Lovelorn than you also love their own people is a good sister, have such a friend is how happy rare thing?

What is your definition of a good sister? Happy time laughing together, crazy together, and cried together? A good sister is actually a very special noun, a love and hate object.

US love them, understand your eyes, don't say anything, hate them to know that you're all out of your misery. Gossiping root on the table , you like to go to the restaurant with your good sisters and gossip, they know you use which health sponge, know you to which kind of man is the most disgusting, But our relationship with the sisters is not smooth sailing, in the change of friendship occasionally encounter interpersonal frustration, occasionally unable to find people to speak, we can not help but start to think that the so-called good sisters really exist? How good are you guys? Will the relationship of good sisters not just be imagined? To see the following good sister movies, for your friendship incurable diseases do a big problem! (Recommended reading: lovelorn, more than you love your good sister )

"Bride Big Fight": As my good sister, you always have to understand me!

We must all be impressed by the sisters who have turned against each other for the Dream wedding venue in the Big bride battle. The story from a pair of good sisters at a friend's wedding together received a bouquet of flowers began, liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anhassevi adorn) two people from childhood the biggest dream is to have a dream of the century wedding, and do each other's bridesmaids. They are happy to plan each other's wedding, but two people to marry, at the beginning of the wedding collision period, Liv thought: "Emma will let me, this should be no exception." "At the same time, Emma thought:" I have been in retreat, this time I want to think for myself! And Liv found out that Emma didn't want to retreat, and she said to herself, "Emma has such a weak personality that she can't fight me!" 」。

In fact, can be seen from here, two people may have in the bear each other, will be in the real occurrence of a conflict point when all before the heart of the murmur, have you ever had this feeling, and your good sisters get along when In the heart of the knot, even if you are not happy, the emergence of comparative mentality, there are some opinions, but you never put forward, punctured . Sometimes we will not stir up disputes to maintain a superficial peace with our good friends, but in fact, these small complaints will accumulate, and finally you will be a good sister who has no words to talk about? (Don't dare to propose ideas how to solve?) How to maintain emotional health: making communication more meaningful with interpersonal testing methods

We know that there must be such a sister: she is concerned about your life situation may be at the same time to show her married a good husband well, she told you that some of your mutual friends have had a difficult time in the past to tell you that they are better friends than you, if you encounter such a friend, we will not say that she was set to refuse to contact the family! We'll think, is she lacking real care? If so, you can try to think about what you can give her in her "good sister" position. In addition to Burberry's new product came out to notify her, in addition to talk about your respective great achievements of the love history, there will be more, you have not talked about? Open up a new topic for you and this good sister! Also try to be somewhat dissatisfied with her in your heart and feel that your relationship should not be maintained on such a surface, tell her that I actually want to say more than that. (You will like: How to make a true friend?) Start by saying your own story

"Love": we can share anything! Including men?

The two characters in the movie Love (Amber) and the Yi (Chen Yihan) from high school to know the good Sisters of the University, it has always been thought that the smaller neon is not a characteristic, no personality of ordinary people, small neon from the rich family, smart, assertive and talented, is the focus of attention, but speak sharp without modification, Often hurt people do not know, and boyfriend Akai (Peng Yuyan adorn) has maintained a stable relationship, until one day, Yi-Xiao Neon said: "I am pregnant." "And the object is your boyfriend, and the Sisterhood of the two is a break." (same field Gayon: Six things you should do when a good friend is cheating )

So the combination of the princess and the maid seems to be common, we often doubt that God is fair, why should be betrothed to me such a better friend than me? Because the friend everything is perfect, therefore secretly loses the confidence, inside unavoidably has "good wants her to have" the sound to appear. Do you think it's perfect to take revenge on your sister when you go to bed with a drunken Akai? Maybe she is just filling her heart's inferiority complex, or, she finally can replace the small neon, comfort in front of the beloved man.

In learned that after the pregnancy, small neon away from the field, to find the pretended strong small neon, her face tears cry :

" I am very picky, I am very difficult to do, I speak bad, I often face smelly, but that is me ah, I just have no way like you obedient obedient and sacrifice dedication, because I am not so great, I do not deserve to love, I do not deserve to be loved? "

Small neon throw self-esteem of confession, let the Yi is silly standing in situ long, she really understand this from high school know good friend? She knew that little neon picky, jealous personality poor why she can have so much? But I forgot, little neon no mother to accompany her growth, little neon Dad has a lot of girlfriends, her strong and acute, is to protect the inner weakness. The development of the story we see that not really want to hurt small neon, indeed she always envy the life of a good friend, but she can not really lose this relationship. (You will like: a more authentic friendship than the film )

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In fact, these two people are, who do not want to have no one. They are very strict with each other, say the most ruthless words, see each other the most unbearable appearance. At the end of the story three people ended up with reconciliation, perhaps in reality, when you find the betrayal of a good friend, it is not so simple to forgive a person, we can not determine how many "harm you also do not matter" mentality, we can not imagine their long sex there is no love? Good sisters and the most loved man to sleep, we can really tolerate it?

