Let's listen to Miss Cynthia's story, the same as we try to live, chasing a huge dream, enjoy the life of the ordinary and beautiful girl.

If you are also a person who often gets joy or comfort in the face book illustration, you may have seen the girl's work, accumulating 50,000 fans and a popular illustrator-Miss Cynthia.

Entering her creation is like walking into a girl's little theater, those in our heart to the ego of the questioning, criticism, the future of confusion, exploration, Thanksgiving to life, satisfaction. Why does a young girl have such a profound picture of life? Creation, just like an invisible red line, not only took us and creators of fate, but also led us and "Hard Life" fate, see Miss Cynthia's Small World, you may be more than a affirmation and encouragement. (Extended reading: to fight for the fun of Life )

Photo Source: Miss Cynthia Miss Cyndi

Delicate strokes, exquisite lines, always appear a few squirrels, like the gentle porcelain is also like being warmed by the Sun Quilt , and her painting eyes after you are difficult to keep the eye, put down the heart is the picture of healing. This cool November afternoon, Miss Cynthia with warmth to chat with women, like every one of her paintings, always a little sweet and sad, always in the indifferent to give people the strength of courage.

Miss Cynthia: "I'll be a illustrator, it's a peculiar story."

Become a illustrator, Miss Cynthia said it was a mistake, although major in design graduation, once wanted to do publishing house editor, she did not think because a fan professional opportunity to become a illustrator. Because of the need for graduation, Miss Cynthia set up a fan page on children's drawing books, at that time, Taiwan's anti-nuclear wave was high, she painted the post, also by the free Times published, so that she and silently the fate of the literary creation, Miss Cynthia said: "At that time is the company's initial stage, we work together feeling, really good ah!" "(Extended reading: work in a new company, you get more than just a paycheck )

So, the girl has planted into the painter's vision of the world, her fan group slowly grew up, we asked the fan page as a Cynthia miss: "How old is your child now?" She replied humbly: "About three years old!" "We thought that even though the child was only three years old, he really comforted the hearts of many people and walked us astray." Looking at her illustrations, like in the winter to hold a warm bag, gentle, not hot. we're fine. Miss Chischinty how to view herself as an illustrator, she said:

"Illustration is a world that stretches out from me and mirrors a counter order." 」

Miss Cynthia said: "Illustrations, is the heart of the calm that I, was magnified." She laughs that her daily life is not as indifferent and cool as an illustration, and she will be mad, cry and laugh, just like every ordinary person. Why is the world of the opposite order? She said: "In that world, a lot of things are reasonable, I have no restrictions in that world." It reflects the part of me, but not completely, just as the emotions in the painting, but also part of my reflection. 」

Everyone has a calm mirror in their hearts to reflect each other's appearance, and that mirror will lead us to feel, to experience, and to resonate in the reflection, just as you and I can get the power in Miss Cynthia's creation, so that we, more or less, have a similar frequency so that we can gather in a picture. (Recommended reading: The most beautiful love is to let you find love from yourself )

Behind the clouds, you'll still see a glimmer of light

Of course, Miss Cynthia said, "Because the fate of the illustrator," is not just such a simple story, the institute just graduated, she was also lost for the future, the survival of the artists in Taiwan seems to be difficult? Would it be half way to find out that I still have to go to work? Such thoughts puzzled her. Then Miss Cynthia, who drew a picture for herself, wrote:

You have chosen the unknown way to go,
Believing that the clear skies are worth chasing,
Now that you have made a choice, there is no escape
I believe you will come back with hope.

Photo Source: Miss Cynthia Miss Cyndi

Miss Cynthia said, originally wrote this paragraph, is in order to encourage the lost oneself, did not expect a long time later there is a girl to thank her, because her creation and find a new outlet for life!

"It is a great encouragement for me to share with others, when those strangers who have no intersection with their own lives, resonate with a picture and have a little meaning to their life," he said. "Miss Cynthia said so at the same time, in her eyes, we saw the hot tenderness, it is a creative passion, through the face book interaction, so that the original life of strangers, and have a confluence of the pipeline, you say, life, is not very wonderful?

The Network Ecology Circle, the species diversity only then can balance!

Because of these feedback, people who know how to appreciate, so those who silently strive to create talent can insist. Just as Taiwan now has a growing number of illustrators who share their lives and views through the Web platform, the resource circulates quickly, but sometimes also Shen Ji quickly, Miss Cynthia said: " I think this is a great thing, originally the network is shared, in the real life to do one thing, We're all worried about being criticized, but no matter what you do, you're doing it yourself without worrying about other people's eyes. Illustrator of the ecology of many yuan, there is healing warmth, of course , There are witty irony, the world is so, the richer the more interesting! (same field Gayon: Everyone is the power of change!) From the turbulent 2014 to see the rise of Community power

Miss Cynthia is not afraid of drowning in the vast information, she felt determined to become a illustrator, do not be afraid of the network of all kinds of talent, because there are all kinds of people, we can have more exchanges. Miss Cynthia said: "I do not limit my style, I want to follow my creative growth, I believe that whether it is three years old or 30 years old, like people, its heart will not change." "In our opinion, Miss Cynthia is such a petite girl, but she has the tenacity we cannot imagine!"

