Faced with the importance of domestic violence, the community should give more support and care, so that the victims more courage to speak out the inner uneasiness, to avoid causing more harm.

Womany: You remember the 2011 Unbreakable plan? 2000 victims of rape bravely write down the ugliest words of their own being dumped, a plan that awakens the world's attention to sexual assault cases and encourages sexual assault victims to face up to their traumatic experiences, Help them to get out of the pain faster. what about domestic violence? Domestic violence includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, violence, and so on, the victims may feel that the family skeleton can not be in the house, the delay to stand up, such a nightmare will not end. through painting, artist Saint Hoax hope to arouse the attention of social violence, and help more people. (Recommended reading: betrayal, the most impossible to touch the truth: Home violence, do not endure in silence )

Disney Princess has always been a model for all the girls to grow up and accompany, generations of girls are watching the Princess series of animation, and then fantasy future can live like a Princess life, and then live a happy day. However, the reality is not a fairy tale, there will be too many unimaginable events, burdened with the "perfect" pressure , we often dare not admit, do not want to admit that they do not exist in the palace, I do not want to tell you that they do not have the envy of everyone's life. (extended reading: inappropriate perfect mother, children happier )

Saint Hoax is a Middle Eastern artist. obsessed with pop elements, he uses the media of entities and figures to create works of reflection on society. There's always something amazing Saint hoax painted the series of "princest diaries" and "happy Never after", through the adaptation of the Disney Princess series Portrait, Wake up all the women and children of home violence, can face up to this problem, bravely stand out to identify and report.

This series of posters originates from the Saint hoax's female friend confided to him that he was abused by his father when he was a child, but he didn't dare to stand up to the problem until he was 21 years old, so he felt deeply the sufferings of the victims of domestic violence, hoping to use his painting to , with the help of the famous cartoon characters such as Disney Princess, encourage the younger children, if they are subjected to similar treatment, they must stand up bravely and make a sound for themselves.

The "princest diaries" series was released at the end of June, with each poster being kissed by princesses ' fathers and princesses, all of which read that "46% underage violence is from family members. As long as you are willing to come forward, it is never too late! "(Be sure to see: the violence of intimacy, how good sisters Protect you )

The "happy Never after" series was released at the beginning of July, when the princesses were beaten black and blue in the face, and underneath it all said, "When did he stop treating me like a princess?" As long as you are willing to end it, it is never too late! 」

women often over and over again by the home violence, because dare not stand up, because they think he will change his mind, so repeatedly forgive and then be violent, Saint Hoax's poster tells you the importance of stopping silence and hopes girls can be inspired. (Extended reading: say no to violence )

according to the Ministry of the Interior Statistics, 101 Domestic Violence notification cases in the country are 110,005, 203. It is true that what is happening in our lives, we look at a familiar and unfamiliar princess poster, thinking that the real world of girls may also be suffering, distressed by the same time, we must raise the focus on domestic violence issues, to help victims of home abuse Out of the pain , so that women and girls can be more courageous , society will be helped by each other, and become better.