Come from different places, but have a heart that cares about gay issues. Listen to their unique music style, feel the music behind, pass to our freedom and equality!

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#womanywednesday Wednesday Women's Days! Following last week to share with you that they are brand name! "Fashion" synonymous with the five classic women , today from the hearing to share with you, five of the Asian characteristics of female singers, the reason for them is: they can stand up to defend the value of their faith, and the community full of love and care , let them become the goddess of the gay circle, let us see if there is no female singers you like ! (Extended reading: not just a fairytale!) "Ice and Snow" to teach 4 things in Taiwan Society )

This week three women's Day to tell you, six in Asia singing circle by the vast number of fans welcome female singers, and these female singers have a common feature is that they are gay icon gay idol, what is gay icon?

Gay idols are not only loved by gays, but often have large numbers of heterosexual admirers. These idols usually have a distinctive personality, the courage to express their likes and dislikes, breaking our general "Idol" of the established imagination. Their distinctive qualities and personalities, as well as many of the efforts of the gay community in silence, have inspired the gay community not only with the singing but also with the actual behavior.

today I would like to bring you to know these five gay idols, they come from different places, but have the heart to care about gay issues. Listen to their unique music style, also to feel the music behind, want to pass to our freedom and equality mood! (Same field Gayon: Another attempt at love )

Sherry: "Love, is the only expression, but also the courage of existence"

Everyone should have a "sherry song", as a native of the South, Kulilay Amit (Gulei Amit), is the first to penetrate the mainstream of popular music market, and emphasize their native Origin singer. In 2002, as the "true" album became the song, she is Taiwan's first interview with CNN, and on the cover of the Asia edition of "Time" magazine, selected Asia's 20 famous singers, not only in Taiwan won countless Asian female singers, but also the focus of international shine.

In the popular music firm Footsteps, A-mei more clan name Amit issue "Amit" the same name album, brought to the music circle another kind of hearing feast, in this attempt she used a new identity to face everyone, but she said:

"Mei and Amit two are all of me, many times these two identities are at the same time, just have to change their identities with different occasions; when I am gentle and sentimental, I am a-mei, and when I am independent and rebellious, I become a amit."

Just as everyone has a lot of faces, these aspects exist in our body, each has its own characteristics, but not conflict.

A-Mei is one of the female stars who express strong support for the gay community in showbiz, she said:

"I want to use the music to all for the pursuit of respect for true love to continue to work hard courage, I want to defend the true love of every heart refueling." 」

She twice served as the Rainbow Ambassador for the Taipei Gay Parade, and the song "Rainbow" was also honored as the gay national anthem. Mei also signed the "Plural Family Act" in 2012, and actively supported the legalization of same-sex marriage, encouraged many to endure the mainstream social value of the strange look of comrades, 2013, Sherry from the pocket of the "Love Is the only" concert, " Admission by Love "Let the million people concert is full of warm and firm heart, let us listen to this beautiful song!" (same field Gayon: A small step for gay rights in Taiwan, a big step in Asia

"Love is the only one"

Open your eyes slowly and look at the scenery don't let the clouds cover your heart
Your ears are so smart listen to the pigeons flying
The angel gently wakes the sleeping news

Love is the only expression and the courage to exist.
Put your hands on your chest. Passion will cross the cold world Love Is everything

Your eyes are clear and transparent look at the beautiful scenery
If the clouds are out of the way, just call it.
Your ears are so smart to listen to the pigeons flying sound

The angel gently wakes up to hug me and you

Love is the only expression, the courage to exist.
Put your hands on your chest and warm through the cold world

We were finally able to meet here.
Don't let fear turn into a hug
I'm going to tell you the courage to exist, love is everything.

Our world is so beautiful
Don't deny that love is the only

On the next page, put everyone as a baby's Zhang Hang

Zhang Xuan: "Regardless of the sex of love, all just pure love a" person "

"My baby Baby, give you a little sweet ...", the familiar "Baby" let the singer Zhang hung a night, but before the blast, she had been singing in the big live house for years, nurturing a bunch of die-hard fans, and after the baby single, she was in the 24th session of the Golden Melody Award, "Rosy you." Won the best lyricist, such a result of Zhang Hung to become a well-known public figure, but she constantly reflects on what value she should bring to society as a public figure, so she will always emphasize that the public should have the ability to "think independently" so that the influence of public figures will not change the value they believe in.