Prevention we must conceive of this answer, from now on, try to know more about her and him, in fact, good sisters and boyfriends, are usually the most able to let their wayward pampered object, we also inadvertently put all the emotions are delivered to them, because too close, forget the default position of the other side, Don't forget to understand your good sister also has their own life and ideas, never get used to your model is "you advise him obedient". ( How do you solve the knot?) Smile One! Six strokes inspire your good friend )

"New York hahaha": sisters more than lovers to tread

"I love you, Sophie","I Love You," the film begins and ends, and they talk to each other. In New York hahaha, France and Sophie go to New York to dream and live together as roommates when they finish college together. One in the dance troupe Internship, a work in the press, because there are many want to realize the dream, two people develop a strong revolutionary feelings. The degree of sync is as if the soul is aware of each other, and everywhere is tired together. I wonder if everyone has ever met a friend like that? Usually love the electric shock feeling, only when meeting the right object will appear, but in this good sister, you actually have the first eye on the feeling, is a kind of "she is very different", "I inexplicably want to cherish the eyes of this person" idea.

Never lasts, in France for Sophie and refused boyfriend cohabitation request, Sophie happened to also put forward the idea of moving out. The poor economic ability of the flange wire can not afford Sophie and others found the essence of the area, the two had to split, friendship so there are cracks. The difficult life in New York day after day, France in the quarrel with Sophie also met a lot of new friends, but no one can like Sophie understand her, understand her smile, years later they met again, but as then, just a look, each other understand . (Recommended reading: friends or old good?) Seven reasons that should be contacted with old friends )

Meet a confidant is extremely rare, the girl's friendship, men usually can't imagine, we can like the movie protagonist, very natural kiss hug, hold hands, not love, sometimes we deeply love sisters degree far more than the other half, but not " Not stick Together "love law, because want to like this and sisters walk a lifetime, lengthen the time to see, we may occasionally two or three months have no contact, or even two or three years, but always encounter, because women are very trusting in the fatalism of friendship." may be noisy for a little bit of boring things, but when she sent her favorite dessert to apologize, crying and laughing hug and good. If the woman is a complex animal, the two women's friendship, is absolutely a large and difficult to solve the deconstruction of your good sister said: "Want to cut out the contradictions in our relationship, then go to the next life slowly to solve it!" "Dear, next time we meet, we will still be in the boundless crowd, recognize each other's eyes." (You will like: dear friends, the vacancy for the calendar will always be left to you )

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"One-second Friendship": Only you understand my weakness

In the movie "Friendship of One-second", superior appearance of the night Shop female Wang Lina (Beichuan Jingzi adorn) is the man of high school, from an excellent family, she was not really love, so she to the people around the guard, she thought "true friendship does not exist, friends just need to use the existence." Because the appearance jiao good by schoolmates and the man's flattery pursue. Lena is suffering from lymphatic cancer, hair thinning, she began to dare not go to school classes, friends are gradually away, just because she cut the breast to want to die, the hospital attic appeared in her primary school classmate-really Greek (this fake house for incense), she to prevent Lena jumped in her chest stabbed a knife, told her: "I understand your pain." 」

And really hope to accompany Lena in hospital treatment until after recovery, found that really hope suffering from cerebellar atrophy, gradually unable to walk, Lena think is really hope to save her life, let her understand, feelings are weight, the world has a person sincerely for you, is a lucky thing. At the end of the movie, she took care of her true hope, and from a nightclub queen to nurse the patient. (same field Gayon: not just a fairytale!) "Ice and Snow" to teach 4 things in Taiwan Society )

The twists and turns in the play we may not be able to experience in real life, but the kind of "I understand you" in the mood, is from the process of getting along with a good sister learned. Perhaps in the past, we do not believe the word "good sister", as Lena does not believe that friends, we do not want to give, or to pay the injury, in friendship, we will feel pain. But in the crowd of people coming and going in life, we can start to feel, she noticed your subtle expression changes and know that you are in a bad mood, lovelorn when you do not have tears budget wailing, she is only quietly accompany you through the night, occasionally just want to express the complaint when you think of the first person is also her, Because you know that no matter what the unintentional malicious, heartache, all negative feelings she will be for you into the trash.

"Others say I am very strong, only you advise me not to be brave." 」

Perhaps, a good sister can not help you bear the reality, but there are them in the face of everything seems to be more courageous, good sisters as our backing, at the same time, we are her backing, when needed, absolute hold each other. Good sisters are the most wonderful fate, is occasionally jealous of each other but also reluctant to hurt each other, is parselmouth each other embarrassing thing or love each other love desperately, is experienced after a few feelings you are still in, is not afraid of Frank you hate each other small shortcomings, is a call you are willing to change the three-shift MRT to hug me cry a smoke a smoke of trembling. (Recommended reading: Sister's words, you should be eccentric voice )

The good sister is "originally we all looked at each other not pleasing to the eye!" "The man who, when he splits his leg, is more cruel and vicious than you curse, you have a child she automatically promoted to the godmother of that person, and you know how many teenagers remember the person, ten years later remember to call to wish you happy birthday that person, you love than you want to know the other person's life story of that person , inexplicable together slowly grow old of that person.

To you, dear good sister.