Take a look at JSDC's annual show today!Meet the most popular JavaScript now!A computer language for everyone!

Opening the first day of the eye

The JavaScript Developer Conference is still in full swing at the Academia Sinica, although it is a sleepless twentyday of the early morning, but the greatest JavaScript annual technology seminar is still in the middle of the Academia Sinica.

This event will not only invite the world's number one JavaScript developer to share and share, but also invite experts from all walks of life to join the team. They will also be invited to join the team. They will also be able to show their interest in the online websites of all the major issues.(Sibling: Write your concern!Recruitment of women's overseas correspondents )

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Originally we were full of JavaScript everywhere in our lives?

A large reading of the Geek impression can be seen at the conference venue. The general assembly's humorous call to the attendees' signature of the system is to use the code words that the engineers are familiar with. It is truly a party for engineers. Even the watchers are so cute and understated!

The bottom of the watch is the “ Jsdc.need (you); ”, which means that this grand event can be held because of your participation.Is it so coward?(suddenly code is very good ~)

Every day when it comes to code, most people tend to think like alien language, but in fact we don't use these Morse code symbols every day, such as the face books you use everyday, a dazzle app on your mobile phone, a toll collection machine that is often used by convenience stores, and so on.In the unlikely event that these "symbols of the symbol" are lost, our lives may be paralyzed by more than 50 %, and the severe index is simply pulling out water, cutting off electricity, cutting off the red alert level of the network!(Extended reading: The bright future of the child, starting with the learning process? )

The Visual Design of the General Assembly, you will find that the word "JS" consists of many of the applications and hardware that we are familiar with and frequently used, just like the "Life with JavaScript" that the General Assembly says in Slogn, which is printed on the cards and manuals, that we don't have the JavaScript to live without.

Maybe they care more about society than we do

In addition to the latest technology, how to make the software smoother, women fans have seen a series of spectacular shares, and they have seen their best skills, their efforts in technology, every aspect of society, every event, and that they want to make this world more friendly to everyone!

Speaker HsiaoMing doesn't even think about color blindness, finding web pages or apps that can improve color blindness, which aren't so easy to distinguish between people with color blindness. If you can add a little bit deeper into the original colors, such subtle changes can dramatically improve the use experience of the color blindness, and make the service more accurate!(You would like to: Have a strategy to use your brain )

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HsiaoMing has also shared Trello's case with us, so long as the Color Blind Friendship Mode is turned on, the color of the original will have different forms of stripes to make it easy for the color blind users to recognize them!I would like to point out 32 likes at all!

addition to giving people a warm and quiet little discount, the senior village mayor from zero hour government g0v.tw also shared with us the food security project that they have recently been working on. They want to draw attention to their physical health and eat their own food and food.(Siambling: Eating safety, breaking out again!)The three food traps that you have to know

Kao's wish to launch a project like this is to let more people who may not know about this information, or have incomplete information, know how to choose their own good food source and support a company that really has a conscience!

Everyone can be a creative person if you want!

If you don't learn to write your code, you may think that the developers' world is just like a foreign planet, but you can't understand it even if it's a Chinese character!But in these two exciting and intense JSDC events, what women see is the infinite passion that each developer has in their eyes, and they don't know what to do first, but because I love something, want to do something, try to present their ideas with the technology !(Hey! Dear, Moving forward to find the initial passion )

cat-loving speaker, Maxwell, has written a lot of applications about cats and has worked hard to share the resources of the program and to record the beauty of the world's kittens.

Maxwell's playful use of Chinese to show people his passion for cats, and ask you to recommend a lovely cat cafe that allows him to add a good look at the Bay of Taiwan in his own instagram ( catmapper ), and complete the "Global Catapité"!

Their energy and passion were particularly moving, as women's fans began to do so.We didn't build the presence of a "woman fan" because of the huge resources or the profitable ways to get women to understand that women were more than just a face, and we could always be more stereotyped than the stereotyped images of society!(You know what: Why we are with you!)

(Source: JSDC Fan Page)

Girls, can they really be a disadvantaged group of technology circles forever?

In technology circles, women seem to always be considered a minority group, although many feel that "the object is very expensive," and that female engineers should be treated as treasures, and in the technical circles.But the fact is that some people don't know how to respect each other, and may say or make a move that makes people feel uncomfortable. In the workplace, they may be exposed to the ability to be able to face up to their abilities because they are women, or even be unfairly treated.

