Long before the word "warm Man" appeared, there was a man with a harmless smile that melted and quietly captured the hearts of many women.

It's hard to forget the Fan Tianzi of the big Boy next door in Shining Day "Ruffian hero" with the evil, handsome in the killer Chengno, more profound is in the "16 summers" in a Taiwanese Mandarin Ding, subversion of the former handsome niche image, in the "16 summers" play without vulgar head of pistachio, the "Pyle" interpretation of the lively and lovely, he is a very strong actor cell, in each role to ease the actor-Jason Cheng.

Warm and sunny afternoon, we went into the TV series "16 Summers" in Hank's Shop (Cross Caf ' e Claus coffee shop), the air is filled with bursts of coffee and healing of the human taste, a big boy pushed open a few net landing push the door into, with the rise of the mouth and a touch of autumn warm yang admission, Cheng to see everyone energetic greetings, for quiet coffee shop brought a vigor and vitality. Chengen first in the coffee shop to carry out the interview notice, we sit aside to watch him actively communicate with the field, discuss the film's presentation, but also the initiative to propose how to introduce scenes in the play, really is very positive and enthusiastic big boy Ah!

Chengen Seamless connection to accept the visit of women fans, a sit down in the slightest tired, still with his bright sunny smile opening. We can not think of the moment in the immediate power of the "Cheng" and "16 summers" in Taiwan's "Ding" is the same person, also saw the Chengen performance "one second to Hank", exclaimed that this is the strength of the acting.

Chengen said: "In this space in particular can recall the memory of filming," Ding "suddenly on the upper body." More hard is the role of the voice is relatively flat, then spent 1.5 months of practice, because I am not very good at the podium language, that 1.5 months to stipulate their own at home all the time to use Taiwanese language and family dialogue! 」

Actors, let me experience a different life

We know that Chengen originally was in the technology industry to do office workers, but resolutely the courage to leave a stable salary, he said: "I would like to be an actor, because I want to experience a different life." "

"Before the family more conservative, do not want me to enter this circle too early, on the one hand, the actor is a source of economic instability, the circle of contact with many things is unexpected, so I can use a lot of different eyes to see the world, but also let me have a lot of time to talk to themselves Of course, relatively busy is very no quality of life, long time to make a film easy to flex fatigue, physical condition, to keep themselves in a certain state. Another point is to learn to jump out of the role after the play. "(You'll like Rayya: Acting with all the strength of the body to be called an actor )

Chengen said that he had spent half a year after playing the role of a gloomy character to let himself really escape. This makes us see actors not only "will enter the role", but also learn to "pull away the role". Indeed, even in life, we also play a different role, we may be a conscientious employee, a hard-working career woman, a strict mother, an injured child, a good wife, all the time we are changing their identity, learn to let themselves occasionally out of masks, Give yourself a period of only to get along with the heart, only responsible for their time, everyone needs to adjust their lives, so that they maintain a better life state. (Recommended reading: Six a moment, let you listen to yourself again )

Each character, with a mission present

Chengen spends 10 minutes talking to himself in front of each scene to get himself into the role. When he got the 16-summer script, he found out that Hank was a very interesting person who played a role in the complex relationships of five people in the play, and because he wanted to add more interest to the characters, he suggested to the director, "Why don't we just let Hank speak Taiwanese Mandarin?" "Chengen is a very active to sculpture role of the diligent actor, also because met" love to play "Hufuxiang director, two people are willing to crash the story and idea of people, just let the role show more vitality!

Chengen said that in fact, he often played "Hank":"the role of the story is very deep melancholy, everyone is very easy in the role of the mood, whether it is" Wade (yang) "or" JJ (She Jia See) "There are emotional scenes, we will try not to disturb each other beforehand, but after the play I will try to adjust the mood of everyone, Pull them out of the mood, because the actor has been stuck in the role is actually a very painful thing. 」

Chengen said: "The most difficult part of Hank's role is to do" the level of the story change, because he is a very simple, the maintenance of friendship, so it is difficult to show in the 16 time in the Metamorphosis of personality. But when the director told me "Can not do too big different", I understand that the existence of Hank, is five people to help stabilize the existence, he represents a belief, a friendship of the original intention. "(You would like: true friendship more valuable than the film )

In everyone's life, we must have a Ding National day

In our life, friendship will undergo a constant change, sometimes new people replace the old, old friends unknowingly broke contact. So everyone's life should have a "Ding", a constant strength of friendship. Chengen said he and Hank most like the place is "heavy friend", he is very concerned about each fate: " in the real life also has such a group of friends, most of my study in the United States to know the good brothers, of course, back to Taiwan, the feelings of the more difficult to maintain, but the real friend is a long time to see, we are still hit. (Recommended reading: friend or old good?) Seven reasons that should be contacted with old friends )

Chengen said he and his friends can play a lot of games, such as throwing each other into the swimming pool, the whole body with cream: "Good friends actually know each other's bottom line is where." "Chengen with a little nostalgic tone so said, it seems that he missed the ticket with him through the youth memories of the good brother!"

