Remember the transit of the political program, has discussed the "Sun Flower Queen" Liu Jiaoan? Because of his superior appearance, he suddenly blew red, but his life changed completely.

Today, the Sun Flower Queen Liu Jiaoan suspected aid to the film, the film picture quality, the man said that through the relationship to Liu Jiaoan, about in the hotel for assistance. But Liu Jiaoan explained, oneself is because through friends, said to find to buy wine guests, before going to the appointment, to the hotel site only to find that the man wants to have sex with him, in order not to irritate each other, now have to witty reaction, follow the man's words to answer.

And after the film out, a few of the dialogues are more netizens used to smile Liu Jiaoan, such as the film, Liu Jiaoan mentioned "although have had a child, but I am not a natural production, everyone said I am very tight." "I'm just doing love, not a regular prostitute." Wait Many people are beginning to talk about the "tight" topic, and some even think that girls should love themselves and not go to the hotel alone to meet others. (Recommended reading: hollywood actress nude photos of the outflow of reflection: "You wear too little, will be raped" era, actually not far away )

Women fans want to say, no matter what the truth of the matter, it has nothing to do with us! The media and the people who talk and slander Liu Jiaoan are really bad people!

Have you ever thought about it? Liu Jiaoan now often appears in the news with the name "The Queen of the Sun," but who gave him this number? Did he take his own debut? No! He's just an ordinary girl who participates in the sun-flower movement, like all of us, have their own lives and stories, because of the appearance, just be photographed by the media, simply sealed his name, and then all the way to his pursuit, dug out his background, disturb his life, and even began to help him create stories. Yes, that's right, media, you get ratings, but you're deeply humiliated and hurt by this girl! (extended reading: "It's not a scandal, but a sex crime"jennifer Lawrence sexy debut, the first public talk about topless storm )

Liu Jiaoan in Face book po text for help

After the incident, Liu Jiaoan first closed his face book and turned to the public for help after reopening, saying:

"I am really not a public figure and no harm, why have been to slander me." Since April, I've had no announcements, no talk shows or political or entertainers. The only time I spoke to myself was because I was said to make a fortune, but the letter is constant. ...... my life from the student movement has been almost always lucky to pick it up, is not really going to push me to death, families, the family was accused of pointing point to hurt my talent will stop. ...... save me, no matter who it is, please! Can save my quick show!! Save me! Help me introduce a lawyer, please! "

Taiwan media, do you have any sex? In the face of such an accidental explosion of ordinary girls, still want to continue to do this to him? Is it fair to be the spotlight? What did he do wrong? And even if he did something wrong, I'm sorry, it's not your turn to comment on him! (Together: Jennifer Lawrence topless: Violating privacy than women enjoying sex or morals?) )

People like Liu Jiaoan, who belong to "involuntary public figures", are really miserable in Taiwan. Do you remember? At the end of 2013, once outspoken Youqing, because in the face of the book on the threat of American schools, then the media after a few days, as the fourth generation of Shang, regardless of Youqing speech when the eyes are too big, tone is exaggerated, or have a few girlfriends, really have nothing to do with us! Just because he was the fourth generation of Chiang's family, did he deserve to be chased? (then think: Everyone is the media age, your media principles?) )

Image source: Sanli News Network

Also, don't forget the classic " The case of involuntary public figures is the daughter of former president Chen Shui-bian, Chen, he was crazy by the media, affecting his normal routine and life, causing him in the media interview often out of control, but as long as his emotions out of control, the media is like a dog to find meat bite down, often bite Chen Yu Hsueh black and blue. In fact, what did he do wrong? The only mistake, probably because he is Chen Shui-bian's daughter! (See together:NCC escort Zhongtian News behind the thinking: we should expect what kind of media )

2008, can't stand the media Chen, once in the newspaper letters, "the disease is the media is not me", yes, the sick really is the media.

In the past, a reporter disguised as a friend of the patient to my clinic with pinhole camera to get exclusive, I've broken into private-sector clinics and underground parking lots just to keep me in the way, and because my clinic is on the ground floor, the media cameras are in the transparent floor-to-ceiling windows of the clinic, eight hours in my commute, more than 10 cameras with glass, Ignoring the protests of other doctors, clinics, and waiting patients in the office, I believe no one can tolerate such a treatment, even if we do not miss the picture of entering and leaving the bathroom. If I should rest for the media's runaway behavior, it should be a good lesson to learn how to be a fair and objective, have the self-restraint of the media people should be waiting every day outside of my door reporters it?

Picture Source: News Screen screenshot

Dear you, face this kind of news, be honest to say, still not tired? There are so many things in life that need us to worry about, why should we take the time to judge these people? What right do we have to do that? Be a smart reader! In addition to strong condemnation, the refusal to look at these news can also protect the parties. As long as you don't dance with the media, the news media will have no meaning to chase the news. Every one of us is the power of supervision and change! (same field Gayon: The Sun Flower Queen's Media witch hunt Apocalypse: Refusing to take photos to defend sexual rights )

Finally, once again, Taiwan's media, please, let go of the involuntary public figures, and give them and all of us a quiet life!