Womany: Womany believe that every woman is different, also have their own characteristics, and, we should be tolerant of their own unique , of course, the uniqueness of the inner and external. Have you ever looked at the mirror and hated the mole on your face ? Or with the classmate complained that why my not clean, like a star? Womany want to secretly share with you, in fact, there is a mole is also very beautiful, quick to see the female stars with moles! (Recommended reading: "My story, on my body" white spot disease female mold Chantelle, the United States should be defined by their own )

Who says it's not beautiful to have a mole? Speaking of a woman with a mole on her face, who would you think of? Fujii Lena, or June? In fact, regardless of east and West have a face with a mole of the female star Oh, like the following five beauty faces have obvious moles, still beautiful to No! The important thing is that these female stars, not only beautiful appearance, but also quite intelligent, in addition to appreciating beautiful women, but also listen to the smart quotes with moles beauty!

I believe girls who like to read women's magazines are no stranger to Fujii Lena, the exclusive model of the Japanese girl magazine VIVI, Lena almost every few months on the cover of the magazine and meet you. In addition, the body and brand endorsement models and singers Lena also to the name of the lovely swept the world, where there is Lena in the place, there are lovely elements, whether it is the endorsement of summer pink lace floret skirt , or the winter sweet and lovely makeup, Lena has always been to " Cute is the privilege of girls "as the name, want to let everyone know, girls are everything to be very cute!"

"because it's a girl. son, so everything should be very cute! "

When it comes to loveliness, there is also a lovely leader who is characterized by the star mole on his face, red Taiwan, and I don't know how many boys and girls have captured the heart! Rainie debut early, but with sweet exterior and lovely personality continued in the showbiz glow fever. Born in a single-parent family, Rainie home in debt, in the acceptance of VOGUE magazine visit, Rainie once bravely said, true happiness is a bitter and happy, must pass bad, just know what is good!

" true happiness is suffering and joy; You must pass a bad thing before you know what you are doing well. "

In addition to the cute mole beauty, speaking of Asia's Big Star beauty, of course, can not forget the "from the Stars of You" Thousand Song (June). Everyone may be a little surprised to say where there is a mole on June's face? That's right! It is on the nose, June Mole is not big, so relatively inconspicuous, but there are watching "from the stars of you" audience should still notice this unique cute little spot! Let's take a look at the famous sayings of thousand-yi.

"This time I fell to the bottom, there are many times very bad mood, but there is a good thing is to recognize a lot of people." The people who are really on my side with the people pretending to be with me. I think it is God who gives us the chance to know who is real and who is false. 」
-Thousand Chung Yi (June adorn)

After watching the east of the mole beauties, then change the Western intelligence goddess, Portman (Natalie Portman)! I'm sure everyone knows that Natalie, besides having a beautiful appearance and a good heart, is also a very intelligent woman. As a vegetarian and Harvard alumni, Natalie is a famous personality smart beauty, she does not care about the outside view , the courage to pursue their own life. Let's listen to a smart woman. Natalie will have some smart quotes:

"Smart women like smart men, big, smart men like smart women."
Smart Women love smart men The than smart men love smart women.

Finally, when it comes to the beauty of a mole, how can you forget the sexy guru Marilyn Monroe (Marylin Monroe)! Marilyn Monroe, though more than 50 years after her death, has not diminished her influence on women. Marilyn's dream overturned the public's view of women, sex and performance, getting out of their own way and letting more people see, women can really be very different ! Let us savor the beauty of Marilyn Monroe and her smart quotes.

The beauty and femininity of a woman do not fade with age, and cannot be made through affectation,
The charm of a woman may not be what I want to say, but charm cannot be made.

Beauty and femininity are ageless and can ' t be contrived,
And glamour, although the manufacturers won ' t like this, cannot to be manufactured.

Of course, there are moles of beauty not only these five, like the recent flash of the beautiful leader Blake Lively face also has a very unique mole it! The beauty of these moles is that they want everyone to be able to embrace their imperfections, Emma Waston once said: " it doesn't look perfect ." It's important to find your uniqueness, like the actress above, they are not perfect on the face, but very distinctive, and still beautiful to No. Womany believe that the United States should not just appearance, but a share from the inside out of the temperament, is when we can fully accept their own, naturally revealed self-confidence! (Recommended reading: Perfect is not beautiful, fall in love with your little flaws )

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