Music is an outlet for every generation of young people confused. I would like to share with you 1976 Independent Orchestra's Desktop rock spirit, together to participate in their story!

"I don't want to be a compass, maybe you should learn to believe in your sense of direction." Missing a long time key, originally always in your pocket, metal impact, some part of me wake up, underground tunnel quiet arrows, finally I will never get lost, the complex beginning, the export of courage. "If you were a teenager who had the privilege of letting the 1976 name accompany you, you must be familiar with the lyrics," he said.

In the afternoon, the rainy Taipei Street was a little dim, and came to the music studio close to Daan Forest Park, the little yellow signboard was the only lively lane. We are greeted by a five-year-old orchestra that is about to be sent again 1976, is about to enter 40 perplexed age, "sense of direction" this song of the deep defection of the shadow, as if the years have been diluted, in their bodies almost to find. (Extended reading: Turn off the light is not dark, 10 soothing heart of the Healing Rock song list )

I listen to 1976 of the music, in 1976 of the music to find a part of their own. This kind of deep link and can understand each other feeling, always let me think they and I are the same generation of people, think of them all the way for 18 years, suddenly feel incredible.

(left) guitarist marijuana, bass player Joe, lead singer Akai, drummer Big Bro

After 18 years, 1976 is Taiwan's few long live Independent orchestra, 2010 album "untimely" won the best Orchestra award, but walked all the way to stop, after a few twists and turns before finally again hair piece. The lead singer Akai said that winning the award was just 35 years old, making that year cut off like a cross-section of time,

"As you get older, the way you weep and weep for what you do, it's totally different." 」

1976 Desktop Rock Spirit: self-drowning, trust, Brotherhood

After five years to make another film, compared to many young bands tend to pursue music cool or gorgeous, 1976 but out of the "addition" concept, into the "subtraction" philosophy. The guitarist marijuana Explanation, 1976 of the four people small establishment, sometimes makes their music appears thin, they have tried to add electronic elements to fill the weak, but found that it is easier to cover up the truth. Therefore, this album attaches great importance to the original appearance of music, to rethink the appearance of each instrument itself. (Recommend you: interview the Tiger Chocolate Orchestra: Sing the hearts of every Taiwanese pure )

"In fact, our music is very self-drowned." "I hate forms, and sometimes I even deliberately use some kind of pinball that might make people think I'm dirt," says marijuana. "Some bands will find it very vulgar to sing Chinese, but deliberately to write in English, the pursuit of" cool "feeling, in fact, there is no need. Speaking of 1976 how to define their own music style, we did not get the expected "British rock", or so the answer, but the word "brotherhood" is constantly mentioned, 1976 of these four figures, mixed focus on the first four members of the life, each person has a different personality and life.

"I often think, how can we be British rock?" We do music in Taiwan, sing Taiwanese language, we are actually very desktop. " Marijuana believes that everyone may use the angle of view that they are British rock, there is nothing bad, but in essence know that they are playing Taiwanese music."

Marijuana said that "Irrelevant style, 1976 is a kind of trust, four of the people who are drowning together to do their own music." " go to the present, instead of special to think of" style "or" spirit ", but simply want to how to link four people together.

Speaking here, I think of Ang Lee once said: " style is to let those who do not have the style to worry about." "I think, this sentence is used in 18 years of Music Road 1976 body, there is no Shong."

"The best, the most painful, the few things in life that you care about."

Speaking of music on the road of frustration, the drummer Big Brother moved away always in the face of the hand, "This is the happiest and most painful thing, is my life a few care about." "How can there be joy and pain at the same time?"

Big Brother said, "Just like love, a lot of good places, but the pain is definitely not less." "In this way, we all understand that only love can experience the good taste, and because of the pain of too much care, often coexist, and we are always hard to resist falling in love." (same field Gayon: line Power is the most powerful equipment!) Cosmic man: Doing small things seriously is a big thing.

Akai said, walking on this road, setbacks happen every day, 20-year-old He simply like to write songs, performances, but the practice group and recording time, will feel very tired. When young, the song writes quickly, recorded also quickly, writes the song The time to feel very pure, also does not want to recall the matter, simply uses "Tomorrow" to create,"20 years old person has no recollection, only tomorrow". Now, I know that playing music is not an escape, but a career to do a lifetime, not only the head and tail of the creation and performance, recording, training regiment and other intermediate process also need to spend their minds to do.

