If you watch hunger Game 3 in the near future, you may be impressed by the president, Julian Moore, who turned a red-haired, grim-looking mysterious woman. You shout out dozens of Julian Moore's impressive work, and you'll find the actress's all-round play from her young age. Play what, like what, but the best role of interpretation is always his own , we think, this will be Julie Ammole to her own evaluation. To see how this Hollywood actress, in the movie career and real life , seriously to live! (Extended reading: mysterious or Wild, Hollywood actress taught you to use Hair color showdown )

The movie "The Temptation" to find a young girl to seduce her husband, but fell into the catherina of their own emotional stalemate; "Every moment" in the life of the export of the middle-aged woman Laura Brown, "Hunger Game 3" in the solemn and mysterious President Alma Coin; "Seizure of Happiness" A lesbian policeman who insists on love. these characters in the history of the shadow created countless wonderful, she had "away from Heaven," won the Venice actress, this year, but also to "lonely map" Dengke kan city. She's got a lot of applause, but she just listens to herself and inspires Hollywood actress--julianne Moore (Julie Ammole).

Julian Moore, after French diva Juliet Bino Xu, the second won the world's three major film festivals (the Cannes Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival) the best Actress award of the Grand Slam actor. Many people say she is a full range of female stars without play dead ends. How does a performer like this play a part to walk all the way? Let's see Julian Moore's childhood!

In fact, Julian Moore, from Scotland, loved reading at the age of 17, and was affirmed by the teacher as a storyteller: "You can be a good actress." "Because the eye saw Julie Ammole good at character, she set foot on the road of acting, and got a bachelor's degree in performing arts at Boston University." (another smart actress in the same field: Wednesday women's Day: Cast off the star Halo more beautiful female star, Natalie Portman )

Freckles are not flaws, are exclusive to my unique

In 2007, Julian Moore published the first children's book "Freckle Strawberry", described by the classmate dubbed "Freckle Strawberry" girl, learn to live with their appearance happy coexistence. In fact, this experience, is Julian Moore's childhood portrayal, as a child because of the freckles on the face of the classmate was ridiculed, after learning to accept Julian Moore began to understand that "the real beauty is not the appearance, but the heart." And he wrote this child's book to his son. (Extended reading: woman, you are actually more beautiful than you think )

The sexy woman is the intelligence and the inner

In addition, Julie Ammole was selected this year's "Glam ' Mag" magazine, Britain's sexiest first actress, 53-year-old She received this title, but also let us believe that the beauty gathered in this woman is not only the appearance, but also the accumulated wisdom of the years. Julian Moore's intelligence is that she unhurriedly in the performing arts, she can meet the Hollywood gold producer, also can play a small independent production, Julian Moore "read the script does not see the production" character also let her into the heart of the film business! She can be the heroine of the solitary gas field, or she can be a supporting actress who lays down her position. On Julie Ammole, we see the softness of an amplifier, what is the wind of a general? Let's see how this Hollywood actress is coming along, and we'll see. (Extended reading: to be a lifelong urchin!) Who says it's too old to be romantic? )

Speaking of which, you are also deeply attracted by the female star, both inside and outside, and then we share with you what she said, Julie Ammole will capture our hearts again and again with her life experience.

To be honest, acting doesn't make me lose heart at all, because I love it deeply.
Frankly, acting doesn ' t scare me because I really enjoy it.

I have a lot of female friends, they look young and beautiful, but their hearts are older than me.
I have women friends who are significantly younger and older me.

When people feel "not sure", they are reluctant to play, interestingly, the film is always "not sure."
People are very reluctant to invest unless they know it's going to being a sure thing, and let's face it:film-Never a Sur E thing.

You have to be yourself to find the conduit to talk to the world.
You are have to being in yourself, but engage with the world and a what ' s going on.

You know, there is no "ordinary person" in this world, everyone is accumulating every moment, then their dream becomes life.
Even ordinary people aren ' t ordinary, not really. They ' re filled up with thoughts and feelings this you might never know are there until the They suddenly.

I think that a person to be brave, you must first experience fear.
I am Courageous, you have to be afraid.

If you are 50 years old today, enjoy your current age, because life is just 50 years old.
If you are ' re never going to be ever again, so enjoy being 50.

The audience didn't come to see you, he came to see himself in the movie.
I ' m looking for the truth. The audience doesn ' t come to the ", they come to the".

De Julie Ammole together elegant Aging

Women fans have always believed that the aging of women is a very elegant process. Julie Ammole is like the best spokesperson for this sentence, since she was young she learned to be with the body lovely not perfect to get along with, when other actresses grow up to fight Botox, Julie Ammole said: "You can't be 48 years old and want to have 25-year-old skin, Botox is like a psychological effect, let you feel at ease, but what really makes you beautiful is not it, but mentality." "Yes, just as she came to believe" to be herself in order to talk to the world, Julian Moore is loyal to her original appearance, in the film she has interpreted all kinds of play, in life only to their own role. (Recommended you see: The inner strong, external beauty more moving )

We feel that all women's corners are the most touching legacy of the years, if Julie Ammole is the most sexually aware of the Hollywood Evergreen, who would disagree? She is enjoying the most beautiful 53 years of her life, what about you?

"The bright-eyed expression of the same scene with Julia Ammole in the Lonely Map"

This is the film that has made Julian Moore a grand slam queen of the three major film festivals in Berlin, Venice and the city of Cannes. Julian Moore, take us to the Hollywood celebrity family. Behind the bright, people in front of the scene of the star, drug-burning everything, in 2014, the director of the hero David Ke fort in the film cast this shock bomb. If you want to see the tension that she plays in the female star, December 19 to the cinema to see her crazy neurotic performance!

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