Technically speaking overseas is a code of Conduct (COC) demanding that you take your oath and comply with the purpose of maintaining the academic/technical exchange of the seminar by making verbal or physical harassment of women participants, or even deliberately objecting to a woman who is a person who deliberately makes a speech or physical harassment.

The exceration of the Chinese version of the code translated by g0v is a code of practice , so that everyone can make a bit of a solution!

" The Conference is committed to providing a conference environment free of harassment for each participant regardless of gender, age, sexuality, disability, appearance, race or belief.We will not tolerate any form of harassment of conference participants.The use of words and imagery with sexual implications in any conference field is inappropriate in this Conference, including in lectures, workshops, parties, on Twitter, or on any online media.Any participant in violation of the provisions will be subject to sanctions or removal from the floor, and the disposal of the participants shall be determined by the general recall of the event."

But in this JSDC, women's fans are happy to see more women engineers out of the world, and the higher things are that speakers from all over the world are sharing with us: In fact, everyone is paying more attention to Gender Equality!

A W gesture that must never be forgotten every time, a symbol of a woman's perseverance and unshakeable spirit!The middle is Maxwell.

Stefan, a speaker from sencha, shared with us engineers from all of their branches: " In some of our subsidiaries, the ratio of male and female engineers is approximately 6: 4 (40 % women), and the female engineers in certain branches may even be more!For example, in India's branch office, there are as many as 70 % of female engineers!"What an amazing number!"

Also a speaker from sencha also mentioned that one of the major projects in the Japanese branch was even a woman who had full powers to knife the knife."I think this is a big change and progress, because it is almost impossible for women to dominate this matter five years ago," said Jeff." (You would like: Lean In, Women's Conquer Employment )

If you are an engineer, you are an engineer, you should be proud of this!

And when we asked if there would be different feelings for female engineers, Stefan said, "If you're an engineer, you're an engineer, you're a engineer."" You can't help it, it's shaking!

Left to Jeff Pope, Right Stefan Stoelzle

Continue to see, women can win professional success in this industry!

Day 2: Language of Programs that leads us to Life JavaScript

The second day of the JSDC event, the early morning everyone was still excited to share in the huge international conference hall, opening the curtain this morning with the engineers' conversation.We found that there were also a lot of women on the spot. Only after a question was told that 15 % of the girls were in the same number of women. It seems that the female force in the JavaScript community should not be underestimated, and it will rise every year!And in the process of chatting with the interviewees, we've also found the glamour of JavaScript, and the most powerful thing is that it's not just the front end and the web, the JavaScript has been developed to get out of the Web, and the most exciting thing is that we can control the mobile phone, the switch light, the robot, and so on. Isn't that cool?(Recommended you: Who says a girl can't be an engineer?)

In addition, one of the reasons why so many girls appear in the JavaScript workshop is that the rules of JavaScript are very good. Not only engineers, but many designers are also competing for the future of JavaScript.In particular, there are two female speakers at the seminar today, and they are very generous in their performance. In interviews with them, we learned that "You can choose whether you play a professional role or a girl's role.""We asked the Mu-An who took office in GitHub (the software developer collaboration platform) that the current environment is still not good enough for women?"(Sibling: Apology, then?Eviction of Gender bullying eviction )

Mu-An Answer: " This is not a male-dominated industry, which is a professional-led industry.

Work, Professional Win

This JSDC workshop saw a lot of women's real estate in this industry!The answer to these women's engineers, let's find out, " This industry actually needs more girls."They think that the overall environment of the engineer is friendly, but the gender issues that exist, we should start with girls' own attitudes, and we have to believe that" standing here today is because of my profession, not my gender."" If you adjust your own ideas to the same height as others, don't look at yourself!(Extended reading: Why, in fact, this is very smart, and not so daring to admit )

Gender discrimination sometimes comes from the "male congenital" , and they see that girls are easy to protect: " You're a girl, so I'm going to explain these professional terms to you.But in fact, these women have the ability to assume their duties to a certain extent.Many large companies designed "women's quotas", while the male and female engineers at the scene recognize that "the protection of quotas is the resistance to women's fair development in this industry" because the fact that "I am not in the quota because of the quota."If there is a guaranteed quota, it will be an obstacle to gender equality. It is tantamount to dividing the power of men and women. The best thing is to promote a culture of "gender consciousness" and to change the culture of the company.(You'll like it: Is it enough for men and women?Talking about a heterosexual conversation in a feminist classroom

Is there a real promotion of gender mobility for girls who can only participate in activities?

How can I advocate a culture of gender mobility?We have heard that there are many seminars for the female worker in the country, but the engineers at the scene have unanimously said that it is necessary to have a better way of letting this circle have enough girls willing to come in!