In 2013, she held the national flag of Taiwan students at the Manchester University concert in England and introduced his country to the fans, who were questioned by Chinese students in Taiwan, causing a stir, but she still insists on the value she believes in and bravely speaks because she believes:

"You can't be a citizen because you're a singer, I don't have to choose an identity, I can use all my identity to understand everything that's happening in this world." 」

So she has voiced her solidarity with the Chinese Wukan villagers against corrupt government officials, against the beautiful Bay development case, against media monopolies, for the sun-flower movement and for Hong Kong's actions, and for her independent thinking and active care of the society, which has made her fans more attractive. (Why do we stand up:3/19 Legislative Yuan to visit: A real civic education class )

In the case of Zhang Hung, she felt that no matter what sex she was in love with, are simply love a "person", she felt that no need to deliberately suppress their sexuality, identify themselves is the most important, she said: "Many comrades, although happy to show their own, seemingly living at ease, there are some suppressed and obscure part." 」。 So in 2011 she took the job of the Rainbow Ambassador from a sister and actively encouraged young people to stand up for and understand the rights of comrades, and she hoped:

"By understanding that this issue can be more acceptable to the general people, it also allows everyone to become,

A happy and comfortable general person. 」

Zhang Hang has been asked about sexual problems all the way, but never deliberately left out and will not borrow the gay issues to hype the news, this kind of homosexual group of empathy, but let her win the broad masses of gay circle of Love, the first "beautiful Woman" is she specially addressed to the comrades around the friends, She said that writing this song is not to convey anything, just want to write down to appreciate their feelings, let us together to enjoy Zhang hung eyes see the beautiful woman. (You will be happy : woman, in fact, you smile very beautiful )

"Beautiful Woman"

I threw my backpack with my little troubles.
When the mood is dry, it becomes very good.
I mean, it's good, man!.
Can't help but not to flaunt

Beautiful He just walked through the summer craze
I secretly like the taste of the pride left Behind
I mean, pride, girl-.
Please be ready to hug all the time

Hang up your coat and start showing off.
Everything you desire is predicted.

Beautiful woman Beautiful Smile
Beautiful woman Beautiful Life
Beautiful woman, and she ' s so fine

Beautiful woman Beautiful Life

I threw my backpack with my little troubles.
When the mood is dry, it becomes very good.
I mean, that's great! man-
Can not help but not to strengthen advocacy

Beautiful He just left a smile

I feel like someone's got a brilliant heartbeat.
I mean, heartbeat girl!.
Please be ready to hug.

Hang up your coat.
I know
All that you desire will come ...

Beautiful woman Beautiful Smile
Beautiful woman Beautiful Life
Beautiful woman, and he
Beautiful woman Beautiful Life

Hang up your coat.
I know
All the things you desire are predicted
Very nice.
Very nice.
Very nice.
Very nice.

Beautiful woman Beautiful Smile
Beautiful woman Beautiful Life
Beautiful woman,
And you can be kind
Beautiful woman Beautiful Life

Forever Chinese diva Faye Wong, next page

Faye Wong: "Someone else said I believe a word, this is called no assertive." 」

Even in recent years, it has been very low-key and seldom appeared in public. But Faye Wong is still in everyone's heart forever, unique she has been the world record official certification, is the highest sales of the history of the Hong Kong and Guangdong female singers, but also the first to board the cover of the United States "Time" magazine of Chinese actress, and received an interview with CNN, In Japan also received quite a lot of welcome, or the first in the Japanese martial arts Hall held a solo concert of Chinese singers, she was active in the performance of the period known as "Faye Wong era."

Faye Wong is famous for her own way in showbiz, but in the early debut, she was born in Hong Kong because of the concept of the difference, has been fascinated by the record company to follow the arrangement, changed their favorite name, to Shirley Wong as the name of the film, and in the appearance, modeling accept the company's arrangements ... Wait, for that time, Faye Wong said:

"Deep down I'm still a mess." The cultural impact of Beijing and Hong Kong has stirred up deep in my heart. After entering the entertainment circle, its rapid changes make the impact acute. I am no doubt more fearful of the different circumstances in which I face aesthetic standards and living habits. Due to unfamiliar, dare not to talk to the mouth, so people say, I believe a sentence, no assertive. This makes me feel very confused. 」

This is like the gay friends in the mainstream social culture faced to the situation, because of fear and dare not tell the truth of their own, only with the social atmosphere load floating load. (Let us release ourselves: free, be at ease to do ourselves )

But after 1993 years, she began to recognize her own special, color changed back to the "Faye Wong", and began to reflect on her own album of personal attitude towards life, try to write lyrics, in the Chinese circle to find their own music style, she said:

"I have my own understanding, my own way to deduce, as for others to accept, is another thing ... I insist on being who I am .

