We use an hour of the interview for the Boundless moved, but also thanks to these stories in the universe to give us a lot of strength! Share to the screen before you and you.

Always feel that the interview , is the time between people rendezvous. Two people who have never had intersection, in different world and thinking mode of their respective operation, because of the interview, stop, forget the reality of time, temporarily let go, let everything start from the blank, and then slowly fill. Like a different planet, there is the possibility of collisions and mutual understanding.

In the past, I think the interview is to listen to the story, do not forget to record the story of the move; now I believe that the exclusive interview to thank each other's total trust, the life lent to us. One hours of exclusive interviews, the concentration of perhaps 20 years of life AH.

In one hours, squeeze into each other's time, experience His frustration, feel his dreams, breathe his thoughts, in exchange for his life's past, future and present. , so Precious. So, for me, the interview is a sacred thing, even sometimes, I fear it, I fear that I could not say this loan life story. So tell yourself that every time you write a pen, it has a certain kind of decisive meaning.

At the end of the year, invite women fans Contentlab editorial team to review the annual interview, see again, talk again, feel again, because we have been so lucky, as the audience to listen to their ups and downs of life, crying and laughing, from their body also borrow power. selected five interviews out, hoping to share with you, together toward a more powerful 2015. (Edit Ab Special interview: What I learned in these celebrities: heart, let life leave the beautiful footprints of the traveler )

Actor: Rayya, warm warm with the power of light

Rayya: "There are probably two things that will make me fall apart." One is said not to work hard, and the other is to know how to work hard. 」

Rayya: "Actor, is the person who pours life for the character." So we must be very serious, very serious, very serious. 」

Remember when I heard Rayya say, I had the urge to cry when she was demonstrating that she was shaking her finger in the role of Parkinson's, and said with a smile. After that evening's interview, I remember the studio I was visiting and clearly told myself to take a more serious look at all the big things that I was doing, because every big thing would leave weight in my life, and every effort would be to carry the weight of the future. Just like Rayya.

This year, Rayya cut a short hair as "wait for a person coffee" in the handsome Albus get a lot of attention, but this way, her efforts have been hidden in the heart. In 2000, as a model debut, played a TV series, film, stage play, issued a record, Rayya training is solid, but warm warm contained light but to accumulate their own. after so many visits, thinking of serious actors, I was still the first to think of Rayya, still remember she said "The actor, is the person who pours the life for the character, how can not take seriously?" There was no hesitation in the words, and the eyes were firm.

A review of Rayya's life stories and interviews " " Acting actor Rayya with all the strength of the body.

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Entrepreneur: Wang Yu, the power of wolf and flexibility

Wang Yu: "You have to believe what you are doing, not just the next decision." In small decisions, will stay in your life, every decision you make is to let the butterflies vibrate in the future. 」

Wang Yu: "Don't wait for the time to mature and start doing something." Swimming Middle School can swim, drive to learn to drive, touch a stone can cross the river. The premise is to afford to lose. 」

After visiting the Wang Yu, my first thought was the atmosphere, the real atmosphere, the atmosphere, and the gentle feelings of caring for the world. Wolf Sex and flexibility both, it seems that this should not be a conflict of things! talk with Wang Yu very enjoyable, interview process fascinating "see recruit" fun, Wang Xiao always for different questions, give "maxim style" answer, simple and strong, dry simply crisp and pressing people, I think this may also be under the environment of survival instinct? Yes, in China's surging tide of the times, the leader if not three, how can lead the team forward and the unknown struggle?

Let's talk about the Wang Yu outside the interview. When interviewed in Taiwan, Wang Yu with her husband to promote new books in Taiwan. Wang Yu received the visit, the husband is in the side overheard while nodding, quiet. So I can not help gossip, asked husband how to pursue Wang Yu, the husband smiled and said: "The death of the pursuit of life!" I appreciate this girl. " Wang Yu smile but not language, always handsome, look at the husband's eyes but tenderness million kinds." Chic and gentle, Wang Yu is to bear the "chic Miss" woman. (Recommended reading: see two kinds of China in Beijing )

a review of Wang Yu's life stories and interviews " " Wang Yu interview with CEO of China early net

Musician: Zhong Chenghu, long and great power

Zhong Chenghu: "Many people think I am" bole ", but I think I am just" fans. " I'm involved in music, but I'm more like a help person. The musicians themselves are very strong, I just hold the highlighter and put their focus on that. 」

Zhong Chenghu: "Do music, do not make ripples, but to make stone." 」

The interview with Zhong Chenghu will be a long, long night in my mind. In the afternoon, meet in Zhong Chenghu Music Studio, Xuan Guan posted a Beatles four revolver poster, a corner of the room put a few guitars, the wall has Wei, Lu Guangzhong, Chan of the past posters, look around, the space is good clean, music energy is great. The tiger teacher gives a feeling like the sea, so calm and powerfully carry the dream of many musicians, gentle carrying the dream sent farther unknown side.

