Do you like listening to music? The companionship of different music styles, whether at work or at home, can add more richness to different life situations.

Dear ~ Are you a man who loves to listen to music? Thanks to a lot of music sharing platform now, no matter what style you like, or different singers of all kinds of singing, voice, can be satisfied, let us no matter at home or work, even when sports, can let us follow the music, enjoy the heart of the beautiful feast!

And like music you, absolutely cannot miss, this weekend 2/9 American Grammy Award! This award is comparable to the film academy Oscar, the television industry's Emmy Award, the theater industry Tony Award, is one of the four major performing arts awards in the United States! (Classic review: featured!) 2014 Emmy Awards five finalists for strong-profile American drama

For years, the Grammy Award on the glow of the song or musicians, but also by the global audience hot love, so well-known music-sharing platform Spotify, the first to take advantage of the most popular songs, albums and singers on demand, analysis of more than 60 million users worldwide music listening the habit of predicting the four grand prizes: Annual Productions (Record of the Year), annual albums (Album of the year), the annual singer (Song of the years), the ultimate winner of Best New Artist.

Before the award is released, let us revisit the wonderful songs that we know so well, pretending to be a judge of the 2015 Grammy Award, and casting your favorite vote in your heart.

Annual Song (Song of the Year)

the Chandelier "─sia

The song , in Spotify's online popularity rankings, is a big hit in the award, Chandelier's MV, a 11-year-old girl in the room dancing solo, collocation The Sia hiss of The voice, will our struggles in life, the contradictions and darkness in our moods, are released completely in this song. Honey, if it's hard for you to go out of style, just get drunk with the lyrics and cry out all the sadness and the chorus of excitement. (You will like: you do not need to always be strong: Five ways to face the fragile )

"Stay with Me" ─sam Smith

Sam Smith from the UK, in "Stay with Me" with a gentle false voice, full of emotion, slowly asked: Can you accompany me Won ' t you Stay with me? Although this song is dedicated to Sam Smith's male friends, but the melody of this song with lyrics, very suitable for the implicit you, the feelings of the heart, with this song to tell him.

"All about the Bass"─meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor sang the voices of many girls, using the bass bass of music to describe their flesh and flesh, happily with lively music, Dance own body, full of self-confidence to say their own beauty, after listening to, is not also very want to follow the body to dance? (You'll like:"I love my flesh and my body" we love the Jennifer Laurence .)

This song describes a pair of gay people, not by their own faith in the church, the fierce scene in the MV attack , black and white image processing still do not reduce its shock, with the sound of passionate: "Take me to the church Take me to church"more people deeply feel the struggle of gay lovers, we believe that" love is not different ", I hope we can all strive to make everyone fall in love. (Extended reading: "Love" in the name of exclusion: Without love, we can not be good to people? )

Thales this "Shake it Off" MV a public, aroused heated discussion, including her hundred change modelling, all kinds of fun dance ... And so on, the network has many more, vegetarian people with music at ease with the swing of the interesting film upload, causing a wave, really will be inwardly unhappy Shake It off! Shake It off!

Annual album (Album of the year)

Ed Sheeran "X"

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Red hair ed from the United Kingdom, once with Thales and British Gas Nan one Direction, he began to play guitar from the age of four, in 2014 released the second album "X", after airborne the UK charts, for eight consecutive weeks, the series of Cicadas Championship, music style to guitar and rock, Simple wooden guitar mixed with his warm voice, with easy music rhythm, people unconsciously with sway, let people feel like a fire, gentle but lasting warmth.

Sam smith─ "In the Lonely Hour"

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Also a British songwriter, Sam Smith, launched in the "Lonely Hour" in 2014, openly gay in May, and without a doubt that the album came from him. Unrequited love "a man, but no result of experience, he hopes to tell you by music, like a boy is very natural things." His music with a little psychedelic feeling, rubbing with a little soul music and rhythm of the blues, even if they have not heard the story of the album, but also from the music to feel his abundant feelings. (same field Gayon:Mary Lambert in the name of love Hum the gay perspective: love, for all to exist )

Pharrell williams─ "GIRL"