Is such an outspoken personality, let her although not to show the position of comrades, but in the gay circle because she is brave to do their own attitude, regard her as a gay idol.

when the fan album was pushed, a narrator's observation of Faye Wong was: "I think, many people have made mistakes, only because the position of the station is different, look different, the time is different, and found more different, and she can not hear her feelings, efforts to record also no trace can follow, then dialogue, Also surprised to see their own self-righteous, to her confusion is drawn long shade, she is not complicated, just multi-level, she stands very dangerous, but from the measured singing "obsession not regret", stubborn, steady, full of absolute, singing "I would like to", soft, warm, with a holy Halo on the head, but this is only a part of her, No one can usurp her space, no one can define her face, so simple, there is a simple word can describe her: fans, let us listen to this "obsession not regret", light to explore Faye Wong's charming appearance. (Women's many looks: they all want to say: women, not only one way )

"Obsession with no Regrets"

This time I'm obsessed with the wayward
I don't care if it's wrong or right
Even if I'm stuck in a desperate
Even if I'm obsessed, I don't regret it.

Don't say I should give up and I should open my eyes
I use my heart to see the feeling
You're not how I know
Even if I'm obsessed, I don't regret it.

I'm not as perfect as you think.
I admit, sometimes I can't tell the truth.
It's not that I don't want to get out of the pile.

This time it's you and not who.

I want to use someone's heart to experience the real feeling around
Even if the pain is the tears belong to my sadness
Whose heart can I use to feel the truth
Even if tiredness is tired can only be obsessed with no regrets

I want to use someone's heart to experience the real feeling around
Even if the pain is the tears belong to my sadness
Whose heart can I use to feel the truth
Even if tiredness is tired can only be obsessed with not regret

The next page, brave to speak the He Yi poem of oneself

He Yi Poem "I want to be proud to share, I am gay"

In the November 2012, Hong Kong singer He Shishi, who had always been concerned about social movements, took part in a gay parade called "Comrade is daring" (Dare to Love). Accompanied by her family and friends, she said to the public and the media, and to herself, "I am so proud to be here and say that I am gay." She shed tears, against her own bravery. After stepping down, He Yi's family embraced her and she was the first female singer in Hong Kong to openly be gay. He Yi Poetry debut for more than 10 years, the media to her neutral form of questioning, also often in her gossip on the mill. He Shishi said:

"In fact, it should have been done a few years ago, but it could not be a suitable opportunity." Today in a love-filled, peaceful, inclusive environment, I have the duty and responsibility to stand up for love. 」

In front of more than 4,000 people in the parade, how brave would it be to say such a thing? (same field Gayon:2013 comrades march in Lyon, equal while now!) )

He Yi Poetry from his debut has been in the music efforts, followed the master "Anita Mui" to the showbiz. She won the gold medal for the first female singer at the as awards ceremony in Taiwan in 2007. When everyone passes "the time of He Yi poetry", she is more focused on her non-mainstream music market, and later launches the album "Ten Days in The Madhouse", the whole dish almost no love songs, 10 songs are 10 social issues, writing about mental patients, adolescent problems, children in poor countries. She also set up a foundation, active charity, He Shishi for young people to do the best demonstration, care about the weak, caring for the community, let us not think He Yi poetry is an entertainer, more think she is a full range of social care. On a program He Shishi to his deceased master Anita Mui said:

"I want to tell her that I've been trying to be a good person for the past few years," she said. For her, this is more important than being a good singer. 」

He Shishi in 2011 began the stage play "Jia Baoyu" tour, she drag Jia Baoyu try to deconstruct life in the play, learn to face loss, accept fate, understand growth, finally find their own existence value. Is it really like her in the real world? It may also be as if each of us has spent all his life chasing the meaning of our existence. and He Yi Poetry in recent years also launched a lot of songs related to gay. 09, He Shishi held "superhero concert", she called in the concert, as long as for the loved ones, for the things they believe, everyone can be superhero. " It also advocates respect for different sexual orientation. He Yi in the concert, the Charlis, deliberately choreographed together, "Luce Mary" and "Rolls-Royce" are talking about men and women, women, male men's three kinds of love. Let us from this "Rolls-Royce" to see comrades in the pursuit of love in the struggle and courage. (We also need to keep working hard: the victory of gay rights!) France behind the same-sex marriage and Adoption Act


Rolls and Reiss are all men of pattern.
Rouse was a good seed for a school team.
Reiss only likes reading.
They'll see you sooner or later.
Live the same white shirt every day
The history of Luo man began in the adjoining tables and chairs
But the two of them are not presumptuous.