The youngest bass player Ziccio, not much, but mostly listens. "I am a very optimistic person, of course there are setbacks, but often next week the account has a 30,000 dollars in, it is OK." "When we asked if it was because of the relatively light age that made him more optimistic?" He says, it is personality that dictates it. In the decision to join 1976, once in order to let mother rest assured that secretly rely on the game to earn money to get home. Big Brother smiled and said, "Mom did not find that the money to take home even more than the tax bill to pay more?" In my heart, the role of mother, in the face of the child, is incredibly shrewd, son Joe mother this open eyes, closed one eye acquiescence, but also Jenzicho determined to go down behind the driving force bar.

The creator's privilege: making the song "absolute Existence"

Often arranged 1976 lyrics to create the Akai, very enjoy the process of writing songs, talking about the creation process of Akai, the master brother can not help laughing: "Every time Akai to write lyrics, his father will call me, because the cell phone shutdown can not find people." Akai said that when you write songs, you need to walk around, to write new album lyrics, there are trips around the island, sometimes even write only one or two sentences to change, will temporarily shut down the machine for inspiration.

And when writing a song, what makes him enjoy it most? Akai said that the writer's prerogative is to modify the past, change the way the narrative, if he was the perpetrator, can use the victim's way to write, can also be reversed. 1976 of the masterpiece "sense of direction," is a defector's point of view to write, a boy wants to escape a relationship, tell the girl "you on your own!" 」。

"In recent years, when I sang this song, I had a wonderful feeling that the sense of direction was a passer-by walking along the road, but it felt like that person had nothing to do with me. "Akai said.

"The sky unusual blue, I did not see, did not see the cloud and the Rainbow, the street people seem very satisfied, very satisfied even if does not have the rainbow, the season change time, I will carry on the blank baggage, the forgotten fairy tale, is my guide, waits for their dream to wake up , I have crossed a whole desert, sleeping on the broad quilt of the grassland, and then dreamed of you missing. "

The song "The eve of Zhuang" seems to write the tenderness of the boy, but in fact it is Akai satire on the creation of Taiwanese politics. The sky is unusually blue, the vast grasslands, respectively, representing the blue-Green party.

"Every song is Love song. "Akai said so.

Akai lyrics, often with love to packaging is not the theme of love, and seems to have nothing to do with love, sometimes it is to talk about love. tamper with memories, modify history, he is the boss, no matter what happened, can be created through the creation of the story of the song into "absolute existence", Akai that this is the creator's prerogative, but also the most exciting part of the creation. (Share with you: make honest movies, easy wisdom: As creators, I want to speak for society )

"Yesterday was stupid": after martial law, rock and roll broke into life

Of course we are curious, when did 1976 ever begin to be interested in rock music? In addition to Ziccio, three were born around 1976, and after a curfew, marijuana said, "as a child, it was like growing up in North Korea, thinking that his country was the best and the most democratic, but in fact it was not." "Every day you turn on the TV, there's only three, and it's a flat play. The only songs that can be sung are probably the patriotic songs of Ching and Plum.

when it came to the thought that the Kuomintang was the best party, and with his father quarrel with tears, marijuana laugh said, when he was a child really brainwashed very serious, until the state, once to the Simon-cho custom-made uniforms, happened to protest Bubo took over the executive Dean's parade. At that time, he actually stood on the overpass fascinated to see the three hours, "feel like Carnival will be wonderful, home and excited to share with dad." "Just turn on the TV and the Carnival is shaped like a violent conflict, completely tonal ." From that day on, he realized that the media is not true, seeing is not necessarily the case. (Extended reading: written after the Sun-Flower movement: The next step for the younger generation, the end is the beginning )

Big Brother recalls that the mother wanted to see the non-party magazine, have to go to the bookstore and the boss said to buy "that" (Taiwanese , the boss will take out the "that" from under the pile of books, and friends come home as guests, but also quickly put the "that" to collect. Compared to the world of the Internet now, once, knowledge is so remote.

after the martial law in 76, the whole world changed. at that time, TV stations began to broadcast the "shiny rhythm"of the peripheral,guns N ' Roses's 〈sweet child O ' mine〉 on television, really shocked. They describe, not just like a person who has been covered with facial features, suddenly opened their eyes, but also have to completely deny the past of their own. Akai, a little excited, said that young people will fall in love with rock music, writing novels and drawing cartoons:

"It's not because it's so cool, but because it was stupid yesterday." 」

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This is the 1976 growth background, they describe themselves as being cheated from the big, no longer want to be cheated. Understanding the past, I have a deeper understanding of their creation, these historical context is the reason why 1976 is 1976, they care about Taiwan, the desire for a better society, and through the creation of the image of the ideal society. Because they know how precious everything is now, and they just want to move on and there is no room for backsliding.