What is a better practice?The first thing is change women's "feeling of loneliness" in circle, and more women should actively study the program information, especially the JaveScript, which has a strong maneuverability and is beneficial to the wider application of life.(Hey! Dear, When the woman is happy, don't make gender stereotyped impressions of the nation!) )

Again, we can think about how we don't use small circles to divide gender, such as the ability to engage girls alone. In fact, it limits the scope of communication to the women's field of independent engineers, like we do in the workplace. We don't want to be able to compete with men, so we don't have the opportunity to compete with men, and we can also promote the ability to make progress!

Writer, no man or woman!

To be honest, the Womany editors who have been buried in the texas often have a lot of understanding of the JavaScript, but we can often experience a lot of professional terminology that we don't understand, but we can feel the engineers' love of the program, and they say, when an engineer isn't a writer like that, this job means creating something new, and that women's creativity is not inferior to men!As a result, they think girls are also well suited to be engineers, and Ruben from Malaysia says, " is not just a woman, maybe everybody can learn to write programs and have the power to create something new that will make you very powerful. (Recommended for you Joseph Gordon Levi, who hugging feminism: " Don't make gender define who we are!" )

Ms. Jessica, who works with Mu-An in GitHub, spoke of the first computer in 1996 She she not interested in the computer at the time, but she was happy to try to get in touch. She said she was not a girl at the time she decided to enter the field, and that she was "a girl."(Sibling: Why do you work in love or not happy?Find the value of self-realization at work )


What we can do: actively create a more gender-friendly environment!

Turning to the issue of more male engineers than female engineers, the engineers said the matter is now an established fact, and that it does not know that it can change.Because when we are children, the toys that parents give are gender-specific, and many people in the community often have unconscious gender gaps, for example, some people often make something like this: " Oh you play baseball like a girl!"This is what girls should do," these are unintentional gender biases.Maybe we all need to be liked by others, so in a man's environment, men create a climate that makes them feel comfortable, without paying particular attention to what they say, and we must always remind each other and try to create a more gender-friendly environment.(Recommended reading: Girls' skirts can't be dirty?Who says that girls can't follow Yangs dream )

Jessica felt that after the engineer, something happened that she thought "because I was a girl".She wrote, for example, by trying to ask her out at the time of the instant chat, and some people used Jessica's Avatar (avatar) to send her. She said she was so lucky to have been so lucky she knew she was lucky because she knew that many women in the world were being discriminated against, and that her working environment was very friendly and gave her a sense of security.

In fact, whatever the environment is, what we can all do is create a more friendly atmosphere, isolating people who are trying to hurt us, telling them that this environment does not welcome gender-friendly people.

Jessica mentioned, "I don't know what the answer is, but there are a lot of good people in the engineering community, and there's a small group of awful people, and that small group of people can do a lot of harm to someone." We may not be able to change the fact that people don't like us in the world , , but we can always strive to create a more gender-friendly environment ." Women's fans believe that not just the engineering community, but the same conditions all over the world, and that's why all of us can try to create a better environment, just like Jessica says, right?(Recommended: The Netherlands and Taiwan are the same!Why women are always subject to family and work choices )

After reading through the sharing of so many engineers, we found that the writer is an exciting thing to do, and knowledge is really power! there are not so many female engineers now, but this doesn't mean that girls are not suitable for writing programs. If they are curious about the magic world of the program, they might as well try to take the first step and explore it carefully.


Last, we'd like to send you Ruben to encourage everyone:

" If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.
(If the only tool you have is a croquet, you think of each question as a nail.)

When we don't have enough knowledge, we are asked to come up with a solution, and the most common scenario is that we're going to use the rigidity of the old plate to deliver the difference instead of thinking about a new, better way to solve the problem.So, dear, remember to remind yourself that you are constantly learning, and don't waste our creativity. Let's use the knowledge empower women!

Coming out of the Academia Sinica's venue, the women's fans still feel excited about the energy in the field, and are very excited to be able to reach out to the relevant learning channels immediately, and add skill equipment for themselves and create more possibilities for different kinds of possibilities!If you want to be a part of a woman, you must also be wondering what channels you can get yourself to learn more about technology, and let yourself take the "comfort circle"!

Here are the online learning channels we're collating for you:

The writer is playing a game: Codecademy
It's the game of the game: Treehouse
The technology school of the technical world!The online version of Hog Hux: nodeschool

Dear, let's have the courage to become the "founder" of my own life!

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