To be a close friend, probably with love.
But if you're so in love with a good brother, others will say no.

When you get carried away, your shoulders are back.
I enjoy it, but I'm afraid to say it.
Two eyes, even if you move away.
I know it's love in my Heart

How can men and men be so intimate?
It's hard to face, but he hooks his finger.
That's why Reiss is so crazy.
At last he threw himself at
Look at the four eyes and then remove the shirt.
In the confusion of the rolls of the first to know
I've never been a good woman.

To be a close friend, probably with love.
But if you're so in love with a good brother, others will say no.
When the innocent will let this tragedy uncover
He was really surprised to remember that since he met
Together study to go shopping to see the sea

Day and day also intimate like lovers cards finally opened

Why are you still afraid if you feel love like this
Still counting who he could love
The one who accepts this love
It's a crime to let go
The Endurance of Eternity never comes out.
The world will remain unchanged

will only let more crimes bury love
But to love Like Liang Zhu

Artists also love her, Japanese orchestra goddess "vertebral name Ringo", the next page

Vertebra name Ringo "alienation feeling, let a person have deep thinking space"

Maybe you haven't heard her song, but you must have heard her name: The biggest feature of the Ringo, the singer of the orchestra Tokyo incident, is that the lyrics of her works are drawn from the view of things around them, such as the "Queen of Kabuki-cho", a work accomplished by her almost being caught as queen, "stem" is because of the 911 terrorist attacks created, but also because this kind of living lyrics so that the listener can be more emotional. Her early lyrics were heavily used by Japanese young people, but fans often had to flip dictionaries to understand the meaning behind the lyrics, and she said:

"She hopes to have a special sense of alienation in Chinese characters, giving people the space to think deeply." 」

And such a literary style of lyrics, but also let the people of the arts and culture Ringo and mustard Ryunosuke, the three island Yukio, the same as the Japanese artist inherited the "morbid beauty of tradition." (Jay Chou's Queen lyricist: stop it!) Dream meet is to earn! In this life I only do Huang Junrong )

The Ringo is more changeable in composition style, from rock, classical elements, jazz, blues, and rap are all the musical styles she tries, and different meanings are expressed by various musical elements, like the "Infinite repayment", which shows its "real" side in "the Garki semen chestnut flower" with the wildly joyful rock. In addition to the establishment of Western rock music, there are Japanese music, jazz, and even the European classical elements in the inside, but also to add to her musical world of multiple colors. (Cross-border music is more interesting: cross-border musician Su Zihin: If life is a paycheck, there's no sense of being alive. )

There are many artists who like the Ringo of vertebral names, Jay Chou, Gutianle, Chen Shanni, Lin Jia are all her fans, because regardless of her lyrics on the precise emotional touch or composition of the multiple attempts to create a unique style, but also because of this kind of mysterious and crazy temperament, let her become the goddess of the gay circle. Finally, "The Ringo" let everyone experience the unique charm of vertebral name.

"The Court"

Short and half Summer Nights lie
It's too superficial to be suspicious.

If even the white of the wrist that recognizes the shadow of the day
All to forget ... Whether it will be warm and not freeze
It doesn't matter if you don't connect

The nature of bamboo and snow is a disaster
Or jet-black for the black record.
Condemn the anticipation of that season's summer shaking
I'll see you. Saro by the Grey Temptation

If there is no more luxuriant and no blame
When you meet someone's memory, you get stolen.
Just use your throat and you'll spill over.

I don't want to know much more
How good would it be if I could sleep like this
Ah Ah! Your carotid artery.
It must have been so white now.

These five female singers all use their own actions and songs to bring us many gifts: "Love, is the only expression of" Mei, "Simple Love a" person "Zhang Hang, tell us, Love is the world's most beautiful things, and strive to pursue the right!

Faye Wong that sentence: "Someone else said I believe a word, this is not assertive" tell us, no matter what others say, as long as they insist to do their own, you can find their own stage. He Yi poem is starting from oneself: "I want to share proudly, I am gay", so that more people are oppressed by the mainstream society can stand up, like the society and their own honest the most authentic self.

The last vertebral name Ringo tells us "alienation, let a person have deep thinking space", no matter how much people need to cluster animals, a certain distance is not let us escape from society, but to leave some space for themselves to retain their original, show your most unique value.

I hope we can learn from these female singers how to love ourselves and the world, and to exert our power to make the world more full of love and warmth. (Wednesday Women's Day, together with Instagram photo upload hashtag #womanywednesday to share with us the woman you love or the woman you want to see the topic Yo! We'll see you next week! )