South Korea is now the first woman president in the country's history Park Geun-hye. She has devoted herself to the passion of the country with the most gentle forces.

-year-old South Korean "first thousand gold", a 22-year-old mother who was assassinated, was assassinated by a father of South Korean President Park Chung-hee, who returned from politics for nearly 20 years and returned to politics in 1997, when the Korean economy crisis was over.

She is Magnolia Huihui.

presidential election, Park Geun-hye won 51.6 % of the vote in the presidential election, with more than half of his country's nationals in power a year later, and even higher than the vote.Park's high support rate has won her the queen's seal.Park's insistence on listening to the public's voice, regardless of where she is, will insist on meeting with Korean nationals in the world, who will always wear Han clothes to make their fellow countrymen feel the sense of national leader's concern for .

People-centric South Korean politics has created a new force for women in a man-centric South Korean politics. Many South Koreans recognise that they have both been gentle and polite: they have a very quiet, polite, moderate approach, and she inherited the will of his father, Park Chung-hee.(Recommended reading: Watch Park!South Korea's first female president

his 18 years of presidency, he made the Korean economy take off, creating a "Han River Miracle", but also left the political opponents of "dictators" derided as "the daughter of the dictator" and "the successor to the political legacy". In the decades ahead, Park Chung-hee's work, along with the will of steel, left Park with the will." Since I was elected president, it would be painful if I didn't insist on the right path and the right people. "Princess Ice Princess", known as "ice princess" due to his steadfast personality and firm will, is a disgrace to the father's ruling history and has made a new page in the politics of South Korea.

"Ice Princess" Park created five new political pages in South Korea: the first woman president, the first unmarried president, the first female president, the first president to receive an electronic engineering background, and the first daughter of the first woman.But Park, who has so many political light circles, has never been in her dream "princess" life. Because of the pressure of her first family image, Park has often been asked to rein in herself. In her memory, she spent the happiest time in her life as a child on vacation from her family to the searing Sea.

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first family, Park Geun-hye's life was tied to politics, and her mother, who was studying in France, immediately abandoned her studies and returned to the Republic of Korea as the first lady of the Republic of Korea, acting as her mother's original political responsibility.In her five years as "First Lady", not only was Park's first step in politics, but also the beginning of her steel wills. She recalled that when her father, Park Chung-hee, was assassinated by the Central Intelligence Minister Kim Jin-Kyu, the first thing she asked was: "Is there a heterozyous border between North and South Korea?"Instead of his father's condition, the move was not because she was not concerned about her father's life and death, but that she was trained at the time to have a big picture, fearing that the instability of her father would bring about a major disaster for South Korea, so emotions can only be hidden behind political realities.

Not just one, both parents have been shot dead — — I hate this cruel reality.I washed my clothes with his father's blood stains, and I was afraid I would cry for the tears of the past year.At that time I was spending more painful time than death.

A depressing ice princess, Park Geun-hye, has left a huge trauma in her heart because of her parents' death in a major change. But Park's test was only about to begin after her father's death. Because of his political power, former South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan restricted her to open events, and the political circle began to deny Park's success, "dictators, high pressure politics, and political repression of personal consciousness" …

a 20-year retreat from politics, Park's love of South Korea has never wavered, but Park Geun-hye has not wavered in South Korea's land, but she has persuaded Park to leave the country, but she says she is a country she grew up in. "Even if it is painful and tired, I will finish my life in my country and sleep in this land.""

Park Geun-hye, who has not been married to a child so far, has said, " I have no parents, no husband, no children, making a country a better dream of my life ."

1997, when South Korean President Park Geun-hye broke out of the Asian economic crisis, she was no longer constrained and confused by the sense of commitment to the Republic of Korea's commitment to the political life and his determination to follow the path of "political man Park Geun-hye" to keep her life closely tied to the country's future.

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When President Park was elected South Korea's president, the painful experiences of her life, she was once in a deep and unseen despair, and she was suffering in a long and painful period.Until later, Park realized: "People become vulnerable and unfortunate, because the pursuit of happiness is too stubborn."People generally have the naive idea that they do not want to have the slime of their side, but in fact it is most important that they should not lose themselves under any circumstances." Because the storm is not always lasting, one day it will be in the past, it will be able to start again after the day, but if you lose your own thing, even if you lose yourself, it will not be real, it will eventually be a bamboo basket.(Sibling: Ask for quick!Unhappy behind the Koreans' high speed progress )

strong, independent, courageous, courageous, assertive and rigid temperament of Park Geun-hye, who persevere in her career, has repeatedly led the Grand National Party to victory in the political scandal, and stepped forward as leader due to the political scandal at the Grand National Party.She traveled all over the country to express remorse for the people, and a year later, Park managed to lead the GNP back to the largest party position, while was widely seen as a perseverance, a fearless person. But in a specific policy agenda, Park is softer, caring for the weak, mistrust, and so on, so that every ordinary people can have a sense of happiness and change South Korea's performance in terms of gender equality, which is worse than in the United Arab Emirates.

South Korea has transformed from the war-ravaged country into the world's fourth largest economy, but in the midst of rapid economic growth, South Korea's social atmosphere is still rather conservative. Men are still dominating political power. Women hold only 15 % of seats in parliament, while in private firms, only 12 % of all 1,500 large companies in the country are women. Women are nearly 40 % less paid than men , the first place in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.(You will also like: Are there differences in the pay gap between men and women?Listen to talk show host brilliant answer )

the campaign platform, Park raises economic equity and national happiness to the top, committing to a percent quota for political party women candidates, increasing social welfare policies, improving North-South relations, democratizing the economy, creating jobs, and so on.South Korean politicians generally believe that the emphasis on harmonious, compromise and moderate women's leadership will change the "political power" of Korean men in the past to shape a new political climate."It is my greatest dream to create a country where children are full of vision, women can take care of their families, and realize their dreams, the poor and the disadvantaged have hope," Park said."

The election of a woman president does not necessarily result in a top-down change of gender equality.As many women in the early days of the Gulf were able to elect legislators or legislators, most women leaders in Asia were wives or daughters of political persecution in lieu of political persecution, and there was a certain degree of inheritance between them and their father or husband in the political power. A number of women have become leaders of the party and the state from day to day, and the old widows' filial piety is given a modern form. Women have a strong succession of power, and family political heritage becomes an important capital for their political participation.(Recommended reading: Look at the United States from Europe and America, women's political participation makes society better )

questions Park are called into question , although the history of male dominance cannot be denied, but different from the path of political power to the path of political life. Park shows a sense of self-tolerance and passion for the country. 30.6000003814697px; "> In the experience of Park Geun-hye, we see the original political issues or practices that have been given a new face as a result of the participation of traditional sexual elements. Park Geun-hye's feminine political personality is one of the reasons for her high degree of support in South Korea. Every election, Park will make a story, if she has too much pain, she will wrap the bandage with bandages and become an important token of her hands.

And it is precisely because the hands of Park Geun-hye that she never gives up, and we see the head of the head of the head who struggles to fight for a long , is developing a more powerful collective, representing women's yearning for politics, and being a tenacious and tenacious woman.

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