Music is a real place to practice love and peace, but also look forward to more fields, can not be with the Times with the gender division of talent, real affirmation of the value of women!

This year's American MTV Music Video Awards (VMA) in 8/24 (Taiwan time 8/25) wonderful ending! Today We're going to take you back to the ceremony!

VMA is the most popular music award ceremony in the United States, every year to participate in singers always do their utmost to impress everyone, discuss constantly, review 2013 years, when the opening guests Lady Gaga (goddess Card), in good faith to sing a new song "Applause Applause" for the ceremony kicked off, She pretends to end with a sexy, hot shell bra, and teenage singer Miley Cyrus (Miley Sheila), in a flesh-colored outfit, works with Robin Thicke (Robinsick) to sing "Blur line blurred Lines" and perform a stretch of hip-length performance, It makes people blush and heartbeat!

2013 Miley's performance on the VMA

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The opening of the 2014 was Nicki Minaj (Nicole Kemina), Jessie J (Jessie J) and Ariana Grande (Ariane Anna) singing a new song "BANG BANG", let us follow the song of the beginning of the heat!

Go down and see the classic moments that you can't forget at the awards ceremony! Because of these outstanding musicians, let the music of the world more exciting!

Miley Cyrus (Miley Sheila) 's reverse attack

Miley, known for his antics, has often been controversial by the public and the media because of her daring style, but this year she still fell below everyone's glasses, but we are proud to be a girl of our own. Miley won the best music video of the Year with Love wrecking Ball, but she didn't take the prize, but a young Los Angeles Tramp picked up the prize for Miley.

"The music industry has more than 7 billion dollars this year, but there are 54000 homeless people in LA who are the highest in the United States, so he's also calling on everyone to come to Miley's fan club to support my Friends place," says Jesse. "action. 」

Let's take a look at this moving piece.

Jesse finally said: "I helped you clean the hotel room, run through walk-on in your movies, and play the insignificant little coffee in your life." You may not see me in the street, but I have a dream, and I am no different from all of you here. A person's dream may be a fantasy, but when everyone has a common dream, it will become a reality. Thank you! "(Would you like to: Can't realize the Dream?") Then cut the dream to pieces! )

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Miley shed tears under the stage, so that the presentation of the scene is both touching and warm, so she won a lot of positive evaluation, reversing the previous negative stereotypes of her. We have absolutely no doubt that Miley is indeed the VMA of this year's eyes.

Beyoncé (Beyonce) our feminist model

Diva Beyoncé received eight nominations for the 2014 American music Video Awards, not only for the "Best Female singer music video" and "The Most inspirational music video", but also for Beyoncé to be awarded the Michael Jackson Music video Lifetime Achievement Award (Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award) ", The Michael Jackson Music videotape lifetime Achievement Award, was presented to her by Beyoncé 's husband Jay Z, along with her daughter, Blue Ivy.

Look at Beyonce's handsome appearance.

This is the most perfect honor for Beyoncé! She used her actions to prove the feminist, why not a good mother?

She, who has been performing and creating women's rights, is not as successful as a strong woman, so she pays less for her family, from Beyonce's performance and her husband Jay Z. The prize of Love "we see how she tries to be a female singer who leads equality, and from her album, we learn that a feminist can enjoy sex, respect her husband, be a loving mother, and still be a professional female boss. (same field Gayon: Beyonce not only sings, more human rights vocal )

Beyoncé 's opening performance was a backdrop to the family's life picture, and when Jay Z hugged their daughter, Blue Ivy, to enjoy Beyoncé 's performance at the stage, Blue Ivy followed mom's music bobbing, Jay Z smiled at her daughter, and we knew they were lucky Blessed, we know that she loves her career and loves her family. Beyoncé 's women's rights are not the cracks of their marriage as the outside world, she also reversed the negative impression of women's rights, not a woman alone, but a true equality of sex ! (Would you like: feminism always asks for privileges?) When feminism becomes a negative label ... )

Listen to Beyoncé and his husband Jay Z's cooperation

Lorde (Laura) VMA first woman to win the Rock music Award

Laura (Lorde) is the youngest singer of this year, a 17-year-old singer from New Zealand, she was signed by a record company at the age of 13, and the first single aristocrat (Royals) was released on the New Zealand singles list, and the single won the Billboard Hundred singles championship in 2013. Made her the first New Zealand solo singer to win a single in the United States. (You'll also like another girl.) good voice: Australia's Healing elf Bella Ferraro

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Laura in the music industry has formed a young female new strength, this January she also won the Grammy Award "Song of the Year" and "Best pop singer", more in the British won the "Best International Female Artist." At the 31st session of this year, VMA became the first woman in the rock category to emerge from the VMA since its inception! She has created a new music history for us, who says that rock is going to be masculine? Listen to Lola's voice, this voice tells the new generation: Listen, this is our women's Rock and roll!

In addition, it is worth mentioning that, the 16 awards, there are 10 awards won by women! It seems to also tell us that music is a real place to practice love&peace, but also look forward to more fields, can be no longer with the gender division of talent, the real affirmation of the value of women ! (Recommended:700 years later, Hollywood will be equal )

The next page looks at the full winning list and VMA's tribute to Robin Williams.

Always remember Robin Williams (Robin Williams)

Although the comedy King Robin Williams, who left the world at the beginning of August this year, was not involved in music-related fields, he was given a 20-second salute at the MTV Music Awards, which they paired with rock band Coldplay's a Sky full of stars for the music background A tribute to the late performers who have an important place in the performing world and who bring a great and joyful audience. (same field Gayon: memories of childhood forever!) Miss Robin Williams's 10 smile quotes )

And listen to the 2012-year VMA Best Rock winner Coldplay's new book A Sky full of stars

Finally, share the full winning list of the 2014 MTV music Video Awards

Best Music video of the Year
Miley Miley Cyrus "Love destroy the ball wrecking Ball"

Best Male vocal music video
Red Hair ed Ed Sheeran feat Philip Pharrell Williams "Sing"

Best Female vocal music video
Ketipe Rui Katy Perry feat. Juicy J "Dark Horse Dark Horse"

Best New music video
Fifth Harmony "Miss Movin '"

Best Pop music video
Ariana Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea "Problem"

Best Rock music video
Rosie Lorde, Royals of the nobility.

Best Hip-Hop music video
Drake "Hold on," We ' re Going Home "

Best Lyrics music video
Five seconds to the summer 5 Seconds of Summer "Don t Stop"

MTV Club Awards
Zedd feat. Hayley Williams "Stay the Night"

Best Combination music Video
Beyonce Beyonce feat. Jess Jay-z "Drunk in Love"

Best Director
DJ Snake and Lil Jon "Turn Down for What"

Best Choreography
Alicia Sia "Chandelier"

Best Cinematography
Beyonce Beyonce "Pretty Hurts"

The most enlightening music video
Beyonce Beyonce "Pretty Hurts"

Best Art Direction
The fire of the arcade Arcade Fire "Relfektor"

Best Clips
Eminem Eminem "Rap God"

To the best music video--Miley wrecking Ball as this year's VMA a stunning end!

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