"Underground Society", our pride!

After a fall into rock music, Akai said, the only beginning of Taiwan's independent musical scene, there is no environment and industry. Many people are working in the record shop, while making money while playing group, can perform only "vibe", and a few years ago the "underground society." When it comes to the underground society because it is located in the normal business circle, and in the night market controversy was swept out of business, Akai eyes a hint of helplessness. 1976 was the first orchestra to perform in the underground society and was involved in the growth and decline of the community.

"In the community performance is a kind of affirmation, the community is our billboard, our pride." "At that time, not all people can perform in the underground society, the community has its own style of taste, so the group of people, will go to the ground social performance as a kind of glory." The small 100-person space, the relationship between people is very close, "I only in the community will be drunk." "Akai said. (Take a look: peeping musician Hush's room: My room is my little universe )

Since the underground society is such a great place, why doesn't anyone want to do a similar thing? Akai said that the emergence of the underground society like Micheal Jordon This rare miracle, the appearance of the time will appear, deliberately copied instead appears unnatural, can not be replicated. It exists like the last quite unruly of Taipei, and when it disappears, Taipei is left with a lovely animal area.

It's a happy thing to talk about freedom and choice.

19,761 Straight is very concerned about social issues and politics of the orchestra, asked them why they are always willing to sound, the elder brother lightly said: "Feel is the basic truth." He said, often in foreign countries to meet some seemingly "born", very radical foreigners, but asked whether they have participated in the vote, the answer is usually affirmative. "For them, this is a natural thing," he said. "Big Bro said.

In the eyes of cannabis, Taiwan is a very cultural country, we can not choose their own power companies, water companies, communications companies, we hate unification and the new, but will accidentally buy their goods. The control of capitalism makes us think we are free, but that's really just what we think:

"Under capitalism, we think we have a choice, but we have no choice at all," he said. 」

Many young people in the society before, will go to the intersection of interest and work, Akai said, many friends like music, like photography, but give up the majority of people, few people dare to carry a guitar on stage, even if a performance only sell 50 tickets also does not matter. marijuana said that in such an environment, it is already very happy to talk about the question of "don't want to let the family worry", because some people, such as himself, would think "I'm worried about the family" question. These are the proofs that we have no choice at all.

Marijuana said, once in France, a roadside grocery store wanted to buy a toothbrush, did not expect a toothbrush unexpectedly ask NT $ three hundred or four hundred, the next day to the supermarket to buy, as long as seventy or eighty yuan, the roadside hot dogs, but also expensive to frighten the dead, to the supermarket to buy is the normal price. This is because the French pay attention to "the value of people", there is a person specializing in the booth, or make a hot dog for you to eat, so that the value of goods, it is necessary to add the value of people, this phenomenon is not seen in Taiwan. (Extended reading: supporting photography, the French implementation of the non-figure daily )

In Taiwan, people's value is converted into money, money is the cost of the boss. Often have business big Boss to shout out, say the company wants to make money, everybody can share welfare, but in fact, wealth is not shared.

So, the meaning of "doing something different" is blurred, and we're often just comparing who earns more money. Marijuana said, the expression is very serious, "I often feel powerless, but also look forward to tomorrow." "

In 1976 of the eyes, I saw their deep feelings of the land in Taiwan, because of love, so care, because care, so more hope it can be beautiful.

"The original is not to deliberately stop, it will always happen."

We would like to know, from the boy sang to the man's 1976, there is nothing to say to the beginning of the music himself?

and marijuana has a special idea for the old self, " I just don't want to work, I want to be a family guitar . that little thought, that I'm still doing this kind of thing. When I was in high school, I could not play the guitar after college, but when I was a soldier, I could not play the guitar, There was always a feeling that this thing would not last forever, so it was more hard. unexpectedly, the original did not deliberately to stop, it will always happen. The older the more can not change what, chips are less and younger, do not think of chips this matter. " when marijuana speaks, the other three people just listen quietly, but they are very focused, and the eyes reveal their identity."

