women's obsession with the book: Evil Women, post-feminist popular film Anatomy , dedicated to this generation and future generations of evil women, do what they want to do.

"Wicked Woman. Is the image of women on the screen, but also the most authentic desire to showcase. "When the desire overflows the traditional viewing angle, breaks the rigid demarcation line between the small freshness and the slut in the two yuan, so in 2015, there was such a book for the Evil Woman, for the evil woman to write, for the evil woman born." That's the author's new book, Shishun, the popular film Anatomy of feminism.

When post feminism is no longer a myth beyond the reach, but the daily ridicule popular culture, the woman's body and thought are full of flesh and blood, no longer willing to accept the usual materialization, gazing, performances of the dogmatic thinking, a wicked woman, desire ripe female, snake beauty, teenage evil, Blonde and queen Bee, Each posture is flexible to stand in this book.

Shishun, post-popular culture and post-cultural studies 21 lyrical like boil the raw material of witchcraft, from "BJ single Diary" written to "control", summoned the evil woman to come and birth, gently proclaimed that we need not dodge again, no need to play the so-called good, we can on the one hand to the patriarchal society to unfold the most romantic revenge, On the one hand shouting want to love to death.

We are evil and never apologize, we are the new generation of evil women. let's start with "BJ Bachelor Diary". (Recommended reading: towards the female-lu-Snake aesthetics: From BJ's Bachelor diary to the planet of Danny's sister )

If the "BJ single Diary" Rewrite the Romance and Austin narrative, wrote a desire to female romance, "Sex and the City" to continue to tell you, Manhattan women do not eat love this set. Open Gantis. Bushnair (Candace Bushnell) 's first column, she is a satire on traditional fairy tales, breaking your only pure imagination and telling you that there is a lot of sex happening in the "brutal planet" of Manhattan, but these are not always romantic.

Joydy Silk. Wharton (Edith Wharton) told you in the 20 's about the Age of Innocence (innocence), she had a little remembrance and remembrance of the pure innocence that had passed, and Bushnair in the city of desire to write a new annotation for the 90-year sentence:

Welcome to The Age of Innocence (un-innocence).

When Bushnair began writing the "Sex City" column in 1994 in the New York Observatory (Observer), the Manhattan girl, who may not have thought of her own story, will jump on HBO four years later and become a 90-year female legend, affecting a female audience for the next 20 years.

The originally unrelated Manhattan girl in the producer Darren. Under the Stahl of Darren Star, he was transformed into four women with different personalities: the Romantic center of Charlotte. York, the feminist representative of Miranda. Hobbes, the sex-pleasure-oriented Samantha. Jones, and the 90-year-old female symbol of the three women's complex and female audience, Kelly. Marcus: Blair Shaw.

Since then, the history of female image reproduction has a new historical pointer: "Sex and the City" before, as well as "Sex and the City" after.

Where is the legend of the city of Desire born? It has been said that this will be from HBO and the United States "television's Third Century" (the third Era of American TV History) talk about.

The rise of subscribers weakens advertisers ' grip on television programs and leads to consumer-centric times. Without the shackles of advertisers, consumers finally summon a subconscious city that they long to aspire to, at the end of the 90 century. Some people say, "Sex and the City" is the cultural product of post-feminism. In the 90 's, the main body of female desire rose. It is this one desire female audience, long-awaited out on the screen of four female. In the third century of television, after feminism, a whole city has been summoned from the desert by the desire of women.

"Sex and the City" is not the first television series to talk about sex, but it is the first to let women in the public space can be generous to tell the work of sex. The center of the entire album is Kelly, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha, four women's "table-side talk about sex." No matter how they carry out their own sexual adventures, sex roaming, eventually will be back together, the adventures of the sister Amoy and roaming into a section after another legend and myth. They walk in different restaurants in the City Bar nightclub party, sit down to talk about sex, a few hours. In this way, a negative sexual oral history, a city of adolescent sexuality, a 90-year desire for the female version of "1001 Nights." (same field Gayon: love is addictive, orgasm is )

Not only are they talking, they want you to talk together.

Sex and the city creates a whole new narrative pattern: Each episode is one of Kelly's columns, and each episode is her conversation with you. Kelly's narration is omnipresent, and even anytime can look at the audience, break the TV "fourth wall", just pull you into the dialogue of the desire to women. The Brecht-style alienation effect makes it impossible for you to hide behind the fourth wall any longer. To watch "The City of Desire" is like a living avant-garde theater art experience, one turn on the TV immediately join the city to female chat room. Kelly's weekly question asks you to quickly think about the physical, sexual, and emotional nature of modern women, and you are part of her column.

