Today, we need to bring a big family here to make a big story for Korean dramas. Similarly, why do we have a style that is more of a style to wear in the same clothes?That's because she's got a single one.

Do you still remember the red, red, and red color of this year's heat?The Korean Drama < comes from the stars you > roll up a crazed "Thousand Songs", from beer to fried chicken, dongyi's clothing, cosmetics to a show in the show, and sell it to the blowers that blow the aircraft.The one-line character of the Korean drama has become a fashionable indicator, but not everyone has a clothes rack that can handle the fashionable costumes of the play. So, today we are leading a family to resolve the five indispensable items of the Han drama's " little secret —, which is not so stylish.(Sibling: A stylist's personal hide-in-the-art: seven prerequisite products that pass through a brand name )

Yes, we may not be able to put on the stents on the stretch, but we can use a single product to enhance the air.If you don't like to pick up a high profile crowd, then start with a single product and create an extravagant extravagant extravagant!Next, let's learn how to take advantage of a single product correctly with the Korean drama:

Life is only a necessity!The Empires of Love's Little Bags: Kong Xiaozhen

< Don't worry, it's love!In the show, there is a strong and sexy image in the show.The image of a little packet is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!The hand holding bag is an even more neat type.A 30-year-old woman gradually understood that she no longer needed a large bag of XL, which would not need to be filled with anything that would not be used, and had a sense of security on her body.With a lipstick, a mobile phone, and a purse, you can go out, and this year's continued fever may also ask us to think, " What is life that we need?"

The small bulk bag can accommodate the consistency of the whole shape, and the bag looks like an extension of the body and a sense of the existence of the character!In addition, we can find that the show is very good at casual wear, dressing up the top, or the One Piece's sketch, and all these clothing laws reveal a sexy sexual characteristic of the sea show!Add a slightly stronger woman's flavor, always particularly charming!(Recommended reading: Boyfriend Wind, handsome military uniform, and neutral in the fall of this year! )

First of all, we can start with One Piece and start experimentating with a bag. Suya's dress, not wearing high heels, is very casual. It's a good place to go out on a private date or a place to be held!A hand holding bag that is different from the main color of the costume, who has a slightly more sophisticated female appeal than you tonight?(Extended Read: The more Mini Fashion!Paris Fashion Week is a list of ... )

In the same game, the green-blue combination of the green-blue combination of the grass green and the pool sea show set off the height of a wave of Harun pants!This year's Hallen pants are focused on the original straight tube shape, not to do a lot of tricks on their trouser legs, and to make them more formable and more formable, and highlight the profile of the charisma of the individual!Try One Piece, and you can challenge your little package to match your personality pants!(Extended reading: Women don't matter!Boy Winning and Amology )

Waistband determines the Queen's figure: thousands of songy

We all know that when the time is right and the waistband helps to decorates the body, the fabric crease is made, and the various binding changes in the waistband can achieve a visually weight-loss effect!Many medium and long dress does not emphasize waist-line design or a relatively loose long ocean, at which time the waistband can be used as a key combination, pulling out the visual center of gravity, and modifying the length of the waistband.Look closely at the wearing of the thousand Songs, and find that she always likes to wear a big coat, and the waist belt is the focus of the road!(Recommended reading: What kind of a French, European or American?Building a similar winter coat on the winter coat )

If you think it's very easy to wear overclothes in the winter, it's even more about the belt!The small step of tying the waistband is that if it is to be binding on the dress of the dress in the coat, or the binding point of the trouser and the coat, the width of the waist is wider to show the waist.If it is the waistband outside the overcoat, the thin one can be instantly pulled off as a dividing line!You can also refer to the fashionable dress code of the boots of Songyi's stool!It's a little bit of a little leg, and it's a dress that replaces your pants with a dress that fits in a date.(Recommended for you: Five tips for the season change through the secret wind )

Add a bit of green leaf!Let the five-judge earring a more solid earring: < Hit the Note, I love you, Zhang Nara.

