"loveyourlines" responds to a new female movement--the traces of love for us! to have their, my They all have--real .

recently, there is a special set of artistic devices abroad, showing the female body, Instagram also sprang up a very special account. loveyourlines", this account also has a lot of women's local nudity, however, these physical manifestation of the fever, and not as you can imagine because they have a supermodel jiao good figure, there are actress of the proud curve or played can break the skin, but have their, You all have it--true .

"loveyourlines", this is Instagram a new account recently, it lets Instagram start not just beauty street racket with celebrity of Heaven, " Loveyourlines"responds to a new female movement-- love the traces of us ! Here, the photo is not through Photoshop, not attracted to your beautiful face, no eye-pleasing young, but here, each picture, is a weight story. (What kind of photos keep you from moving your eyes for a long time?) Someone more important than yourself: the picture of Grandma

Maybe it's a tattoo, a youthful wrinkle because of old age.

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"When I first saw this tattoo, I fell in love with it!" A lot of people will ask me what to do when I'm pregnant. I will answer them: "Well, those three stretch marks make me the sun more light ", I love my tattoos! Even after the pregnancy, these traces on my body because I have, let me feel very proud. "

Stretch marks, is a love of lines and shapes.

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"I had a confrontation with my stretch marks and tried to hide them, but after I read a lot of women's postpartum stories and started growing up with my kids, whether in the beach or the pool, I was able to face the stretch marks, and there was nothing to be ashamed of, they just told me:" How did you breed a beautiful baby boy, And there are 36 weeks in his life, and the belly of this trace is his first home . "My Children teach me to love my own stretch marks ." From this day on, I will no longer feel ashamed, woman, flaunt the traces of our love! "(Recommended to you: The beauty of the piece, embrace the true postpartum Body Photo album )

This is the unique trace of your life.

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"When I was 20 years old, I was not a mother, but my stretch marks followed me when I was a 14-year-old girl. There was a time when I was afraid to look in the mirror, but now I met my boyfriend and he said, "Your stretch marks are part of you and make your beauty different." "Thanks to him, I no longer complain about them, now I go to the seaside, really don't care, because the stretch marks I am a real woman." 」

dear, you will never forget the scars of your own story, What really hurts you is not the wound, but the way you can't face yourself in the mirror. , we want to tell you that no one can really judge your body, only yourself, you may refuse to watch, you may be because you are no longer the same sad, but does not mean that they are not beautiful, not because you have a few more wrinkles on the weakening of the value of your person, if you were a perfect woman, Believe us, wrinkles just add to the intelligence of your life, will not destroy your beautiful essence, really make you look not beautiful, is not self-confidence, is not happy. (Recommended reading: women, you are actually more beautiful than you think )

On the next page, why don't you fall in love with your body story?

Can you honestly look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate it from the bottom of your heart? Why do you feel unhappy when you look at yourself in the truest way? If you are still often unable to face your true self, listen to the woman we introduced to you as--tasha Copley, she said: "No one can replace my body." 」

One of Orlando's artists, SKIP and his fiancee photographer Tasha Copley, has launched a work, "Privilege: the Ideal Woman" (franchise:the Ideal Woman) works with two photos and a mirror as the main structure, This art device tells us: women, to break the world of our idealism!

The device art contains two photos, a picture of Copley nude on the "cosmetic guide", according to the people in the heart of the perfect painting these standards on Copley body, the Copley of the body into "women's idealism." (same field Gayon: real size model )

The other shows Copley's natural and comfortable nudity, with her skin and body curves at ease in light.

Copley said to his body: "These two photos, the one on the right I saw how I was inferior to the world of supermodels, the beauty ideals I wanted to pursue, the right side of my body that I showed no one could replace-a strong, confident, sexy woman.

and if you have noticed the middle mirror, you will find yourself in the mirror, in the mirror of yourself, what is it like? Do you want to be branded with a cosmetic guide? Or can you honestly look at your body? And the so-called honesty, not accept yourself, you originally belong to you, do not need to accept, in the "Ideal Woman" and "Beauty body" in the middle of the mirror, you do not have to choose any "beauty definition", only in front of the mirror, show your favorite appearance. (Hey, honey!) be proud a Woman, my body is my Master

SKIP and Copley say this work is produced by removing all the body's outfit and dress, showing a woman's self-love and acceptance of herself. When we see those codes that are painted on Copley, it is like "beauty" as we have been born, because culture enables us to live in an established sense of beauty, those codes show the size of a woman's breasts, the skin must be bright, waist is the buttocks of the waist, "beauty" is too easy to fall into the external conditions of the rut. (same field Gayon:"My story, on my body" white spot disease female mold Chantelle, the United States should be defined by their own )

"In the end, I let go of my insecurity and show all my flaws to the public, it will be the catharsis of all women and the mirror of your inner power, and through this work I will no longer feel embarrassed or guilty of my own body." 」

Yes, dear, no need to feel guilty about your body, Copley said: "As a woman, I have experienced a lot of women will experience life-pregnancy, it has left a huge change in my body." After you have a child, you have to learn your body again, familiar with traces of the body, again, from the inside out. 」

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Perhaps, our body does follow the time to be old, no longer firm, no longer thorough, start some years of spot, because the child left the stretch marks, those have become the story of time. A moving picture is because they have the thickness of the story, and the fading of the young body is glorious, but also because these bodies are printed on the beauty of time. (see: Thank you , mothers who want to have babies in Taiwan )

You are beautiful, because the story of your life is very moving, because you gave birth to another life, because you are filled with traces of love. Thanks to all the great women all over the world, let us see the thickness and reality of love, loving yourself!

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