"Women can only have sex do not love?" "This is the first question in the first season of Sex and the city," he said. A groundbreaking, epoch-making, but also justified, natural. Kelly, by this question, enlightened the front screen of the desire of the Maiden, but also summoned the post-feminism a whole generation of urban lust female. Kelly not only asked questions, but also sex experiments, and ex-boyfriend after love to leave immediately. Kelly, who walked the Manhattan crowd, felt she had mastered the whole city. (Recommended reading: VCDs in the "Day" of the female lust: infidelity of the erotic export )

The city of Desire tells you at the outset that a woman is the subject of desire. Henri (Astrid Henry) said that the women in sex and the city would not be penalized or even admired for their passion.

In fact, sex is the third wave of women's rights/forces.

In this album, the men are most of Kelly and sisters into the object of lust, not "Mr. Abalone" (Mr. Pussy), is "Big dick Man" (Mr. Cocky). And, of course, the love and hate, the obsessive and heartbreaking "big Man" (Mr. BIG). Sex and the city turns a woman into a gender-power relationship only as an object of desire. Now, men are not just objects, but also a string of words and codes in women's mouths.

Kelly let you know that men are only a part of the history of women's lust, women are the main body to tell and desire. (Recommended to you: See Female porn How to mark the advent of a new era of women )

"Sex and the City" not only attracted the latent in the city of desire to mature women, but also summoned a group of not in line with the typical middle class family ideals of the women do not tame. These City women desire discontent, innocence no longer, has already overflowed the typical family's bondage and the frame. So, wandering in the family outside the single night Woman, become the city of the secular demon. Unable to be domesticated, unable to be incorporated. It is not that they do not go into the family, but do not want to go into the family. (Recommended reading: thousand female passions: academic circles, social movements and feminine passions in popular culture )

In the original book, "When all women meet suburban Girls" chapter, in the album into a "Baby baptism." Besides Charlotte, who still has a vision for marriage and the family, Kelly, Miranda and Samantha seem to be out of place in a group of suburban moms and babies ' happy glow, like the femme fatale who strayed into the Garden of Eden. Suburban girl full of Mother Sutra, in the not tame Metropolis woman's ear is like Arabian Nights. In the suburbs of the girl's heart as an angel of the baby, in the eyes of metropolitan women is the devil of terror.

Lennox is the greatest tragedy of the "Bad Girl" being incorporated by a patriarchal family. Before marriage, Lennox is a party queen, Naked Diva, in the body of the liberation, the enjoyment of lust, is absolutely not tame secular demon. After the marriage Lennox but no longer participates in the party, no longer liberates the body. Take off heels and leather pants and put on flat shoes and aprons. Lennox not only become a mother and wife, but also become the super perfect wife of the Stan Buddha community (The Stepford Wives).

The city's bad girl, walking into the Garden of Eden in the suburbs, Lennox the longing for rebellion and emancipation. So she followed Kelly, Miranda and Samantha, sneaking back to Manhattan, trying to liberate herself at the party and asking, "Who wants to see a pregnant woman naked?" This time, Lennox hesitated. She was sad to find that she could not go back. The bad girl is dead. Four city girls left the suburbs of Eden and returned to the city lost Paradise. Kelly asked herself, "Will I be one of them?" "Not afraid of anything, he was afraid to become the next Stan's wife, the perfect bride."

Kelly had collapsed because she had chosen to marry another quiet and elegant girl, and then she had realized she was a "Katie Girl" in the process of chatting with her sisters. Who's Katie Girl? Samantha didn't even hear the romantic movie, and the other three sisters had a chorus of memories of Barbara. Streisand plays Katie in "Old Feelings" (the Way We were). Moloski. Kelly is in Barbara. Streisand's wild wavy curls saw herself, the girl with wild hair, the unruly woman who could not be accommodated by the ideal family, the night-action thing that could not be domesticated. Kelly is "Katie Girl."

Kelly left "Big" at the end of the second season, in the streets of Manhattan the wind blew his hair, dashing away. "Maybe some girls just can't be tamed," she said. Maybe some girls just want to run in the wilderness until they find an equally wild soul to dance with. Kelly used this passage to write the most liberal endorsement for the city girl at the end of the 90 century.

is the erotic oral history of sex and the city merely "heterosexual"? Ban (Harry M. Benshoff), in his gay film Research classic wardrobe Monster (monsters in the Closet), suggests how queer passions lurk in mainstream culture in a variety of ways. Among them, if the director, screenwriter or producer itself is gay, it is easy to add a cool sense of queer sensibility in seemingly heterosexual texts. Such cool perception may not come out in the form of identity politics, but it will fumonisins in the dark cabinet with the image of "unnatural lust".

