After International Women's Day, do we come to a better time or a worse time? The gender path in Asia may still be long!

Yesterday 3/8 International Women's Day, how do you live? I'm with the women's Day rock song , watching Emma Watson's London online for a perfect period. But a group of people, apparently in the network quarrel over, the dispute from the two major search engine network Google and Baidu's women's Day Doodle, first do not take too much emotional look, what do you see?

Baidu Doodle

Google Doodle

Obviously, there is something wrong with a certain link. Two Doodle honestly presented themselves in the same time, the two regional space how to look at women, how to imagine women.

According to Baidu illustration writer Weibo: "Inspiration is a child very much love the kind of dancing and rotating girl box, show the heart as a treasure of their own!" #爱自己, free to choose the life you want! Success or ordinary, strong or delicate, not to be bound by others is the greatest significance of this festival! #」

Look at Baidu's Doodle, so the lovely little girl turns and turns, so married, so beautiful when mom, wearing Chinese clothes, looks carefree, weak, lovely, clean, like costume dolls, around have prepared jewelry, jewelry, trolleys and babies, filled with the stereotype of women's lives, plus the words " May the Goddess have a happy holiday. In short, Baidu's Doodle, women are treated as treasure toys, held in the palm of the hand, life was chosen, the female body in addition to rotation, not initiative. (all-round, every detail is taken care of, annoy many women)

Then look at Google's Doodle, look at the display screen, female scientists, athletes, judges, engineers, astronauts, musicians ... Women's initiative and choice are relatively many, each woman has its own life, Google respect for women's body and the career and life choice. "Do what you want to do, that's the best thing." "google through Doodle to deliver such exciting messages on the day of Women's Day. (Recommended reading:Youtube Red Film: I don't do the little girl in Your Eyes )

The biggest difference between Baidu and Google Doodle is "how to imagine a woman's life" and "How to measure the value of women." Baidu's Doodle presents the "birth, marriage, birth son" is "a good woman" the best way, Baidu eyes of women only one, is waiting to be loved. Google's eyes are too many women, no matter what gesture, as long as she likes, it is beautiful.

What's good for girls?

Many people for the Baidu Doodle escort, "all the women in the palm of the hand when the treasure, food and clothing is not in jeopardy, what is there to scold?" "Such a speech based on wishful thinking" to Hello "premise, was refused to be scolded confused said:" is to you, how ungrateful? "But the people who say so, have ever really asked what a woman wants?" Do you have any confirmation that a woman wants to be "your choice"? Have you ever believed that a woman can have her own choice, rather than the rights you let out?

This kind of speech, not only China, in Asia's daily life is not uncommon. From men feel capable to let his wife at home does not work is love, coupled with the "women do not throw their faces" of the "Good Woman" discipline, so that more than the imagination of life woman breathless.

"I also want to have my own life, but also want to have their own career, but also want to have their own things to do." "That's what women think.

Born as a woman, we are bound to face the family and the choice of the workplace, which is very real, but in the face of the workplace and family at the same time, born as a woman, I want to understand why our choice needs to be given? Why Baidu Imagine the woman like a canary, no survival ability, waiting to be rescued? Why can't women start the life they want?

Baidu and many men in the eyes of love, too heavy, many women I am afraid to bear. We want to say, can we love us in a comfortable way? Being cared for is love, the elasticity of holding Love is also love, can you ask us first, what kind of love?

Many people in the knowledge also initiated related discussions, How to view the 2015 women's Day Baidu and Google's Doodle , a few comments, people see feel really painful.

"I do not feel that the evaluation of this matter is Ober, the invisible discrimination often hurt people in the invisible." Baidu is not the first time to hurt my heart. I remember in junior high school when the Internet to find information, only in the search box to play "how" two words, the Drop-down bar automatically show some content, which ranked first (or is second) shows "How to give birth to a son." Do you know what it was like to be a 13 or 4-Year-old girl? Not happy, really very unhappy. Is this not the result of the majority of the people in China's choice? "---Gold

"And in some people's subconscious," when the Treasure "is another scene-he thought that the other when the treasure, when the other party does not admit, not adapt to his kindness, when the other party has the choice of respect for the demand, he jump" how? This is also a "treasure", instead of "Being human", this way of "when treasure" does not respect the free will of man, but is a dominant protection, a possessive guard, with a canary to be cared for, and to be caged in to appreciate its feathers and crows identical. When the canary is "not good", the owner will be dissatisfied, in this case, he will issue "What's wrong" type of questions and complaints. "---don know Tata

"You can certainly define your own" inner treasures "as Doll beauties and flower jewelry in the octave box, which is your freedom and should be respected. But let's not forget that there are more expressions of "inner treasures" outside this model. "---Xie Wei

The core of gender equality is to make the pluralistic value become a necessity, let the choice return to everyone. As women, we have the right to create values in our eyes, to practise our dreams, we only belong to ourselves. Small, just one day of Doodle reflects the huge ideology behind, women's role, women's choice, women's life, can not be a patriarchal society's jurisdiction?

The pursuit of human rights rather than the pursuit of feminism, rather than respect for women's rights, rather than respect for the free will of people, Asia, we definitely have a long way to go. (same field Gayon:"Sexual violence is not a female issue, but a human rights issue" "vagina Monologue" the author speaks in Taiwan )

"Doodle Small Encyclopedia"

The first Doodle was born in 1998, when the founder Larry and Sergey to go to Nevada to participate in the celebration of Fire people, brainwave in Google's second O put a match man, quite cute. Up to today, Google has launched thousands of favorite doodle,doodle that are also constantly morphing, with the exception of images, which include interesting little games. Many people say that Doodle makes Google more human. ( see Doodle Database for more doodle)

August 30, 1998, the earliest Doodle.

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Google Women's Day, 2013 Doodle

Look at the 2013 years of Women's Day Doodle, distance from such a woman diversity, Asia, how far? What do you think of Baidu and Google's doodle? Welcome message to tell us.