"If I had known that a little thought would have made so much difference, I would have been a little harder," he said. 」

This is a very butterfly effect, is marijuana for many years the feeling of the music road. is about to enter the 40-year-old marijuana, using his life experience to tell us the secret of this time. We are very moved in this moment, perhaps, we should be a little more their favorite things, let this thing not only stay in small waves, and can become a stormy sea after many years. (Share with you:"Every decision you make is to let the butterflies vibrate in the future" China early network CEO Wang Yu interview )

"18 years old, very charming, but the attendant is the responsibility."

Referring to the age of 18, the symbol of adulthood, Akai thought, and slowly said, "This is a fascinating figure, but it also symbolizes certain responsibilities." Taiwan's long life of independent orchestras, the chairman of the orchestra, Turbid Creek commune ..., really more than 18 years, in fact, with the fingers of the head are counted out.

We further want to know what is the responsibility of a band's adult for 1976? Marijuana is a guitar teacher who has taught a lot of students, he said, when the 1976 has become the Independent orchestra world Big Brother, no matter what decision, may affect the younger generation orchestra. Like there are many students to do campus activities, want to invite 1976 performances, often face can not afford to pay the performance of the dilemma. It's not about the money, it's about the implications of the responsibility that every decision now made in 1976 may have an impact on other young orchestras.

Now 1976, the heart is not just thinking of their own better, but how to let the young people also together well. "I really want to get to know the young people who want to go this way and tell them stories that maybe they don't want to hear," he said. Akai said, a healthy independent orchestra environment can not rely only on the Middle Ages, Taiwan is now under the age of 25 orchestras are too few, if you can know more young orchestra.

From the 1976 words, we see as the predecessor of the Taiwan Independent Orchestra of the ecological circle of expectations, although they often say that the environment is not good, seemingly pessimistic, but in the heart of the world with deep expectations. They signed the underground society, the last Hero "Macbeth", is a backward example, " in fact, we will continue to do music, will always think of performance and beyond, just to see the performance of the people are always relatively young children, the form of youth is the orchestra can be satisfied." "(see: Young Taiwanese, you're really great )

It's been a while since I've been listening to 1976 of music, and I'm not particularly aware that we're not children of the same generation. Because I think I and 1976 live in the same space-time, for the same thing annoyed angry happy, see the same scenery. Music has blurred the boundaries of generations, and let us see the heart of the age dividing the same beating, longing for a better tomorrow.

"The worst musician, the strongest band."

When the interview came to an end, it suddenly turned out that time had ticked through two hours, 1976 of the story was too profound. We asked 1976 if we could describe our orchestra, "the worst musician, the strongest band" is the conclusion that marijuana has come up with. This, he explains, is because each of them is aware of their shortcomings and perhaps their shortcomings outweigh their merits, but that is their greatest advantage.

Marijuana is a bit of a philosophy, but we can understand what he's saying, the four people who are not perfect in their eyes are perfect for 1976.

Finally, we ask 1976 to send a song to the readers of women fans who have chosen the former Prince of the new album. Akai said that this song is a "sense of direction," the hero of the subsequent encounter, he left the girl was not good, lost the Laurel and token, "former Prince " for girls romantic revenge. The melody of the former prince was played back and forth in my heart, and we said goodbye to 1976 in the rain. (Hey, honey: breaking up is not nothing!) Ex-boyfriend sent me three keywords )

After leaving 1976 of the studio, the heart repeatedly aftertaste this two hours of every dialogue, in the rainy Alley to get an umbrella walk. "Yesterday was stupid, but I still look forward to tomorrow." "Compared to Ma Yun's" today is very cruel, tomorrow is very cruel, but after the day is very beautiful , so the words and spirit more desktop, we want is a belief will get the future, put up the courage to face, seize every opportunity and then hold tight.

in my Mind, 1976 is a standard desktop rock band, born and bred in Taiwan, contaminated with the smell of Taiwanese soil, the historical memory deeply engraved into the music. We live in an imperfect little place where there are too many flaws and too many to be better now. But it is precisely because of this, 1976 of such existence, it seems particularly valuable and meaningful. tomorrow, only brave to face, sincere to participate in, only a more beautiful possibility. May this land be more and more since the people who believe that the future will be better, may you and I, can become that kind of person.