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What topics can be put on women's obsession

On Monday, just back in the editor of the editor-in-chief Oder Black and we were talking about the direction of our writing, I put forward my doubts: "Some things I like to see, but it doesn't seem to be a case of women's fans. What can I do?"She told me, " Nothing can be put on women's fans , girls don't just watch soft fashion, love ... etc., girls can care about the world and care about a lot of different issues, so all the issues can be put in place, but how can we have a woman's angle and perspective, that's the most important thing.""

What are the perspectives and perspectives of women's fans?I think that the angle and the point of view of women are from everyone's true, good, and beautiful. (Recommended reading: When we have real, goodness, you have the beauty )

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We are pursuing real content, communicating good behavior, and pursuing a good idea.

When you find a topic to write an article, you have to constantly remind yourself of these three important points, so that the articles are full of strength and temperature. Only by so doing can you really move people and truly change the world.

Don't forget to be the intent of editing

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This week, both in Taiwan and in the world, there have been many sad events, and the handling of the media has caused a lot of people to bounce back. This makes me believe that readers have a sense of empathy, a sense of morality, a sense of reason, and not necessarily shrugged titles or images of their own images.(Let's take a look at the story we wrote down here: Under the war, the hearts of the children in Gaza, you hear me?, Don't replay the bloodthirsty, and let AI.P's five focus on R.I.P.S.

So when we write the article, in addition to racing against time, we have to bear in mind that our pen is a double-edged sword. It can help people at the same time to hurt people, and our next pen determines the angle that readers see. Use your pen carefully, Don't forget why you're editing it when chasing numbers, " Attract more people to pay attention to things that aren't focused on .

Tap on the next page with a sense of mission

looking for shells on the beach

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Every day, the articles are shared and always make me feel impatient. It's interesting to see the content of the website at home and abroad, because it is also an open view. But it's like looking for a shell on a beach. It's a training thing to be able to find a welcome, or deep topic, to share with the readers of a woman.

is a sensitive topic for hot topics, in addition to the heavens, I think you need constant practice to increase your sensitivity and start with a lot of reading. Start with a topic of interest first, and then add a little more different subject matter and increase the speed, breadth and depth of your subject matter. This is one of the goals that I have been working towards recently.

You are editing and are not on vacation!

This week, I have asked for a day of sick leave, but I have also put on a typhoon holiday, but!There is no feeling of taking a vacation at all. In addition to making an article, more time is still going to be the latest news, and the readers would like to see what they want to see, like the teacher often tells me:

"Before you do anything, ask the other side what you need, find the best way to solve it, and you'll succeed!""

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It seems very tense, but it's easy to it because we care about it because we care about it, because we care about it, because we about it. It's almost impossible to tell me that the job and life of the editor is a favorite thing to share.(Learn from her: expressing fragility is not shameful!)Dismissal of the General Newtime Women's Editor )