Back to the original intention of women, we have organized five points in the experts and scholars worthy of learning feminism. Invite everyone to review with us ~

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In the 2014, the world began to have more vocal voices for women. From the naked scene of Jennifer Lawrence to the Emmahuasen United Nations speech , more people are beginning to realize that women are more resilient than they think. "Feminism" began to become a word that was widely talked about, some people begin to comment on feminism as a kind of dislike of male doctrine, some people try to justify the stigma of feminism, all kinds of voices sprang up, but regardless of the pros and cons, women fans believe that when everyone began to realize: "Women in pursuit of self-worth, Take the right to turn and be equal. "The discussion is a good thing. (Extended reading: feminism always demands privilege?) When feminism becomes a negative label ... )

Woman fan founder is about to enter the four years, we always believe that "women are many, you are the only." is not a slogan, is a We, every woman never stop in practice. Borrow a sentence Emmahuasen once said: " we are not striving for women's rights, but the freedom of both sexes!" "Then let's talk about this year's feminist obsession with more professional academics, and how do we try not to make it a consumer culture at this moment of women's blossom?" How to uphold what we believe in different ideological divisions? Listen to how they talk about feminism! (same field Gayon: is the equality of men and women enough?) From a different man in the feminist class.

The importance of love for feminism--bell hooks

Bell Hooks is a feminist writer who created more than 20 dozen works in the United States. The works include "Politics of Passion", "Feminist theory ━━ from the edge to the center" and so on. Bell hooks that feminism was not a struggle between the sexes, and she advocated "to see feminism as a lifestyle choice, not a political commitment".

Feminism, I think, provides a clue to me to find the "complete Me". The feminism we need is not afraid of "love", and let Love be free. Most of the women in the "love" to explore the more beautiful within the personal situation, so I believe that feminism is not from the "Love" and "ego" choice. Our long struggle for women has now gradually won a wider space for discussion, and today women have more options for "Love", so that we are more courageous and free in love.

Bell hooks A softer view of women's long struggle for rights, she told us, why should we fight for the right to choose? All comes from the love, also returns to the love, therefore the feminist struggle should not oppose in the patriarchal oppression, but lets "the love" has the freer space. (Recommended reading: Never Fall in love : A feminist who is absent in the battlefield of Romance )

The gaze of popular culture on women--roxane Gay

Roxana, an associate professor at Purdue University in the United States, is adept at writing cultural reviews and has published novels such as Bad Feminist, "an untamed state and the New York times bestseller". Roxana Gay put forward the feminist complaints against the mainstream culture, once again for feminism to do a "literal" demonstration.

We often do not realize the influence of mainstream culture on us, unconsciously increase the label and stigma of sex. "Sex" should not be a single way for women to be watched, because I believe women have a more beautiful bottom interreligious worth caring about. As a healthy pop culture should be to allow women to dress up more dimensional thinking space, the first important thing is how to reduce the current consumer culture on the female body and the poison of male thought? Again, we should not limit equality to "gender", we must realize that there are not only men and women in the world, mainstream culture should not persecute other people's right to live freely! Choose how you want to see the world, and the world will treat you the same way. (Extended reading: let the girl go!) Unlock the female body on the court )

As women fans have always believed, feminism is that we want to promote the harmony of more ethnic groups, not only concerned about women's rights and interests, but also all under the popular culture of the victims. In this world, the existence of every kind of life is beautiful, learn to be more careful, to experience with us different individuals, not limited to "love" any possibility, can be loved warm. (same field Gayon: Australian supermodel Andreja Pejic dream come true: I became the woman in my mind! )

To popularize the normal--carol of "sex" Queen

Carol Queen is a writer, lecturer, educator and social movement, specializing in gender studies and the establishment of a gender research centre in San Francisco. Carol Queen actively promoted sex education in the United States and published many sex works in bisexual identity. She advocated the "sex" of the normal, that we should reverse the negative sex, the real implementation of the child's sexual knowledge education, it is possible to change the long-term media, patriarchal female body and gaze.

