womany, by: women are many, women are convinced that women should be more diverse and not limited , and that they should love themselves and pursue a good life.The beauty of women should be inside and outside, reaching a balance between self-confidence and -confidence Today, we visit the vice chairman of Zheng Juan Fang, a group of Oriental art groups, in charge of KANEBO, RMK, CHC CHOC, THREE, and other brands such the KANEBO, RMK é CHIC CHOC, THREE, other brands.We have seen the pride of being a woman, because Zheng Juan-fang, who is not only able balance life and work, also has his own philosophy of life and excellent job judgment.Let's listen to the story of the Eastern Mei Collection Regiment and the Deputy Dong of Zheng Juan Fang.(Recommended reading: Fifteen precious moments of relief for women!))

Faced with your heart and never giving up, it is the key to the success of the last!

It's never easy to abandon

It's never easy to run a brand, from an initial to a name, and Zheng Ju-fang and her husband, Luen, not only show their perseverance, borrow money, but have no place to live. They also have an uneasiness to handle the .(Recommended reading: < never give up > bravely pursuit of your dreams!)

and Zheng Juan-fang, deputy director of the Oriental Daily, has shown the unique charm of women in the Orient, and has just embraced the concept of "helping each woman to become America , a mission of the Orient," to "help each woman become more beautiful."However, in pursuit of a beautiful 50-year journey, there have also been days of daily trips to 3:30, every day after being chased by money.But the deputy director never gave up. For them, the beauty of the East was like their child, and they needed to be nurtured. It was only when they insisted that they would create today's East America.

East America's insistence on customers and ideas is a demonstration of all aspects of business operations, in the present, with a heart-to-heart attitude, with sincerity and positive action, and also to win the trust of consumers. With your heart , never give up!" It is the belief that the Zheng Deputy has been upholding all the way.

Regardless of the difficulties, she believes in a natural, patient, and sincere attitude that can be the root of an enterprise.

newly-soft female leader, in the bold and decisive direction of preserving the general direction, pays more attention to every detail of brand enterprise management, from product selection to customer service, and reflects the delicate and soft leadership style of women.

Having a delicate and soft leadership in women

The value of the beauty of the Orient is a service that is so close to beauty that women leaders are able to make good use of the quality of their business to demonstrate that women's leaders are important in their business, not only in terms of their generosity, but also in terms of business operations, and thus provide different perspectives and experiences. Lean , Women's Conquest of Work )

And the beauty of the Orient is a delicate and more sophisticated selection of products.Not only do you care about brand names, it's more than whether the products are good or not, more care about the sustainable management of the brand, but not a flash in the pan. Instead, they insist on the most high quality of beauty.When Aromathereapy Associates was introduced, in addition to the brand co-founder, Ms. Ms. Ms. Geraldine Howard treats consumer attitudes in good faith, and the packaging of goods pays attention to environmental protection, but does not boast of quality. Every commodity must be tried in person before it is available, and it is accountable to the consumer.After careful assessment of the eastern United States, it is determined that the Brand and the Eastern United States Cluster are consistent in their business beliefs and policies before deciding to work with the Aromathereapy Associates brand.

Although female traits bring new thinking to the business, Mr Cheng warns that it will not be too long to rely too much on the appearance of women, or to use some of the characteristics of women to make it happen.

The vice-director of Zheng Juan, which we see, not only has a delicate female character, but also provides a brand agent that best suits local consumers. In the face of a major choice, he can also demonstrate the best judgment. The Deputy Director has integrated the women's delicate and decisive role, successfully leading the group and brand, and creating a more beautiful life experience for women.(Extended reading: CEO column: As a leader, the most important characteristic is?)

Cheng's share of the philosophy of Cheng's life, please click on the next page

is small but unique between heaven and earth, and must strike a balance between execution and "breach" in order not to lose direction and continue to move forward when life gains lost.

Obtaining a Balance of Life between " " "and" breach "

As vice chairman of the beauty industry, Zheng Ju-fang believes that her own standards for beauty are indeed very stubborn!But she also mentions that everyone has a different view of beauty. In fact, the emphasis on aesthetics doesn't need to be too deliberate. aesthetics is a personal feeling about the surroundings of the environment. It would be very beautiful to feel comfortable.

as has a new vegetable , she thinks it's important to get along with her family, and she thinks it's very important to get along with her family. She is lucky to have a good fortune with her family.(Extended reading: for the rest of your life is a ritual that is full of love )

Between the busy work and family life, Cheng's faith has allowed her to walk all the way up and down.The loss of life is often only a matter of time. There is an old saying that "trying to be a man and become a matter of fact in heaven" is to teach us to try to strike a balance between the "executive" and the "opening up"!

Cheng, who has experienced ups and downs in his life, continues to insist on his belief and treasure the current philosophy of life , which has nurtured a unique oriental beauty and a successful balance of life and career.As a model of women's inner self, Zheng Juan-fang, the deputy director of the company, explains the quality and quality of women, and sets the example of modern women's juicy and tender.

Women's fans believe that women can have two different spaces in the workplace and in the family, while Cheng has done a good job for us.In the workplace, she makes good use of the delicate nature of women, bringing the distance between Eastern and American customers, giving customers a better experience and establishing a woman's economic independence. In her life, she has her own unique philosophy of mind, which enables her to flexibly play the role of a woman in the workplace and in her life, and flexibly balance the workplace and family life.(You would like: walking the tightwire, walking around the delicate balance of work and )

After watching Cheng's story, we see the limitless potential of women, as women believe: Women are many, we can balance life and work, play different roles in different fields, but we are unique, but we are unique, if you believe in yourself, to the end, women, you can be very different.

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