Chen Lichi finally won 51 Golden Horse actress. No one is born to be a movie queen, the accumulation of 20, let Chen Lichi, open another life openings.

The 51st session of the Golden Horse Award, Chen Lichi "Back to the Light Sonata" won the Jin Ma, from his old partner Li Kangsheng took the trophy, she looked at the stage excitedly said: "I did, I put the award in Taiwan." "This scene, let a lot of audience under the stage to be moved."

2014 this year, it doesn't make sense. It was just 20 years after Chen Lichi's first burden in Yang, director of the independent era. 20, like the "Back to the Light Sonata" that a tango, with "The Age of Independence" as a beautiful starting point, swinging in the forward and backward between the walk, and finally elegant in the "back to light Sonata" turned. Fine number of Chen Lichi interpretation of the Donna, always warm the light, with its own face to the strength of life.

20, but is not so light in the Chen Lichi life course. Parents died of pain, let Chen Lichi once refused to take all roles, choose to lock their own digestion pain. Chen Lichi said: "Many people do not know that in the" back to the Light Sonata "hit the Door to me is also a very important process. The Men Shuling, too, is Chen Lichi. "

Chen Lichi rarely face the media, acting is the way she talks. This time to accept the woman fans of the phone interview, 40 minutes, I have been eager to dig more, but from her words found that the truth is always consistent. Hang up the phone, my ears are burning, still remember her words clearly said:"When you like one thing, and get the opportunity to finish him, it is not happy to describe." As an actress, I am very thankful and feel very lucky. "

The Ling Zi dialogue with the back light Sonata: To break the pain and walk into the new season

From photographic lighting, screen transport mirror, scene conversion and then to the interpretation of the choice of angle,"Back to light Sonata" to a faint dance of the imagination of the tango, Chen Lichi played in the face of youth will be dead, the body will be mutilated, as if the dark step on the slow pace, alone dance to the unknown charm.

life A variety of talk Lai, each other only the Taiwanese sent home after the sewing machine, lonely emotional layer of the layers of overlap, concentrated all the remaining strength, over and over again with the flesh of the door "must be knocked open just do!" " in the long long shot of the door, the Chen Lichi played the new timing."

Outside the door, there was light at last.

Back to light Sonata English title is Exit, we thought the focus is "leave" or even "escape" trapped life state, Chen Lichi said, "Back to light Sonata" to say is actually "into". Into a new season, and the beginning of a new life. (Recommended reading: not the wrong way of life )

After the door, Ling son is the same she, did not leave the family, youth will not be again, the external situation is still the same. But in a state of mind, she can finally release her emotions to feel the present, instead of being stuck in a repetitive life situation, as if there is no way out. The exit, which she had collided with herself, could only be knocked out by her own. Looking back on the "Back to the Light Sonata", Chen Lichi saw this revelation. "The export of life, sometimes with pain to exchange." "

"I once ran away from the role," he said. Two years ago my parents left, I often feel that there is no one at home. At that time, I refused all the performances. Especially in the "Back to the Light Sonata" in the kind of lack and time of the state, I have too deep feelings. 」

"When the producer came to the door, my first reaction was to refuse, and I was just pushing." Until the year I was 2012, I went to church alone to pray, and suddenly I felt I wanted a new perspective. I want a new beginning, can be separated from the haze of the past sadness. Then the Dean also told me, "Xiang Qi, you have to go forward," I think I can, I wrote to the producer insurance, said I want to play the role. 」

"I felt like I was down for the moment when I was going back to the light sonata," he said. 」

Chen Lichi said, in a tone of firmness.

How easy is it to put down? Chen Lichi the body to lend The Sonata for the Light back The Lins hit the exits of life, The Ling son then pulls up Chen Lichi to the next turn of life. Between actors and characters, it is no longer just passive play, but the process of pulling and choosing each other. Chen Lichi in the phone that a deep breath, I also can't help but think, her at this moment of firmness is with how many times in the past the door of unknown to exchange for? (Recommended reading: Don't be afraid, "pain" makes you grow )

Talk to the audience: when everyone is trapped

Many people asked the "Back to the Light sonata" that the door of the long shot, behind the door but there are four strong men blocked, how could it be hit? Chen Lichi said that he did not know his little body, there is so much power. "Really do not know, but in the face of the plight of life, want to break out, never just a person ling son sentiment, but the universal experience." "Chen Lichi said.

"Back to the Light Sonata" film scene record, four men pressed the door, are not the strength of the Ling son.