I am worried about the rampant culture of violence in young communities and the habit of children hanging on their lips. Such a phenomenon shows that our culture is apt to regard "sex" as something that can be joked about and not to be respected. This is to be corrected from the education of the child, we cannot think that "sex" is only relative to the adult, but ignores the child in the National high School to recognize the "sex" opportunity, parents should be in the child's interest in sex, then give the child the right concept of sex. If we don't discuss it positively with our children, most people's perception of sex is from television commercials, and we are therefore susceptible to the definition of "sexy" by mainstream values. (Recommended reading:"This is not a scandal, but a sex crime"jennifer Lawrence sexy debut, the first public talk about naked photo storm )

We often feel that the mention of "sex" is a bit shy, a little embarrassed, as if "sex" is a shameful thing. Many children are serious about sex not from their parents ' education, but from advertisements, film A, and even when their children are interested in the matter, parents will stop them from understanding. So we accept the channel of the sex knowledge is the mainstream value to the female body sculpture, is a piece excessively violent plot. How can the world reduce the injustice to women's body, reduce the crime of strong explosion? We think, from the child's sexual knowledge education, is a necessary thing!

Is parenting a woman's vocation? --ruth Fowler

We have the right to decide to procreate. Many people believe that the birth of a child is a woman's mission, the lineage is the root cause of human survival. The expectation of women's production comes from the prospect of national productivity and financial development, when "procreation" points to an unnatural system, the development of the world seems to fall on women's shoulders. When social responsibility intervenes in women's reproductive rights, we should take back the sovereignty over our bodies. (same field Gayon: Jennifer Aniston: "The value of being a woman is not just having a baby!") ")

Ruth Fowler is an English writer, the work "Girl undressed" brought her into the international arena. Ruth Fowler, who advocates fertility Freedom, also recorded her production from pregnancy through Twitter in 2013, and she laid out the text on Twitter after her birth:

"I'm still a little confused about how I made such a beautiful life come to this world, and I can't forget the pain of production." I know this beautiful child will experience sadness in this world, and the pain will inspire his enthusiasm and will. And all I can do is to teach him to love and be kind, and then to treat the world like that. 」

Ruth Fowler, a woman who talks about "productive rights", has a heartfelt praise for the goodness of life, not social responsibility.

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Equal pay for different workers! --judith Kuppersmith

Judith Kuppersmith is a professor of psychology and a well-known relationship therapist. Judith Kuppersmith is very concerned about the women's long-term patriarchal under the injury and injustice, and long-term write a book for this. She focused on women's heart of male dominance of discontent, but also treated many family couples, in a negative perspective to clarify the blind spot in the relationship. Judith Kuppersmith believes that what women need is not the victory between the sexes, but a more harmonious and equal living environment!

Unless women have the same treatment as men economically, women are always inferior sex. In our culture, "money" seems to symbolize a certain social status, and my friend Phyllis Chesler did a study to find that the disparity in equal pay for equal work among men and women still exists, which is why women often lag behind men in socio-economic status. In 1973, Phyllis Chesler and his staff sued the University of New York for "unequal pay", and they tried to reject the school's oppression and discrimination against female employees, and in 17 years, we won. We understand that this is not a victory for women, it's just the right we get back. (Recommended reading: You deserve a better salary, loudly refuse to pay for a different job )

(Right one is Judith kuppersmith)

Feminism is not an alien, he is you and me, regardless of men, women, third sex, we can hold "love feminism". We aspire to the right to love and be loved, to the pursuit of sexual and reproductive autonomy, and we are eager to reject the mainstream ideology's definition of a woman's sexuality and the desire to earn the same salary in the same effort. That sounds ordinary, doesn't it? The desire for equality, out of one of the simplest of intentions, but to reverse the world's treatment of women's habits, we have walked on this long road, but also ready to bang forward, you? (Extended reading: Joseph Gaudenlivai, who embraces feminism: "Don't let the sex define who we are!") ")

If you are a woman, we want you to be proud of yourself, you must believe in your happiness and value as a woman, do not be afraid to speak loudly, because of your bravery, the world will start different.

If you're not a woman, we want you to be proud of women, your mothers, your loved ones, your family, your friends, who deserve to be treated better. Don't be afraid to speak loudly because you are brave, these women can be much different.