From 2014 to 2015, women fans have to be thankful for these model women. Because of them, let us more brave, loyal to ourselves!

2014, we think this is the beginning of a better ERA for all sexes! In the path of affirmative action, we see how mainstream media shape women's bodies and inhibit women's sexual development, from the topless incident in Jennifer Lawrence to the Liu Jiaoan, but we are happy to see these women fighting back bravely and Find that more and more independent thinkers see the fallacy of the message, because you have a deeper and more comprehensive "consciousness" that will make this environment and society start a little different. (Extended reading: A reflection of the nude photo exodus of Hollywood actress: "You wear too little to be raped" in the age of not far away )

Today, women fans want to review with you, these women's voice to teach us! Thanks to their honest, courageous commitment, let us understand: "As a woman, I can do too much." "Dear, do not waste your beautiful existence, here can become your starting point, find the heart of the softest and tough yourself!" (Recommended reading: as a woman, I am proud of the softness of my heart )

Kee Lanatri to say: Choose the body Beautiful way, is my freedom

British actress Lanatri (Keira Knightley) in November, shooting Interview magazine photos, generous over her body, she thought that this is her most real side. has long been recognized as a "bone beauty", not because she deliberately lose weight, but she has since her debut, the posture has always been so, but most of the media, magazines and even the film company, all hope that the body will look "fuller", even in the past for the "Ghost of Qi," The film poster, The original flat chest was fixed to change to C Cup. in her interview with The Times, she expressed her views on the female body:

"My body has been on many different occasions, based on the fact that many different factors have been adjusted and manipulated, whether it's paparazzi videotaping or filming, I think a woman's body is like a battlefield, and photography is definitely one of the killers that makes it so." You have to do what you can to keep your body as a woman of everyday life, which is always "symmetrical" and "beautiful". Today's society has been conditioned by these stereotypes, and it is hard to see the different types of body shapes. (Extended reading:"I love my flesh and my body" we love the Jennifer Laurence . )

A series of photos of Kee Lanatri was turned crazy, and also aroused a lot of applause from fans! The most important thing is that she speaks for all women: the body is not a standard beauty! This is the core value of a woman's obsession: women, you can be different. Don't be afraid of being different, your uniqueness is the best gift you are born to the world. "I just like my meat, a bit of the lower abdomen represents my wisdom and good fortune to taste food." "Although I am very bony, I am able to harness a lot of runway fashion." "No matter what kind of body you are, we all believe that love yourself, very beautiful, thanks to the Lanatri!" (Hey Dear: They all want to say: Woman, not only one way )

Malala to say: Kill me, make me stronger

She is the youngest winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize, a 17-year-old Pakistani girl, Malala Malala Yoursafzai. Malala to the age of 12, who began to seek welfare for the Pakistani girls, who were unable to go to school under militant groups, and which led to the shooting of militant groups for educational campaigning. Afterward Malala said: "Their biggest mistake is to teach me instead: even if they hurt me, death support me, I live, because death is on my side." "Published in this year's Nobel Prize-winning speech:

"Please remember one thing:" Malarage "is not my day. Today is one of every female, every boy and every girl who has spoken for his rights. Hundreds of human rights activists and social workers are not only vocal in their own rights, but also striving to achieve the goals of peace, education and equality. Tens of thousands of people were killed by terrorists and millions of were wounded by terrorist attacks. I'm just one of them. (Extended reading: Malala, a 17-year-old girl shot for education, received a Nobel Peace Prize speech: "Kill me, Make me Stronger")

In addition, Malala's father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, spoke at TED: "In a patriarchal society, fathers are often famous for their sons, but I am particularly proud of a few fathers who are famous for their daughters ... She used to be my daughter and now I'm her father. People often ask me, what makes Malala so brave? I told them not to ask what I had done, what I had done, but not to break her wings. 」

Malala has always thanked his father for not stopping him from doing many things as a "he is a girl" during his formative years. As a result, Malala learned peace from books and parents. Malala reminds me of what Mother Teresa said: "Do ordinary things with extraordinary love." "Because affirmative action is still very far away, so we spare no effort." We cannot imagine the culture of "because girls are not educated", but changing these tribulations begins with "care". Malala not already taught us? When she was also from the Internet to write a diary caused by the attention of all walks of life, care, you can start by knocking down the first word of consciousness. (Extended reading:101 years ago today!) The beginning of Asian women's right to higher education

Woman fan wants to say for Liu Jiaoan: "Love, why can only do can't say?"

Because of the transit news channel's political program, "News Tornado" and the Red "sun Flower Queen" Liu Jiaoan recently because of "one weekly" reported that she is a senior aid to pay women, she finally could not help but the media to his ambiguous fabrications and accusations, respond to 7,000 words of confession letter, explain the "aid to the incident", and the media to fabricate facts. (Extended reading: everyone is the media!) Choosing the words you write is more important than believing the report.