Darren, who created "the City of Lust" single-handedly. Stahl, also with his gay sensibility, to create a 90 years of the end of the city of cool desire. So in the sex city of Manhattan, four metropolitan women also have the cool erotic, cool practice, queer sex adventures that spill out of heterosexual frames. In this album, Manhattan has become a lost paradise in the eyes of God, but a sensual amusement park in the mouths of metropolitan women . (Recommended reading:"Queer said" you don't have to be a lover who won't abandon me )

All women can have their anus. This originally only belongs to gay men's pleasure, in the city of desire is no longer just gay sex privileges, but sister sister proud embrace of the erotic practice. Charlotte was about to face the risk of the anus, immediately summoned the sisters to sit in a taxi to convene a temporary "anus" meeting. Anus or no anus? The sisters were handing over strategies, and Miranda thought that control was the key, and Samantha relaxed and wrote down the conclusion: "What's the difference between the front door and the back door?" is merely the expression and experience of the body. P.S, it feels really good. "It turns out that the anus has been a sexual practice, not a secret, that Samantha has enjoyed.

Metropolitan women can be three p. Four metropolitan women discuss at the dinner table which sister will be selected for three p. Charlotte chose Kelly because she was in bed looking for a sense of familiarity; Kelly chose Samantha because she wanted to spend the night with an experienced bed, and Samantha chose Charlotte because she thought the green woman was more exciting, Miranda? Miranda was forgotten by the three sisters. Miranda, unaware of her sister's desires, was not aware of her sister's potential lace desires. This is the process of sisters gazing sisters, Sister Desire sisters, Sister fantasy sisters. This is "lesbian continuum" (Lesbian continuum) by lesbian poet Reichi (Adrienne Rich). Lesbian continuum does not only occur between lesbians, but also in the process of mother and daughter, sisters, and any woman who agrees with women. In the city of Desire, sisters take great risks, and don't forget to bring each other.

There can be more than one person in the bed of a metropolitan woman, of course, one less. Miranda was generous with a massage stick, and Charlotte could not help but bring the "Mr. Rabbit" home. From then on, Mr. Rabbit became the best lover she could live without. Mr. Rabbit brought her a man can not give the erotic pleasure, Mr. Rabbit even let Charlotte began to love bed, love things, Love himself, how is not want to go out of the boudoir love man. From now on the women will no longer be afraid of no man, to replace the lover of goods, narcissistic lust instead of heterosexual relations. This is the metropolis female fetish and the narcissistic sex meets the Freak romance history, is also the metropolis woman to love oneself, does not seek the man's new feminine manifesto. (Recommended reading: Every woman should have, the selection of erotic products recommendations )

The Metropolitan women not only carry out the experiment of cool and lust, but also tell all kinds of male freaks. Who would have guessed that four of the men the girls met would be rich in museum collections: Men with s/m pornography , men with anus desires, men who have sex without eyes on screen pornography, men who love to sculpt women's pubic hair, and high heels stores, the man with a foot fetish.

Griffen (David Greven) Thus said that Manhattan was a museum of Unnatural lust (Museum of Unnatural History). The museum collects a wide variety of erotic fantasies and practices, and embraces diverse sexual biases and sexual minority audiences, showing more than just women's cool desires, but also men's freaks. This museum is a collection of everything, the desire of normal natural flat and inflexible. Viewers open the screen, that is, to enter the museum of Unnatural Passion, with four women will be a glimpse of the city underground sexual ecology.

Welcome to the Museum of unnatural Lust in the city of lust, the exhibits continue to increase.

In Bushnair's column, four of Manhattan's women are not good friends, and when they walk into every household's television, they become inseparable sisters. Some people say that fashion is the fifth part of the album. I say sisterhood is the real hidden figure in this album. In their lives, men come and go, not too much relationship. For these four metropolitan women, the man is the mouth of the discussion, is the bed of the experiment, is the Museum of unnatural erotic exhibits. Sisters are the most center of life, accompany each other through love lovelorn crush, also follow each other through marriage divorce separation. (Recommended reading: to remind you of her side: four movies in the good Sister plot )

Sisterhood thus replaces the importance of heterosexual relationships and disrupts the institutional nature of patriarchal societies. Gerhardt (Jane Gerhard) Therefore, the sister family is "the City of Desire" in the "Queer family", is the sweet reunion of feminist and queer culture, but also to jump off the patriarchal heterosexual society, the most gentle fairy wonderland.

Once, when Kelly briefly dated the mother of the male writer, trying to bind her with family happiness, she fled in a hurry. Her omnipresent narrator said: "Family is indeed the most important person in the world, but also your eternal destination." Then Kelly walked into the restaurant and reunited with three sisters. Ah, sister, Kelly's family, Kelly's eternal destination. Kelly fled from a happy family and returned to her sister's house. A single woman in this city may not be able to avoid heartbreak, but at least she can always return to her sister's house.

Men are flowing, sisters are eternal. "Sex and the City" not only create the most shocking female legends at the end of the 90, but also write down the most immortal sister myth of the post-feminist era. (Recommended to take: five Valentine's Day plans with sisters )