The world's mother has all kinds of appearance, but the only same is that they love the child with the deepest. Together with your mother, mother, we love you.

The poet Whales wrote to the sea, "to the mother": "I shook off the mother's hand, don't let him hold my hand go further and farther, more like a child/ The mother smiled/ The drizzle became the mother's white hair, Has become my white hair. My mother still takes me by the eye always holding me silently, don't let me know. "

Dragon should be in the "watched" Talk: " The so-called Father mother and son a game, but means that you and his fate is this lifetime constantly watching his back gradually drift away. You are standing at this end of the path, watching him fade away in the corner of the path, and, he used to tell you: Do not chase. "

Everyone talks about the mother, there is an exclusive memory, the mother's symbol, to include an independent spirit, beautiful soul. It is often said that mother and daughter are the most delicate relationships in the world, and you often love each other in a way that resists. After that hour chase you to run the person, grows up to change you to lead her to go. She's been through a lot of important moments in your life, kindergarten in the doorway is she hold back tears malicious said good-bye, the first menstruation to choose the first underwear embarrassment, adolescence you busy pass small note she busy peek in the drawer of love letter, she finally learned to let you fly, you feel the loneliness of freedom. (Recommended reading: go, go, people always learn to grow up on their own: accompany the mature woman's classic song list )

Mother's Day, to the world all beautiful mother and daughter plot, 15 pictures of mother and daughter, there is nothing more fragrant than the relationship between you.

In 2014, the 34-year-old Saciido Sheik Yacquub with her 13-year-old daughter, Faadumo Subeer Mohamed, who was photographed in a domestic exile in Mogadishu.

Love is in exile we are not discrete.

An Indian mother and her model daughter filmed the traditional and avant-garde contrast in 1999.

Love is the change that you accept me to grow, I understand the meaning of your life. (same field Gayon:20-year-old mother and daughter dialogue: We are all looking for love girl and woman )

Lucy Buell, a 76-year-old of the United States of California in 1974, is preparing for her granddaughter's wedding, and she has her daughter dress her.

Love is, in the past I lead you to go, now you lead me to see more world. (Recommended reading: A farewell letter addressed to my mother: I lost you, but I didn't lose your love )

In 2014, the 43-year-old Lucia Mayta with her 12-year-old daughter in a Bolivian bazaar.

In the United States of Roswell, Karly Plarisan with her mother to run a flower farm.

Love is our passion for the same kind of dream.

In the 2006 Alaska, my mother rides me on a buggy.

I remember sitting in the back of your seat, holding your pudgy belly peace of mind. (Recommended reading: the longer the larger the farther away from home, 10 of Tears of the Homesick song list )

Peggy Higgins is the nineth child of Francis Lovino, who likes to make breakfast together.

Masaki Nasaki Nami with her 13-year-old daughter, and her daughter's favorite saxophone, took a photo in 2014 at the Tokyo family.

Don't waste your life on my every investment, is to go all out I like the life. (Recommended reading: go back to the original point of boldness!) Tammy: "Like to go all out, become worthy of their own adults")

The 51-Year-old Rosaura Realsola with his daughter walking his dog in the streets of Mexico City.

And you go for a walk, the heart does not itch, feel the days of quiet, stare at your age old beauty. (Recommended reading: life is short, go after the dream!) )

September 2013, the sun is just right, Betty and Alison Dwolfa will travel from Australia to South Africa, to a mother and daughter trip.

As summer blooms, we talk on the Toronto waterfront.

The 18-Year-old Shang and his mother took a photo in the village of the Chinese continent. (Recommended reading: Gentle Lactation Manifesto: The most beautiful picture between mother and child )

According to Indian tradition, Gusti Ratu Kanjeng Hayu to go through her mother's bathing ritual before marrying.

You said that marriage does not splash, I will always be your daughter, here will always be my home.

Julie Becker is teaching her daughter a four-generation dessert recipe.

You always like to proudly show off my good craftsmanship.

42-Year-old Lucy Oyela with her 13-year-old daughter, Abber Lillian, in her home in northern Uganda.

15 kinds of mother and daughter appearance, the same happiness.

For her mother, Happiness is, last night, she beat the butt of the people, this morning happy to eat a table of good dishes; this morning waved goodbye to the man, the evening carrying a book bag staggered choke in the door, take off smelly socks, dirty uniforms, flutter on the sofa to watch cartoons; Happiness is by the customer back to the third proposal, was lost 10 of the Director of Planning books, After a long day's business, he returned home to open the door and snore and spit his mouth with a side face.

For children, Happiness is, in the tears of lovelorn can be remembered when the mother gently patted back warm hands; that person in your proud parselmouth success when you pour a bucket of cold water, but also in your dream of the crash quietly watch your back; Happiness is to take up the double the slap you have tied the hands of your braids; Happiness is in the bosom of that person you feel at ease, Close your eyes like a long time ago you bathed in her belly of the ocean, so warm. (Recommended reading: Dear Baby, your mother gave birth to you: Gentle production full record )

Dear mother, Happiness is every day you can feel loved, happy Mother's Day.

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