The Festival of International Creative Festival in Cannes, the advertising industry, will add the "Glass Lions Prize" this year to encourage everyone to create sex-friendly advertisements and to break the intangible bias!

You must know the Festival of Cannes, but have you heard of Cannes Lions?This event, which was launched at the Cannes Film Festival, was the annual event of the advertising industry in 1954. Worldwide Cinema Screen Advertising Contractors (SAWA) recognized that advertising films were generally considered to be valued, so the International Creative Festival was set up to allow advertisers to compete here.

In June each year, the city will accumulate from more than 85 countries and 30,000 entries, with tens of thousands of ad industry representatives participating.In the last week of the exhibition, 50 lectures, 10 master classes and many workshops were held, and the advertising industry was the site of the exchange of people.(Recommended reading: When the world becomes a non-blue, powder, and gender advertising, who does it pay for? )

This year's Cannes, at first glance, is somewhat different from that of the previous few years, but it is a bit different.A surprise glass lion is coming out of the head to — the gender stereotypes in the commercials —

Drammer-friendly work, flipping over to Cannes Creative Festival

Last year, Senta Slingerland, who was responsible for the marketing of Cannes, criticized the Cannes award for lack of a female review, and shared many comments from Cindy Gallop's female entrepreneur, expressing his dissatisfaction with the creation of the Creative Festival in Cannes.And this is why Cindy Gallop was surprised to learn that he was chosen as the chief adjudicative of the Cannes Innovation Festival this year — the "— Lion" award.

Cindy Gallop has always been concerned about women's role in society, and her wonderful talk at TED, "Sex is not a Performance A", attracts millions of visitors, and has received a lot of feedback.(We know her together: "A piece of A, not real sex!"" You shouldn't miss the TED Talk. )

For this award, Cindy Gallop is optimistic about it, and some people doubt that this award will inspire a new gender stereotyped image, but she doesn't think so.

"This award does not represent a woman's rightful rights in all fields, and does not mean that women are being marginalized."This is to celebrate and encourage people to create more gender-friendly works, and all young men and women should try to win this prize, so that more good work reflects the future of the corporate culture."

All glass lion awards will be paid back to a new program. Senta Slingerland said the goal of the program was to help people write more gender friendly works and free from unconscious gender bias.(Extended offer: unfixed ad, true face to woman )

" In the marketing market, men's voices have always been an overwhelming victory, and we need more women to join this field, making it a gender-balanced environment.The way gender is presented in marketing is not only a negative impact on women, but also on society as a whole.The appearance of this award is to enable a radical change in this phenomenon."

According to the organisers, the glass lion award is a movie that "is taken with express, implicit means to identify gender inequality and bigotry".But since it was the first year that it was held, it was still at the registration stage, and everyone was curious about how the prize would be chosen and what kind of sparks would be aroused.

See It Be It, The Mother of the Lions, the simmer-mowed wave of gender friendliness

In fact, in addition to this new prize, the Cannes Creative Festival has launched the activity of "See It Be It" last year, bringing together all women who have demonstrated a bright future in their careers, in the hope of arousing the attention of women to the women's staff.

This year's Cannes Creative Festival will once again hold "See It Be It". The sponsoring unit will elect a 12-level female staff member, invite them to the workshop and chat with a master-level speaker, such as the unfamiliar face of the book operator — Snow Sunderberg.It is hoped that these young women will be able to get more support in this area and continue to work for a long time.(Share with you: Stay with me!Facebook, Snow Rosandberg, and Taiwan's Inter-Generation Conversations )

addition, the "Mother Lion" film, created by DDB, was also online at the beginning of this year. The film broke many advertising companies' love of "sexual attraction" and "objectiable women", and used animation to transform the Golden Grail of Cannes in the form of a female lion.

Camesville Creative Festival (left)
DDB Creative Video to Reinvent the Lion Dance to a Lionlion (right)

This film is also considered a declaration of war on the gender consciousness of Creative Festival in Cannes, and today we are surprised to see that the organizers of Cannes's Creative Festival have not escaped, but are frontal in the face, creating more gender-friendly possibilities for our society.

new award for "Glass Lion", whether it is "See It Be It", "The Lion" or "The Creative Festival", is a valuable advance for society as a whole. It is hoped that in the near future, not just the advertising industry will stir up this wave of reflection, but will see this kind of gender-friendly concept, such as endless waves of waves and endless waves, and let us look forward to a better future together.

The Cannes International Creative Festival Award Collation:

Promo & Activation), Public Relations Award (PR), Direct Creative Award (Media), Media Creative Award (Outdoor), Broadcast Innovation Award (Press), Network Creative Award (Design), Film Award (Film), Film Technology Award (Integrated), Creative Innovation Award (Branded Content & Entertainment), Brand Content & Entertainment Award (Mobile), Product Design, Innovation Award (Innovation), Glass Lion