The documentary interviewed the perpetrators of the then Delhi bus violence case, and put forward "why men are raped?"The gender issue that India needs to pay attention to is once again moved to the international dance platform.

How do men rape men? " I found that this problem of common disease is based on a serious lack of respect for sex.In India, it's not just a few rotten apples, but it's the barrel of the apple.Filming documentary film "The Daughter of India," said Leslee Udwin, a British director.In the last few years, the number of rape cases in India has been increasing. She has come to India, starting with a simple question, "Why do men rape us?"" (Recommended reading: 2000 courageous stories behind rape )

British Director Leslee Udwin

Status of India on average 92 people per day in India )

In shooting < India's daughter >, LesLee Udwin spent 30 hours on the sexual assault of Mukesh Mukesh Singh (bus driver) on the bus violence case.

Moksh actually told Leslee Udwin: "A girl can't take a slap in the face, and a real girl doesn't wander in the streets in the night.""There are only 20 % of the good girls in India, and in sexual assault cases girls are more responsible than boys."In the case of the sexual assault committed by herself, Mukesh had no shame: "She had to shut up and let us rape her."When everyone "ran out of her", she would let her out of the car, and she would only hit the boy."we would have dropped her off after ‘ doing her ’ and only hit the boy."

"Around 15 minutes later, I opened a bus, and girls were screaming for help, and the other underage teenager was in her body and pulled out her intestines ... and then we put her on the street."Mukesh said it was natural."Women are supposed to take care of the housework, not the dwinking clothes, and the night loitering on the streets."" (Recommended reading: ubiquitous Rape Culture )

"The woman in India is like a stone, but if a stone is on the street, you can't blame the dog for taking it."If you talk about equality between men and women, like friends, I'm sorry, it's not possible in Indian society.Mocksh's lawyer, ML Sharma, said in the documentary."If my daughter or sister had a premarital sex, I would have shot her in front of the whole family," said AP Singh, a second defense lawyer."

How many Indian men are in the heart of the Biblical gender dogs?

This kind of speech, which we hear, is absurd and outdated.

commemorating Jyoti Singh, and more daughters of India

When I returned to December 16, 2012, Jyoti Singh, 23, was a girl of light and joy. At that time, she had just finished her doctor's qualification exam, and she wanted to organize a hospital in his hometown, "Girl can do anything," she would say so.

In the evening in Delhi, she went to the theater to watch the fantasy drifting of Pi. On the way back, she mistaked a bus of death that was not on the schedule, and changed her life.Jyoti has woken up repeatedly and repeatedly waking up to the same question: "Why?"In the end she died of her death, and her friend Jyoti had less than one leg.

is a saying in this fantasy floater of Juvenile Pi, "Life is constantly being put down, but the most painful thing is that I didn't have time to say goodbye."All of life is an act of letting go, but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye. Now I think of it, just like the last "elegiac" song.

India's daughter, commemorating the moment Jyoti's life changed, also recorded the collective anger of India following the outbreak of the events, and men and women took to the streets together to demand gender justice that was never promised by the land.

This is the India version of the Arab Spring, fighting for the right to gender equality.Udwin said." I left my husband and two children to shoot in India, not because of the horror of the bus violence, but because I saw how exciting it was to protest the streets." Enough is enough!Enough is Enough, a Hindu-free Indian, shouted on the street, followed by a day of relentless government pressure, with tear gas, batons and waterwagons to crack down." They fight for women's rights and interests. This has brought great shock and confidence to my life. I have never seen such an exciting picture in other countries."

In the aftermath, the judge ruled that four years of sexual assault and three years of juvenile crime were sentenced to three years in prison, and that India was too far away from justice, and we knew that such a case was never a small minority.It is even more difficult to attract the attention of the international community.

Wipe away the tears of the lost daughter, and Jyoti's father used the two million rupees of the state to set up the Nirbhaya trust fund, and Nirbhaya was "fearless" in Hindi."We want to help more girls who don't have a door in India.""The death of Jyoti is lit up with a torch, and the darkness in the world will eventually be dispersed by this light.""

India's daughter in every country

The daughter of India is projected to be the BBC's first broadcast on March 8, while India, Sweden, Norway, and Canada are all able to watch.The Indian police have filed an application for a ban on the broadcast of the documentary.The Government of India even asked the prison authorities to explain who approved a British producer to death row inmates?At 3/9, actress Freida Pinto and Melissa, who shot the millionaires of the poor, will take part in the trial in New York to announce the world events of India's daughters, protesting against violence and inequality between girls and women.(Recommended reading: Sexual violence is not a women's issue, but a human rights issue )

A map of the world outside of India is a number that each country has a number of tracnioks.In India, an average of 85,000 women are raped every year; in Denmark, one in five women have had sexual harassment.Sexual harassment, rape, coercion, murder, domestic violence, and genital mutilation are a cruel manifestation of male power.

Every country has a daughter of India.

Jyoti's father echoes in the ear, and the world's dark head is lit, and it is lit up.The "daughter of India" is a great gift to remind us of how many women are forced to live as a woman, and how many women have never had a chance to survive, and there are so many women who are fighting for women's rights to die.The truth is too cruel, but we cannot hide the face.

I hope that one day, the daughter of India is a synonym for happiness; one day, a woman in the world can be completely blessed to be a woman who is a woman who is a woman. On the eve of the Women's Day, I hope that women all over the world will be happy.(Recommended reading: Love feminism!Everyone is the power of gender equality )