After the interview, the Tiger teacher invited us into the recording room to listen to him to help Chan record of the unexposed new single "Coincidence and coincidence", looking at his side face, think he said "You now listen to five minutes of song, maybe I 5,000 minutes to do it." "I feel the music so long and strong, and we are so small." This kind of music person, let a person simply can not extricate oneself to like his creation music. I think it is too sensational to cry in public, even to the toilet secretly cry up. )

A review of Zhong Chenghu's life Stories and interviews " a lifetime of musicians Zhong Chenghu

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Writer: Denethor poetry, a sharp force full of temperature

Denethor Poem: "Sometimes, know not necessarily to be said, have talent not necessarily to reveal, can not buy up not necessarily to buy, the disadvantage also not necessarily to pursue." Leaving White is a kind of elegance. Work is, love is, and it should be so. 」

Denethor: "Chatting and working with smart women is a pleasure." They are so sexy"

Denethor Poem's writing, has this kind of sexy charm. Sexy from her own interpretation of life, spicy and sentimental, sophisticated but kind-hearted, through but not broken. Since the introduction of Lancashire Road column in Hong Kong, Wang Dishi in "small fresh" and "Deep hates" column of the way outside, to kill another road. "Yes, love and society are full of irrational, life is not perfect, how?" I enjoy it as usual. "Cold eyes and sharp strokes, hidden understanding after the gentleness." It is because of understanding, so can be gentle.

Due to the geographical location of Hong Kong and Taiwan, an interview with Denethor poetry was made by Email. I have made about 14 visits to the outline, on Monday sent out, on Friday Wang Dishi a voluminous return of nearly 10,000 words, letters and round-trip, I deeply denethor poetry as a writer's intentions. No repetition, no one-sided, continuous evolution, flesh and blood, this is probably the reason why Denethor poetry is unable to deconstruct the mystery? And the public is anxious to decode the "Denethor poem", we hope that we can with Denethor poetry honest face the various imperfections in life, still love every moment of life. (same field Gayon: denethor Poetry reviews Social Three Strange phenomena )

A review of the life stories and interviews of Denethor poems by Denethor, a woman writer in Hong Kong mouth

Actor: Chen Lichi

Chen Lichi: "The actor's material is his body, his voice and his thoughts, and even the nutrients in his soul, and we ourselves are the material itself." Materials to be honed, all can be carried out, imaginative, sensory, conversion, must be very rich to be built. 」

Chen Lichi: "As an actress, I am very thankful and feel very lucky." 」

We also feel very thankful and lucky to have access to Chen Lichi. think of it or feel wonderful, and Chen Lichi interview, incredibly is one side with the microphone, while quickly typing records down. Remember that day hang up the phone, the ears are hot, but because of the teachable. Xiang Chess Teacher's voice is very good, intonation calm, but listen to sound expression, and well-written, no superfluous words. If I were to describe Chen Lichi, I would say she lived with very full energy.

performance or teaching, or acting, Chen Lichi's full from the face of the frustration of life, like "back to light Sonata" in people look distressed door, knocked open, so the energy came in. And this mood, but also reflected in the Golden Horse 51 awards ceremony after the chaos. when the Taiwanese grief won the three prize, when Gong Li and the actress missed out on the carnage, when we began to worry about the future of Taiwan's film Circle, Chen Lichi said : " We have a few awards, but we reflect on how to do better, I see the Taiwan film Circle's bearing and vision. " has given us the power and belief of the nameless." (Recommended reading:"Back to the Light Sonata" director Chanxiang interview )

a review of Chen Lichi's life stories and interviews " Golden Horse actress Chen Lichi dialogue record

A year goes by and a year passes, and there is always something to keep in mind. Hope the end of 2014, in the cold days, their stories will give you the warmth of the heart, and to the strength of 2015:)