event!(Recommended reading: Is this really my marriage?20 Marital Killers

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2. Victim-especially female victims-scapegoat

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The proliferation of events outside may also be related to the injustice of public opinion on the victim.Honey, please think about how we are accustomed to having a public trial of the character of the former partner of the outside world, or having a skeptical attitude towards their charisma. When you walk into the bookstore's gender relationship business zone, do you find that bookshelves are full of books on how to make concessions or grow to prevent their partners from experiencing them, as if our own inadequatuance is the cause of unfaithful companion.The news media also provides a possibility for the media to rationalize their own behavior in the event of an investigation into the nature or the history of the partner in the event.

The social tendency of such a public trial victim, on the one hand, lessened the criticism of the outside world, which in turn could lead to the proliferation of external experience. On the other hand, it also affects the negative mentality of victimization or the small, minor, and unabated psychology of the victim.

Don't know if everyone has found out that the social media outside of society is often harsh on women?In the case of women's outside experience , public opinion tends to attack whether she is a woman or not, or is contrary to the gender imagination of the society on the true beauty of women.As recently as the illustrator of a painters, she was also caught up in extra-marital affairs, and netizens rushed to put the label on her. The marriage was simply a label of misogyny or "misogyny" for the money.But if the husband is a victim of a war or a mistreated mistress of mistrearment or mischief, it is often the primary focus of a public opinion attack or ridicule. (Honey, do you ever think that the victims of the incident may also contain both the Yuan and the Little Three?

Xinjie has been attacked and investigated by the public, Li's past love history has also been influenced by public opinion as a result of a man's feelings of taking it for granted-because he made the mistake of what a man would do wrong-yet most blame them on the two women.This makes us wonder: Why does the public comment on the extramarital affair always find an attack target of attack?Why is it that women are often scapegoats for the outside of the event?

How to reshaping the ideology is related to the moral pressure of the three parties, and extramarital affairs are related to gender imagination as a major factor in helping us deconstructed the social system to influence extramarital affairs and development. (Recommended reading: [Man says love] unintentional third party )

3. Social gender norms for women, limiting women's right to choose from outside experience

We may not understand why Li is willing to forgive Penson, but when we look at the gender norms of this society on women-especially married women-it is not difficult to find that choosing forgiveness and inclusion is often the option of getting married women to face the smallest resistance in the face of their husbands. According to sociologists, when we are at a choice, we tend to choose the path that best fits the social norms, because they represent the smallest resistance and obstacles.

In fact, this is not the first time Peng has been unfaithful to Li's heart. Before the marriage, Li Hsin-chieh chose to be tolerant of Peng's affair with occasional derailment.And such examples are not only in the body of Li Xinjie and Peng Shun.Before Xiao Zhen and Li Chin-liang tumulturing, they also held their husbands' positions to face the news of Li Jinliang's affair.Perhaps we would like to ask: Why is it so easy for women to be so miserable that we tend to indulge in men's "mommy-to-be-mommy"?Perhaps in addition to being too much in love for herself, the social framework regulating women's dependence on the family may affect the polarity of women in extra-marital affairs.

Betty Friedan, "The Femine Mystique", " The feminine Mystique that there is a widespread sense of gender in society that deepens dependence on and limits their behavior to the sex of women and .

The societal expectation that married women reduce their appearance and give their families more marriage women are more economically and physically dependent on their husbands in the economy, so that after the event happens, they are silently obsessive or condonable to be the least resistance to their resistance.Looking at it from this perspective, though Li's popularity has been very high, she has been able to adapt to the society's expectations of gender roles, and gradually lead to the life of a married life of the same sex education.In addition to his own beliefs, his love for Peng Shun, and his dependence on marriage and family, perhaps the reason why Li Xinjie has chosen to forgive Penson's derailment is probably the reason.

When we analyze extramarital affairs from a macroscopic perspective, we can discover that the choices that appear to be personal will in most cases be closely related to the social system: the social system limits the likelihood of choice, and often directs us toward a path that appears to be the smallest and most in line with the social norms. (Sibling: Betrayal, the most untouchable truth: Do you really know anything about outside?)

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Perhaps the desire to gossip or peek is our inherent instinct, but our curiosity about seeking knowledge should not stop at ridicule or idle chatmeal with ridicule or tea afternoes of public figures.Perhaps after a series of recent news attacks on the mistreating events, we can begin to look at the seemingly "personal" single event of extra-marital affairs in a more acute and macroscopic perspective, as well as the discourse surrounding the incident.This article provides a few perspectives on the relevance of Penshun's events to the social fabric, and offers a different perspective to interpret social issues in the news.Believe smart women, they can also think about what we can learn and grow in these celebrity gossip with their personal experience and the sensitivity of the social system.If you agree with this point of view, you can start trying to make both macro and microscopic bibi readings on gossip or other social issues, and maybe you can get different ideas from the past.

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