Love is the smile on each other's faces, it is the moment of unintentional watching, is a pair of hands clasped each other.

What would you say if you saw a girl with a tattoo on her hands and a dreamy hair color, dressed like a man in a Japanese street magazine? Many people may think that such a person is probably rebellious bad child, but this girl is not the same, if further understand her, will certainly say that she is all over the body Full of Love of the people.

She, is the hundred Le Silk, a hand to move the world woman.

The beauty of love is to be with the gates of Nazareth and Thunder

This is the real name that Grandma and Daddy married for her.

Once was a less confident person, always for the people who like to change themselves, until in the café to meet Lei Gate, that makes her not too dare to look at the big boy, after one months, officially took his hand, and then crazy together, together with each other favorite way to like each other , Bai said, In the vast sea of people can take the hand of the door, and go all the way down, let her believe that those who love to weave the beautiful fantasy can be true, let her life more complete, but also the most wonderful chapter of her life.

"Love is the smile on each other's faces, it is the moment that we have no intention of watching, it is a pair of hands that hold each other tightly." 」

Perhaps you have déjà vu about them, and once slipped a couple of men and women standing stiffly holding hands, they, is the hundred Le Wire and Lei gate.

2010 on the social networking site, the top is full of Bai and husband lei door photos, they always stand stiffly holding hands, from all over Taiwan to the corners of the world, holding hands is the way they record travel, but also their way of expressing love. All along, Bai are holding the same mood and lei door to take photos, to hold hands on behalf of love, everywhere in hand, the representative of the world in tandem with Love . (To be true: a World Without Love is a hell of a place )

Such a simple hand photo caused the vast number of echoes, infected hundreds of thousands of people, become a number of netizens follow the goal of imitation, Bai moved, but also through the fans came to the hands of the story, let her, also let more people believe that humanity is good, and the world of beauty.

The body of individuality hides a soft heart

Perhaps the person who does not know Bai, will be frightened by her full of tattoo arms, began to have a layer of her explanation or speculation, but her statement is very simple, she once said, each tattoo from different places, different masters of the hand, for Bai, Tattoos is a natural existence , is a kind of art and beauty , which represents the personal taste and style, just like some people will buy artist's paintings, some people will choose a beautiful dress for themselves, Bai is to put the beautiful things on their own body, let it become their own things, for her this is a great thing!

Whether outwardly or inwardly, Cheng is grateful for the many girls she has followed, not expecting her, and shares with us the goal of her heart, Angelina Jolie. Because there was once a meeting with gates to Hong Kong of volunteers from the UNHCR U.N. refugee agency, she sees the thick data book, which says Angelina Jolie, who has served as the Ambassador of the Decade, is hands-on in remote countries to take care of the children and help as much as possible . (Heart beauty: The deepest attachment in Brad Pitt's eyes: Angelina Jolie Jolie )

"Although there is no such thing at this stage, but from that moment, I feel a more a love mission, so I began to donate every month to the United Nations refugee agency and the World Vision, I hope to do my part." 」

Bai said that she liked the object of her adoration, like the good things she does, if Bai is so small to act, she believes that one day when she is as capable as Angelina Jolie, she knows she can be as good as it is, to help more people in need.

In fact, the humble Bai has helped a lot of people from the text, photos, seemingly small events to share or short words to encourage, for those who struggled in the feelings of girls, are the greatest strength, the stability of countless restless heart. (Recommended reading: find the right direction, don't get Lost in love )

Spreading the possibilities of love

July 2014, Bai issued the first in the "Brave, Believe in love", talking about the opportunity to book, Bai excited said: "Publishing company contact me, asked me if I have the intention of the book that day, I feel the dream come true !" 」

This is what she has never imagined, can have a own work, through the text, will be able to assemble the force, to help more like the previous Bai, less confident, relatively pessimistic girl. In the process, Bai once frustrated, writing has been a wall period, the editor's reminders made her even more nervous, "I sat on my chair every day as I turned on my computer, and then I went up to my face and screamed," but then the intimate thunder door would go out and take her for a walk in Bai's inspiration fatigue. Lemmon will share the small story of friends around, or once heard a word, such a way occasionally let Bai and regain inspiration , all of a sudden finish a manuscript! (Extended reading:before trilogy, love in the expression of words )

a little action, see Ray Door Bai love , not what vigorous movie plot, but is worth to cherish the eternal true love, bit by bit, are all forms of love, perhaps it is so created Bai body that unique love breath, but also expand the possibility of more love.

Now, Bai and Lemmon in Taichung operating a studio of their own, and tattoos like, not too many complicated reasons, is very simple, want to two people world, want to have two of people's space, hope that everything is their favorite appearance. For the future, Bai broke our speculation that she might want to have a romantic life for both of us, and she was happy to say that she wanted to make an effort to have a child as handsome as Lemmon, to continue to deliver more love and to express love in a variety of different ways.

"Love will not let you suddenly grow courage and wings, but let you find that you want to believe in yourself." 」

In the Republic of 1 and Lemmon married, married two people do not have much change, has been the most cherish each other's partner, Lemmon always said: "You are my girlfriend/wife, but also my best friend!" "Mutual understanding, tolerance, the pursuit of two people's plain and stable happiness ."

"I think that when you like a person and then try to be good to him, as it takes you, is the practice of love." 」

May be the most pure and the most attentive kind of love, let Bai and Lemmon such a young couple more a simple and firm strength, they sincerely treat each other, can be seen from the Bai face book, those seemingly Sesame green daily life moment , every minute is the accumulation of love each other. (You will like: the Eternal Way of love, let Love become faith )

As a woman full of love, Bai feel most proud of, is a good heart, and satisfied with their choice of life. So confident, the optimistic Bai wants to send the reader a message: Try to achieve the best you can, melt your heart of stone, try to be a good person, the world is very love, you have love, when you believe, you have the ability, others will see.

In hundred Roes, we see warmth and courage, she lit the society with love, regardless of form and object, such positive energy, spread in every corner.
May worry about hesitation, but do not be afraid, please brave believe in love, believe that moment, is the beginning of love .