Of course, on the way of creation, she has not seldom met with setbacks, like many seven-year-old, she is now a tough look from the past, the accumulation of her own, she had to do after graduating from the publishing House editor but found that they do not want, and once doubted that they are not suitable to be a illustrator, in the face of such questioning, Miss Cynthia told everyone:

"It's a good thing to have a little questioning of yourself forever."

Such questioning does not teach us to stop, but to let us know that there is always more to be done now. She shared with us a designer said: "When you want to reach a, you worry a lot in B, for a long time, you can never reach a, as long as you start, you will naturally become able to adapt to a place." "Miss Cynthia felt that anyone had doubts about their own desperate pursuit of dreams, and even we were afraid to break through because of fear of failure." (Recommended reading: Challenge yourself, do something that scares you every day!) )

" I did not go, I would not know the original this place is AH. A lot of things just try to know. "

In the face of their once helpless hesitation, Miss Cynthia to give you a few words: "Believe in yourself, brave to do it." 」

To say goodbye to the past, is to see you again

in Miss Cynthia's body, we see the stability of the world, but occasionally from her paintings to see a little sadness, She is about to enter 30 beautiful years, the heart is always some fear, Miss Cynthia and two good friends in this year's August or September planned the "Girl Farewell Oath" exhibition, we are curious about this exhibition, is not Miss Cynthia in the past to say good-bye. She said: "Put the memories into the treasure box, does not mean that it disappeared, memories are always there, just some things in the past, may not be used for the time being, but does not mean that the future will not use, perhaps a long time later, we would need the 20-year-old precious things. (Extended reading: 10 things we learned from girls to women )

Photo Source: Miss Cynthia Miss Cyndi

What kind of things can be saved, always hidden in the bottom of my heart? May be pure, perhaps the temperature of love, perhaps a brave. Sometimes we have to learn to say goodbye to our old self. That does not mean that the past has disappeared, as if we slowly experience a world, grow into the shape of adults, start to bear a complete life, even the commitment of your beloved and children, these will inevitably make us grow stronger and braver, No longer the one crying for sugar, no matter what the rampage.

Miss Cynthia described such a state as "micro-mature female", as opposed to the light ripe female is, she thought "the micro-mature female" is like "the ice cream wrapped in biscuits, outside very hard, inside is very soft, accidentally will melt." "(Extended reading: in my heart, there lived a little girl )

Miss Cynthia in the 20 and 30 referral period, there are strong and weak, ostensibly a responsible woman for herself, but also live in the heart of stubborn little girl, we think, this interesting phenomenon, will always stay on her body. We asked Miss Cynthia to give ten years ago herself and ten years after their own words, Miss Cynthia so answer, like gently to our hearts cast a stone, quietly shocked, also leave infinite ripples.

Miss Cynthia said: "30 years old, is used in the past have to pile up the future of their own." 」

Miss Cynthia to herself ten years ago: "Thanks to the 20-year-old yourself, you worked very hard at that time." In fact, I began to work very early, our family's education is to want what things are their own to fight for. I am thankful that 20 of you are working very hard to do a lot of things. In addition to very hard work, the thing to play or have to seriously play, to listen to the performance, to play photography, wonderful as well as no less. Thank you for your time and the best time of your age. Can accumulate into the present of me. "(Recommended you see: life is very short, live their own story )

Miss Cynthia to herself ten years later: " wish you the same thanks to me now, because I have you now. At that time you do not regret, because the steadfast walk, so you will see the process of good. "

Photo Source: Miss Cynthia Miss Cyndi

Ten years ago, ten years later, maybe we would all be a little different. However, we all sincerely thank each of the past piled into the present appearance. Ten years can be very long, can be very short, can be bored, can be colorful, you choose what kind of life? In Miss Cynthia, we saw that she was brave enough to get to the "better place", trying to shape herself into the way it was. In reality we are not so, occasionally a little frustrated, the future feel overwhelmed, but we do not want to stop to a better tomorrow.

Finally, Miss Cynthia wanted to give a picture of a reader of a woman's obsession, and she painted the most beautiful moment in her mind.

Miss Cynthia said: "Women, keen to do what they like to do the most beautiful." 」

Photo Source: Miss Cynthia Miss Cyndi

Chatting about their newly-married friends, little by little use the material around the free decoration, build their own old house. "They use existing things to accumulate better themselves." "said Miss Cynthia. Miss Cynthia describes a friend is a thin girl, but bare hands to build their "home", lighting, paint, decorating, hammering, what all their own. She saw the woman for their love of the moment, how touching! Always said that women have a kind of selfless maternal, in fact, it should be said that women in order to love, is able to pay everything, the effort, this strength, is huge soft, so dazzling, but not to take people eyes and ears.

in Miss Cynthia's eyes, the woman who pursues oneself in the workplace is very beautiful, the whole heart raises the child to care for them to grow up the woman is very beautiful, carry the backpack to wander the woman is very beautiful, resigns to realize a meal not to feed the dream the woman is very beautiful, for the newly-married home window carefully picks the curtain the (Recommended reading: women, you are actually more beautiful than you think )

Like a woman who has always believed, dear, each of you, is a unique soul, you have different eyes, different taste. You in their own life to explore the meaning of your dreams in the fall of the brave, in fact, the dream is not valuable, give the value of the dream of the people, is that the life to protect a certain thing you.

Women, do what makes you happy, become the person you like, hold the life you want, the way you are, serious and beautiful.