"As long as it is a person, life seems to have a season to feel that they are framed, into a sad trough, as if never again." It's like entering some kind of hibernation and not moving in the inertia. Lack of motivation, lack of self breakthrough, lack of enthusiasm to do something. I think this is a cosmopolitan vocabulary and a shared experience for everyone. 」

Chen Lichi tone became very gentle, "back to light Sonata" mood is compressed, the Ling son regardless of psychology and physiology bubble in a huge loneliness, middle-aged unemployed, children grow away from home, the husband perennial outside, depressed no export, life is more and more repeat the huge cycle ...

Some people face it again, some people are so old to die, the Ling son in the process because of external stimulation, conscious awakening, began to restore some feelings. The door that could not be opened aroused her impulse to break out.

This time we are not unfamiliar, "back to light Sonata" in the body of the aging, talk about the youth of the perishable sentimental, talk about the face of their own loneliness, is basically a life will encounter difficulties. The voice of Chen Lichi at the end of the phone, feeling so close and close. When faced with difficulties, she chose to use the performance, with a bruised body, with a strong will to open the door, gently told the world "I understand, I understand your pain." "back to the Light sonata" in fact, talking about the life of each individual fragments, broken, trapped, not admitted to the wall, in the dark corner of the memory implied a faint light, knocked open, to meet the new season. Do we not all use the small body, to fight against the huge helpless reality?

"I think running away is the easiest thing in the world because it doesn't have to work." Face need some courage, but after facing, will give oneself a new opportunity, will always have a way of life. I will encourage people to encounter difficulties, to face it, to confront it, to solve it, where it, is always the most important export. 」

Through the pain of their own lives, Chen Lichi with the body to open the wall, to meet the next time series changes, with the life process as a female sonata, introverted and wild, private but common.

Talk to yourself as an actor: "I'm going to throw myself away, and I'll lose some."

In order to perform the role of Lin son, Chen Lichi as always did a solid actor homework. A two-second dance lens, Chen Lichi took a long time to learn to tango; In order to 1.1 points to absorb the characteristics of Yu Ling son, she carefully observe the temperament of women's clothing field female charm-like, but also through interviews with menopausal woman, Ling son's anxiety into a real state.

Before the play, Chen Lichi let their body and mood both in place, completely Chengweiling son, after the play, Chen Lichi told himself: "To forget, the performance methods have forgotten, wipe off the traces of the show, so that Ling son really exists." " orthodox trained's Chen Lichi, many years of rigorous academic performance training, for method performance and performance training has a lot of accumulation, at this stage, but to learn how to forget." Forget a dry two net, no strokes but win the recruit.

So on the second day of the play, I also followed the illness. Especially the role of Lin son, I am the whole person is in her inside. The body of the lins is basically in a state of illness. My body is also very clever, followed by a big disease. "Chen Lichi recalls.

After the play, I do not want to own things, completely with the eyes of the ling and the angle to live again. "In this film, I think about how to erase the traces of the show, so that the performance marks are not visible." Let Ling's existence is not a skillful existence, but has more internal experience. 」

"Xiang Qi is too beautiful, like a diamond, I always waiting for her, a little older, vicissitudes of some, dim, show less, less meaning, perhaps more flavor." "When Tsai filmed the outing," said Chen Lichi when he talked about it. this year, the judges of the Golden Horse with eight words on the "back to light Sonata" in the Chen Lichi, "juchongruoqing, flowing." "To do these eight words, behind is actually" throw away "the actor philosophy, no idea, and everywhere not mind.

Dialogue with the Director: Yang, Wang, Tsai, Chanxiang

In the 20, Chen Lichi used time to accumulate the thickness of life, and then the life thickness as a feeding role of nutrients. "I am an actress, I should use the body, voice, life experience to create." Chen Lichi said, "I was on the phone, but I could see her with a strong eye." asked Chen Lichi How to see the director of their own cooperation, Yang, Wang, Tsai, Chanxiang, the phone that one end, Chen Lichi Dayton, said such a story. Four people, four personalities, with different efforts to irrigate the film industry, the same in Chen Lichi's life left a scar.

Yang was my mentor and opened the movie door for me. He is very rigorous in his writing, very serious and very content. The seriousness with which I deal with the character is formed when I work with Yang. With his cooperation, so that I have been to face the work, performance, teaching, have Yang perseverance, adhere to the spirit of the end.

Chen Lichi describes Yang director's time, the words have gentleness. From the "Street juvenile killings" in the continuity to the "independent era" in Burden Qi Qi, Yang Director is the leader of the Chen Lichi, for her to carry out an infinite wonderful film world, at that time or college students in her heart, planted the "unwilling to compromise" the performance of the spirit. (Recommended reading: keep going, success will come to you )

To Yu Xiao Teacher, our group of people, Tsai, Chen Yuxun, Wang Ming Taiwan, all in the small DI teacher see "generous" and "generosity", Xiao di teacher is the drama education mentor. The teacher has always been burdened with the sense of mission of the Times, he always like the three Lang as hard. Even in artistic creation, Xiao di teacher has the vision and burden of education.