In Taiwan, the highest ratings ever recorded in Taiwan, I love you to move to Korea, to be the one who wants to let people go to .) plays with permanent sweet Chang Nara as the "Conveniate Girl" at the beginning of the plot. It's a little bit like Chen Jon!When a silly golden thread was put on the side, the five officials were visually flattened, and the earrings were decorated with earrings, and wearing earrings would help to decorate the face of the face!

If you are a girl with a round face and a goose-face, it is better to wear an earring with decorations.If your face is tilted to the reverse triangle, it is suitable for wearing a big round earring.If there is a ribbed face, a round, streamlined, or strip-like ear ring helps you to decorates the face!Next, let's take a look at the earrings of Zhang Nara, the goose egg.(Sibling: Three Faces and One Hyper-Perfect Hairway )

She has a decorative earring on her face, so that her face is more solid!Of course, the haircut of the earring is also very important. If you want the earrings to highlight the five officials, you can choose to make your hair cut off in formal settings. Easily and easily, you will create a little secret of the gods once you get a little bit of a hook in your ear!

The combination of metal feeling and the material of pearls creates an elegant personality, and it is convenient for the girl to pretend not to be afraid of her or not. In formal occasions, it is a freaking fashion to wear a tidy and unspooked fashion, so as to scare people.

Keep looking, use a single piece of character to show your own character!

The present shape of a sexy collarbone: the necklace is also stereotyped.

< Hear your voice: The man in the main character Li Bell-shuo sent Li Bao-ying's necklace, the silver-white tactile sensation lies in the chest, and the V-neck or the big collar cleverly let people move the visual focus to the neck!Many people think that the neck of a woman is a special zone of special feeling, and try to make a small, unflunkable necklace, as a decorative dressing for the neck of the neck, and also give yourself a little graceful character!

The one in the Inheritance > The Bone necklace is also a fire of sale!We are not going to wear the necklace of Korean dramas and have the meaning given by ourselves. Maybe it is the most pleasant thing to do!Also, a fine version of the necklace is a perfect fit to show the tenderness of a woman, the length of the necklace that determines the curve of the neck, and the tiny, tiny necklace is suitable for wearing close toThe longer the length, the necklaces close to the chest location are suitable for the choice of complex, larger decorations.(Extended reading: Luxurious extravagant Oscar female red carpet jewellery LOOK )

The dress of the feast, the suit at work, fits well with a thin necklace, and a little extravagant and low-key extravagant luxury in the cadets of simplicity, that is, not to attract the attention of the public!

Neighbors that cannot be dropped!Gina, the Queen's hairband

Don't miss a wild card no matter what!It's easy to make up on the house, and to go out and play the game!Who is going to become a fan of Li Min-ho of the public?The "City Hunter" portrayed the Golden Nauman of the Golden Nat, the sweet and beautiful image of a bodyguard, and a very strong bodyguard dressed as a bodyguard, and a very homing girl, Look, it's like we always have to wear a formal point of office, but home is just to give yourself absolute freedom!Use hair bands to generalize the messes of messes. In the middle of the night, the boyfriend is waiting downstairs in your home, and you are not afraid of the embarrassment of the downstairs building, revealing the refreshing forehead, and making yourself in the most comfortable state!(A hairdresher haircut: Hollywood stars with a flare-side haircut )

When the same field is on the Inheritance >, the indicator Li Ba-na's hair band is Looks!The hair band has a gorgeous feeling of beauty. The reason why the sea is made of the sea is a long face, and a more obvious face!

The highlights of the five Korean dramas are introduced to this, do you also depict your own idealistic appearance?Each of the Korean dramas can have such great influence on the line, because each character has its own fashion, and see how they run themselves, and we can find the best way to taste it!(Recommended reading: They go through their beauty!)the different countries that cannot be missed )

Coco Chanel has described the best costume as: "Before you go out, look in the mirror and take off a piece of jewelry.""

You know how to benefit from a single product, rather than putting all the popular elements on your body, the single product is the best green leaf you can make!

[Gift Activity] Answer the questions, bring fashion items home!

After watching the single look of the heroine, do you really want to make fun of the taste, too?As long as you fill out the style of your favorite Korean dramas, you have the opportunity to get a single item from Shopbop, a pendant earring for Tory Burch, a Rebecca Minkoff handbag, and crystal necklace Kors.

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