Nature is the most precious treasure, Yun Yu many natural resources, topography and scenery. But we have overlooked the original Earth there are many such beautiful places.

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If someone suddenly asks you, "Do you really know the earth ?" "You must feel that we have lived in this land for so long, how can we not know?" Perhaps we can call out the name of the country on the Earth, also traveled to several countries , but about the earth, in fact, there are many mysterious places waiting for us to explore. Yes, we have selected 20 photos of satellite photos, we will challenge your understanding of the Earth! After reading you will also find that the original Earth so beautiful ~ ~ (same field Gayon: 40 Beautiful Beauty in Asia)

Every day we breathe and live on this Mother land of the Earth, and as time goes on, with this soil, we gradually forget the beauty of this land and forget how tenderly she feeds the more than 7 billion people.

Perhaps, far away, we can see this land more. The Dailyoverview site's daily plan, with satellite photos of the sky to challenge our understanding of the Earth. Here's a selection of 20 photos ,"Is this really the earth I know?" "You may exclaim in your heart that the earth we live in is more beautiful than we thought."

Sometimes life with snacks, you can see the beauty of the different, sometimes, far away from the distance, more able to appreciate the tenderness of this piece of land.

You will see this land to show the incredible symmetry of the aesthetic, deeply shallow record of the years through the lines, these are our life with the earth trajectory, the original small us, no matter where we go, has been in the gentle embrace of the earth. (Recommended reading: Let the documentary bring you back to see Taiwan )

The star Fortress Bourtange in Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands , was completed in 16th century during the eight War (1593). After the war, in 1960 to rebuild, become the surface of the beautiful stars with the sky.

Wait a minute! This is not a brand new blush Hongpan, but a distilled salt pond in Cadiz, southwestern Spain .
(Salina Santa Maria salt evaporation ponds)

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This is the Nahalal in northern Israel. (Now Israel: The cries of the children in the Gaza corridor, do you hear?) )

The man-made island Palm Jebel Ali in Dubai looks much like the newly discovered dinosaur bones of archaeologists!

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This is like a watercolor palette, the Gila River power Station in Arizona, USA.

The Dublin Dublin of Ireland, arranged orderly bus like a book neatly placed

It's like a sticker. The National Forest Park in Georgetown, California, USA (El Dorado Nation Forest)

Gibraltar International Airport in southern Spain Gibraltar

Do the photos above give you a unique "travel around the world" feeling, although not moved, but let you know the Earth again? We are thinking, in fact, Taiwan, this piece of land to bear us, it is also worth us to look at her gently with another eye. Starting today, pick up your camera or open your eyes more forcefully, and get to know the land of Taiwan again. (Recommended reading: U.S. soldiers with cameras recorded 1957 years of Taiwan Island )

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