"16 Summers" in fact, there is also a lot of youth and the common memory of the Taiwan land, including the 1999 Taiwan Blackout, the 921 earthquake, the memory of the past 16 idol drama also attaches great importance to close to the audience's life experience, we are very curious about which bridge section Cheng special resonance?

He said: "I envy Taiwan University students, because the university in foreign countries, so do not understand the Taiwan University culture, the play" Key "section of the bridge is very fun, Taiwan's university life a lot of changes! University life in the United States can also be very colorful, but not like Taiwan University students a lot of tricks! Plus I worked part-time, can play a limited! In this play also when Taiwan's college students are very happy. "(Extended reading: to youth, those who can not forget the original intention )

In the constant miss and lost, we learned to brave

Although the drama is permeated with the naïve romance of college life, but there are 16 years of entanglement of friendship and love, some people because miss can only be friends, some people have loved not to be friends, we ask Chengen believe that "pure friendship" exists?

He replied: "I believe in pure friendship, but the premise is that these two people are truly understanding each other, built on two people without atria, truly trusting each other, and knowing that there can be no further between them." "Dare not cross the line" is not pure friendship, just reluctantly. Pure friendship is "she treat me as a sister, I treat her as a buddy!" "(Recommended you see: let the other half good rest assured!" Don't use the "pink confidant" as an ambiguous excuse.

Chengen said that if you really love friends, will not choose a confession. He chatted about the past in the United States when the object of the secret love, once with a tentative tone, found that the results are not as expected, so choose to like to stay in the heart, to maintain their friendship between, is also a very indifferent to the beautiful. We ask Chengen not to regret not to be braver?

He said: "If there is no temptation, I may regret, but I am very clear that the stage is not possible, do not force feelings, the memories left in the mind will not regret." Sometimes missing is not necessarily bad. 」

Talk about miss, we also think " 16 summers" is a constant "Miss" love Story, Chengen said: "In addition to regret and miss, and lost friendship," 16 summer "relatively also speak a brave, because miss, so learn to be brave. Confession need courage, break up need courage, face oneself need courage, in miss and lost, we learn more is actually brave. (Recommended reading: Brave smile Angel Hu Tingting: Wounded, more believe in love )

Chengen said that before he was still in the line, everything to the girlfriend as the center of gravity, and even because to leave his girlfriend to work near the job, he thought it was "the courage at that time," but in fact at that time more need is "courage and intelligence" to resolve the two people on the road encountered difficulties:

"When we were young, it was easy to give in to others and it would be silly to think about it, but it was because there was desperate courage, that stupidity peculiar let us go to the collision." Grow up, have the mellow sophistication of the ability, more intelligent to deal with all kinds of relations, but lost courage. To cater to each other is not bad, but to find the balance point with the bottom line, the relationship will be happy. "(You will love the course of love:" Giving "is more important than unconditional" flattery " )

To Love is courage, love to go on is intelligence

In love the desperate need to be brave, but to continue the life of love needs intelligence. When we are young, we enjoy the thrill of love blindly and the taste of love, as we grow older, the more we can not afford to hurt, in addition to the "Love" of the Brave, but also learn "love down" intelligence. We wonder how he became an intelligent person in a relationship?

Chengen said: "The work of the actors let me continue to learn experience, each role makes me more empathy, appreciate the views of others, in other people's perspective to see the world." 」

Being intimate and willing to understand the nature of others ' situations makes him more able to solve "relationship problems". It is like he in the process of chatting with us, with the most relaxed attitude and conversation, but let the interview we have a "very comfortable" process, we think this is Chengen special super ability! Despite the first meeting, he was able to make the people at his side comfortable, which is what we see in him "smart"! (Extended reading: to treat others, do you use compassion or empathy?) )

The scene impromptu to four continuous burst, guess which two is Ding, which two is Cheng?

Another companion, not a goddess.

Finally, we chatted with Chengen about his good love, he thought he would like "16 summers" in the home Ni, personality Grand, do not care too much small details, and is willing to understand their friends, even family. Love is the most important thing is to get along with the tacit understanding and values. (same field Gayon: The real life of the home Ni, listen to Lin Heart such as talk about women the most beautiful power )

"tacit understanding and consensus is the most important factor of two people together, I think the most comfortable relationship between two people is to be able to understand each other's interests, if you do not understand each other, think the other side is too perfect, that's "love", not romance. Compared to the "goddess", we are looking for can be accompanied by the woman beside us, she may not be the most beautiful, but must understand your heart. "

After listening to Chengen talk about his heart beautiful "16 summers", you are not also think of some moments of youth? is not also Ding and Cheng to know again! We felt a lively and youthful heart in him, and the mentality made him more charming. We also secretly asked Cheng's agent, she smiled and said: "In private, he is a big boy." "Big boy, always warm and naïve to the world, full of curiosity and optimism about things, just as chengen, eyes always reveal the shiny light, we really see in him a boy-like eyes."