She also said in the letter: "Today I am a woman, people pay 100,000 to sleep with me, I am the scum of the moral decay." Today, I am a man, people pay 100,000 bucks to sleep with me, society will thumbs up on me! I have never been a virgin, I am not a fairy who does not eat human fireworks. I will run the night shop, drunk will be violent walk will hit, see Handsome Boy I will like, and sometimes will be active accosted. That's me! An ordinary woman with faults. 」

"I am an ordinary woman, I want in fact also just ordinary life." "She lost her life after the involuntary arching of the sun-flower student movement into a goddess." In fact, whether it is Liu Jiaoan physical freedom, or sexual life, we have no right to interfere, let alone her life, and how word? Why can't Liucio Anti and his own "behavior" have the same view as men? Women fans have always believed that we have to overcome our own lust in the passive existence, it is possible to change the "sex" of the relationship between women. Women fans have a lot to say about Liu Jiaoan in a series of media reports, but whether or not Liu Jiaoan is engaged in sex trade, we just want to say that anyone has a way of choosing sexual expression and freedom. Don't let "talk about sex" always become a very shameful thing, love, can not only do not say. (Recommended reading: The Sun Flower Queen event: Four witch hunt traps, how many of you?) )

Teles want to say: why he can talk about ex-girlfriend, I can't talk about ex-boyfriend? Creation rejects sex discrimination

This year, the album "1989" set a record for the first week of sale, the U.S. media called it "Teles cyclone." What is the charm of this national Princess Teles (Taylor Swift)? The most profound is that this year, Taylor screws on the music industry giant--spotify, the next in Spotify's latest song, she also said:"music is art, art is not only important but also has its rarity." What is important and rare is valuable. Precious things should be paid for! This is the reason why I think music should be paid, and I also think that artists and their brand will one day know the meaning of an album pricing, and hope they don't underestimate themselves and despise their own value. "(same field Gayon: falling in love with one's life )

You can imagine the music people have a lot of attitude! Even so, her fans still don't lose, Teles's self-confidence is not only here, many media like to criticize her always write "ex-boyfriend" in the song, but also very keen on Teles's lace news.

In response , Teles in a visit this May: "I think it is a very sexist angle to say that I love my boyfriend in advance." No one will say: "You see Bruno Mars again in the story of his ex-girlfriend , " male singer to write ex-girlfriend looks very affectionate, I write the ex-boyfriend looks very playboy, this is not very strange? it is normal for a creative singer like us to draw on life. "

Teles a language, is it also point out your blind spot? Why the man in the new song big chat ex-girlfriend, we will make him into a spoony man, but when Teles in the lyrics describe her with each ex-boyfriend to get along with the details is the flower? Indeed, even music can not escape gender inequality! "Teles Whirlwind", withstand the endless pursuit of media, criticized her from the transformation of the country music out of tune, criticized her in the lyrics of the ex-boyfriend, in fact, we only see this patriarchal society for a frank lust, independent freedom of women how afraid? Taylor Silk magnanimous in every new song to share her newly parted boyfriend, we like her not to dump others obstinately want her to do the village little Princess attitude, you think? (Recommended reading: Never Fall in love : A feminist who is absent in the battlefield of Romance )

Allempe Kettian said: "Love, no gender!"

February of this year, participated in the "Fortune Pledge", "X-Men" Hollywood actress Allempe (Ellen philpotts-page), in a public speech organised by the Human Rights movement, held her hands nervously in her pockets, and her trembling voice made her way through the ordeal. Allempe Jackie before fear of sexual exposure will endanger the performing career, so choose to conceal, and choked to say: "I hope I can help others face this matter earlier, I am tired of camouflage." "Openness backward, Allempe Jitafong admitted to the girlfriend, also tell everyone: oneself live happier than before, more magnanimous!" (same field Gayon: Ellen DeGeneres, Oscar host: To be free by yourself )

"As long as we pay attention, don't be so cruel to each other, the world will be better." It's not difficult to spend five minutes finding each other's beauty, not attacking each other's differences, it's a simple and better attitude to life, and more importantly, it saves a lot of lives. Please everyone for people like me to continue to change the world. "

Allempe Kiing, the whole court cheers, this applause, give to have love of person. Every time I read a Allempe Kyi speech, I almost had to shed tears again. That is a person, you can imagine how she had been suffering from sexual harassment and pain, like the recent Jolin Tsai "not the same as what" MV, because society excludes heterosexual love all, so their love is not protected by the law. As Allempe Keizo said , "Please keep changing the world for people like me." "Please I must insist, insist for your friends, your family, yourself and work hard to make love free." (Recommended reading: The true picture of gay love: love, have blood and sweat )

Emmahuasen to say: gender equality, not only the feminist thing!

This year, Emmahuasen attended a U.N. conference and delivered a speech in which she was the first actress in the United Nations to propose that "boys and girls all over the world should join in the fight for gender equality", and thus launched a series of HeForShe campaigns ! What is feminism? Emmahuasen this year to reverse the feminist label, gender equality, is no longer just a woman's business.

"Dear man, I want to invite you openly, because gender equality is the right you should fight for." Because of the gender limit, for you, is actually the source of pain. Many young men, unable to ask for help, unwilling to express vulnerability in public and suffer from mental illness because they fear that revealing emotions will make them look like men, and in fact in Britain, 20-49-year-old men commit suicide far more than traffic accidents, cancer, heart disease, the first death. I also know that men are frustrated by the inability to meet the social demand for "male success". For men, they also feel the pressure of gender inequality.

We do not often talk about men being trapped in a gender framework, but this situation does exist. Therefore, we strive for not only the rights and interests of women, but also the interests of both sexes. I believe men and women should be free to express their vulnerability, and men and women should also be free to be strong and not limited by their sex. "(same field Gayon: Emmahuasen The full text of the United Nations speech:" Not only to fight for women's rights, but both sexes can be free! ")

Dear, whether you are a man, or a woman, or you think you are neutral, don't forget to tell yourself that you are free. The world has not accepted a lot of "different", but it will begin to change, from you and I began, a sentence Emmahuasen words: "If not you and me, who would that be?" If not now, when is it? "If you and we are convinced that the same thing, we are honored to invite you, with us to become the power to change the world, from the embrace of our different start."