Wang and Chen Lichi respectively in 1997 and 2004 cooperated in two films, Wang once described Chen Lichi is a rare high textured actor, Chen Lichi describes Wang is a big era of the father's role, to the world as its own responsibility, with the next generation of the strong sense of mission. "Because of Miss Di, I often have an introspective sense of what it is to be an educator." "(Recommended reading: Three international female directors who set a film milestone. )

Tsai well, I often feel that Loang run too fast, far away in front of everyone, so people do not understand him. He was one of those "revolutionary" people who created a new kind of movie vocabulary. Tsai, a wizard, is a geek.

With Tsai more than 10 years of the movie Fate, Chen Lichi smiled and said Tsai, "I would like to cut his head off to see what his structure is different." In Tsai, Chen Lichi said that he had learned "the art of the anti-bone spirit." As creators, they must constantly overthrow themselves, constantly questioning themselves, constantly thinking, and only the constant self revolution, can create a new pattern. "Therefore, the darkest of times, instead became CAI Bright peak of creation." The average person does not know him, because he has already run too far ahead, so we can only at the speed of understanding and wandering back and forth. "

Finally, Chanxiang director is the director I have met, the emotional thickness of the most solid. Chanxiang has compassion and sensitivity, and I think it's a great happiness for a female actor to work with him because he can create roles and make characters glow.

Chanxiang in dealing with the role, has a unique and tender vision. Chen Lichi said he also met Chanxiang, before finishing and starting. Chen Lichi said: "If the actor in the performance to want real temper, and in the performance of a breakthrough and development, Chanxiang, is the actor's dream director." "(Recommended reading:"back to light Sonata "director Chanxiang:" Over the youth line, so that life more publicity of the collision ")

Xiang Qi and director Chanxiang's work photo

Dialogue with the future: Learning now is the next audition

After the Golden Horse 51, many people regret that Taiwan won only three awards, "I feel that in the process, we can think and reflect more deeply, what we could do, how to do better." This time we have a few awards, but I see the Taiwan film Circle's bearing and vision. "(The same field Gayon:" Golden Horse lost, sad but convinced, next I want better just Do "" Kano"director Ma Zhixiang interview )

"I am an actor, I am looking forward to a good character can come out, not a good role is the most unfortunate actor." Mainland movies, the role of the plot is very rich, can let the actors to play, Taiwan is no lack of good actors, we lack a good role with thickness. " Chen Lichi Affirmation of the future of Taiwan's film, looking forward to the future film can go through the pattern of picky eaters single, toward multiple yuan, good at what type of shoot to the best results." Chen Lichi deep expectations, so that all the film circle can be suitable for all.

Chen Lichi, a great lecturer in North Arts, has a deep expectation for the children who are aspiring to become actors. "The attitude of learning now is your audition for the future." "Chen Lichi sigh, now the world has a lot of empty things let people want to follow, really can set down the heart of very little, but as an actor, each performance, one hand a gestures are built on the accumulation of their own material and irrigation, how can not accumulate?" (same field Gayon: Rayya: Acting with the strength of the whole body, just called an actor )

"The material of the actor is his body, his voice and his thoughts, and even the nourishment of his soul, and we ourselves are the material itself." Materials to be honed, all can be carried out, imaginative, sensory, conversion, must be very rich to be built. 」

"As an actor, you need to see your own shortcomings and make up as much as you can." 」

"Actors, want to really like the show." Because when an actor is a competitive field, you don't want to have a chance. "Chen Lichi's words earnestly, inculcation, meet the good role before, amending, oneself is worth the role that now encounter?"

20, I feel Chen Lichi experienced many setbacks, the flow of tears, as the actor's richness and level more life experience carved chisel. Once closed himself, once trapped in the low tide back to the valley, but Chen Lichi with her works tell us that life is a long river, between the flow and stagnation, a firm pace, and then mention a little strength, it can be downstream.

The dialogue with Chen Lichi was poetic, and at the end of the telephone, I felt that I was in her voice and was taken to another time and space by her utter calm voice. Without too much anger, restlessness, restlessness and loneliness, I am no longer nervous, no longer wandering, as if also leading to the next life pass.

I want to face life, everyone has their own that door, or even a lot of doors, lucky to have Chen Lichi such actors, do not hide their vulnerability, and we crashed into the door behind the light. So we know, small we, will eventually be strong.