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American singer Pharrell Williams is a regular Grammy award, has won four awards, and our most familiar with a song, should be sung in the streets of the "Happy", and this year he took the "Girl" album to win the prize, in Spotify's network popularity prediction, there is a chance to take back the jackpot, his music with the elements of the gram, combined with hip-hop music, soul music and rock and roll, has a playful humorous breath, it is suitable to drink with friends two cups when playing, so that the atmosphere more relaxed and comfortable! (Let's dance!) Tens of thousands of netizens to happy! One MV jumps out of Taiwan's human face)

Beyoncé -"Beyoncé"

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Always on the stage exudes Queen's Breath of Beyoncé, of course also did not miss this year's Grammy music feast, in 2013 launched the same name album "Beyoncé", immediately aroused fans enthusiastic echo, become itune History of the best-selling album, in this album Beyoncé But also with many musicians, like the husband Jay Z. Nicki Minaj ... And so on, for this album brings more interesting elements, of course, Beyoncé specially launched 17 MV caused by the various discussions, it is worth listening to listen to see again! (You would like: Beyonce not only sings, more human rights audible )

beck─ "Morning Phase"

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American singer Beck was hailed as the most creative and special rock musician of the 2000 era, with the exception of keyboards, drums and guitars. And so on all kinds of musical instruments, more adept at a variety of musical style skillfully collage into a painting, lazy singing and with strong metaphorical lyrics, combined into his unique music characteristics, since 2002, finally in 2014, the release of the album "Morning Phase" Also successfully shortlisted for the 57th session of the Grammy Music Awards, so that fans expect full.

Best Newcomer (Top new Artist)

1. Sam Smith

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Sam Smith is always fascinated by the graceful conversion of a true and false voice , He thought: "The scope of love is very broad, but some people see too limited, such as external conditions or the growth of the process, so that they can not boldly love another person" so album "In the Lonely Hour" Brave to love and affectionate he, it is no wonder that the creation of music can impress so many people's heart!

2. Iggy Azalea

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Iggy Azalea is a girl from Australia, the most familiar songs are black Window. "Fancy", her music combined with electronic dance and hip-hop music, with a southern accent singing rap songs, the music of the strong sense of rhythm and rhythm, like her own eye-catching let a person to listen to unforgettable, Once in the United States Billboard rankings, and even in the Hundred singles list, to occupy the top one of the longest female rapper, if you do not know her, quickly bring headphones with music to start to know her! (Extended reading: Teresa Teng of the rap world!) Break his Gethenssang Miss Ko)

3. Bastille

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You must have heard the song "Pompeii" by the Bastille Orchestra, but you may not know that they are from the British Orchestra, the album "Bad Blood" a release, became the British Championship, but also this time the Spotify predicted the winner, and this album of many songs, are the lead singer Dan Smith and friends, together in the room "play" out, a slightly hoarse voice with indie rock music elements, music sometimes with psychedelic color, and sometimes close to the audience can bring the chorus, welcome to wear headphones, to explore their alternative rock world!


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The HAIM Orchestra is made up of three sisters, because their parents nurtured them from a young age . diverse and rich in musical style , and each of them is proficient in more than 2 instruments, adding more elements to their creations, listening to their music as if they were sitting in a time machine back in the 90, having a retro rock feel and playing music with a good sister, whether it's a video or live performance , See their good feelings and tacit understanding, seeing here is not also want to have a group with a good sister? It's fun to do anything with a good sister: never forget a lover forever! Five and sisters of the Valentine's Day program )

5. Brandy Clark

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The last rookie Award finalist, Brandy Clark, a country singer from the United States , who first picked up the guitar at the age of nine, encouraged him to continue writing songs, the sound of a wooden guitar with her warm voice, and the brisk pace that made it seem as if it were in the American countryside immediately. The dazzling sunlight illuminates the green lawn, in the distance rides the horse's handsome cowboy to throw a smile, lets the person feel relaxed and is agreeable, among the five newcomer award finalists, her different music style, will let her become this year Grammy newcomer award the winner? Let's wait and see!

Latest Winning list:

Song of the Year: Sam Smith, Stay with Me

Annual album (Album of the Year): Beck, Morning Phase

Best New Artist: Sam Smith