Small production, a use of elasticity, play sex to create unlimited possible dance troupe. The path of the pursuit of dreams is full of beautiful but lonely scenery, small production is how full of confidence and firm walking, and strive to let all the little things ferment, so that everyone from the bottom of my heart like the real self? Listen to their wonderful dream-chasing stories together. (Recommended to you: a love letter to yourself: I loved you, it's true )

"Small Things", is the most ordinary thing, is accustomed to life things. Our life is made up of a little thing, and the little things take us to this day, and lead us to pursue our dreams.

Small production, a commitment to dance creation, hoping to make everyone like the most true of their own dance troupe.

little Things made Les petites choses Production : This year's 525 women fans of the free Festival, with body awareness development led the " I love My body workshop ", teach you know yourself, like yourself; in August, a professional dance workshop will be held at Cloud Gate practice, and in 2014, the Huashan Art Freedom Day was " One day choreographer "activities, the idea of dancing will be passed to the different friends." Let's start with a film to understand the small production bar!

It is never easy to do the things you like and to practice your dreams, women fans please go to small things to make a dream and chat with us life, talk about frustration, love yourself, share to you, hope can give you full strength.

Small production of the three core members: the left from the Lotus, the head is Xuan and the article

Life is made up of a lot of little things that make you come to this day

Woman fans are honored to invite little things to make three core members come to Wonderland Park to receive an interview: Have a firm and steady eyes, always for the team to add a hearty and penetrating laughter of the head is Xuan, with blond hair as if warm sun on a cloudy day, on the face of the quality of a smile is always smiling and happy feeling of the Lotus.

Woman fan Editor in this year 525 free Festival with the lucky and small production cooperation, one hours of cooperation process warm and happy, think the small production is a very professional team, treat each audience is not sloppy, but also pay attention to each participant's harvest. Interview this day, small production of the pro and lovable let woman fan editor unloaded atrium and their big chat, no boundaries to share each other's life, because the arrival of small things, women fans paradise full of laughter and light, thank you small production for me on a hall of Courage to do their own, and strive to pursue the dream of the Class!

Talking about the composition of the little things made, is Xuan, quality Wen, Lotus, three people because of the Taipei University of the Arts (North Art) Dance Institute of graduation production "small Small things" meet, so as a sister to learn their sister clicked, decided to go farther away together, so into a regiment. At the same time, the composition of the small production is also the hope that through the whole team of everyone's talent, the use of group strength struggle, the team to a larger stage. Three very different girls, laugh, from their eyes, I can see to each other's Sang, trust, believe that their composition, can definitely together to a better future. (same field Gayon: Real good friends don't just consume you )

"Life is made up of a lot of little things that make you come to this day," he said. "Every Coolie workshop, small performance, small cooperation, these little things, are to make the dance of the major events, the commitment to do every little thing, is to bring to the audience touched the event." This is the origin of the small production group name.

7/3-8/2 Kaohsiung Weiwuying Dongle Festival, pictured by Argentine artist Liandro. Erich Design of the installation of the works of art "A House in Kaohsiung my home." Your Home "

Elasticity, play sex, create infinite possibility

In the quality of the mind, can represent small production of a word is "you never know". To maintain flexibility and play sex, no restrictions, whims but not casually, this is the small production.

for small production, dancing is life, everywhere is the stage-the floor is uneven, there is no mirror under the bridge to dance , invited 7/3-8/2 will debut Kaohsiung Weiwuying Dongle Festival, in Argentina artist Liandro. Erich Design of the installation of the works of art "A House in Kaohsiung my home." Your home is an opening show; in 2014 Huashan art Freedom Day "choreographer" for each audience to create a unique dance, shuttle in the campus curriculum, corporate workshops to lead different age groups of the audience to understand the dance, understand their own body. Never set limits for yourself, keep the elasticity, this feature, let the small production has been moving forward. He said firmly, "flexibility in the start-up of the person is very important, you always think that everything is arranged properly, there are many problems and temporary travel, flexibility determines whether we can take responsibility and pressure to continue to move forward." The same is true of women fans, never knowing if the next step is going to follow the plan, we are ready to turn at any time. (a glimpse of women fans: Listen to women fans, CEO and editor-in-chief chat work )

is a smile, said, "We are a group of people who do not like the dance Department of the composition of the dance troupe", from the starting point and others are not the same, the need for extraordinary efforts, the development of personal characteristics, is the small production of the most special place. The group only a year, small production each member has a great understanding and growth, just concentrate on playing the role of a good dancer, the thing to do is to create, dance, now have a dance troupe, but also need to deal with the administrative affairs of the team, practice and different units to engage, etc., has been in the reorganization of their own, learning and progress. Along the way is the original intention of making small things "elasticity, play sex, whims", happy work, keep playing sex and whims, but never casually.

Every job has a hard and tired moment, when we are less motivated to move forward, we may try to play in the rules, sometimes can develop more different ideas, create more possibilities! Interview this day, the woman fan editor and small production together in a woman fan paradise play a afternoon, hehe laugh, and recharge the full power, a lot of different ideas, very happy and full. (same field Gayon: There is no more than a minute of wonderful work, to do small things is the biggest work force )

Live in the present and try to live

Small production and we share, learning dance stage affect them very deep a predecessor-the North Arts dance College Dean Guna teacher once said: "Dance is alive, Alive can Dance."

When dancing, there is nothing more important than to enjoy the present. Dancing is a matter of small production, is never a simple thing, is a dream, is the "live in the present, hard to live" concept passed to the audience of a medium, every performance and workshop, small production All hope that the audience can live in the present, enjoy the dance transmission of the move. Appreciate the small production of the performance, you can see from them that the dynamic of life.

Adhere to the "Enjoy the present, work hard to live", but also let the small production has a lot of moving and understanding. Article with a serious and incomparable look said: "Every performance is not just moved, but moved." Sometimes the audience will not agree with your idea or like you, but he will be so hard for you to pay in the present heart, sweat, real body feeling, and deeply moved. This moment, for small production, is more moved than touched, because someone because they enjoy the dance and gain strength.

He bowed his head and smiled and said that she would be very moved and grateful to finish a piece of work each time. While trying to convey ideas, Xuan also thought, what makes these strangers willing to trust themselves? Willing to help yourself to complete the work and enjoy your work? Xuan found, because "trust", the idea of making small things have a great fermentation, a cooperative dancer, a teaching student, a spectator of the work, who believes in the idea of small production, has a different annotation on life, and is willing to share the belief of "live in the present" with more people. (same field Gayon: don't let Life be kidnapped by the future, live in the current three actions )

Again and again moved, let the small production know oneself not only will "live in the present, hard to live" concept passed to the audience, but also to take up the mission, for cultural heritage and arts activities responsible for, the more and more people are willing to enter the theater to see the performance. "You don't do it, no one will do it." In the eyes of three girls, full of firmness and confidence.

What kind of person do you want to be? The lonely road, can continue to go on

The graduation season, women fans special invitation to the small production and we share their dream journey of the Joys and sorrows and to enter the community to encourage the graduates. (recommended to you: Taiwan University graduates speech: When the power of the larger, please remember your 22-year-old eyes )

From the country's small to be sure that they want to dance, try to get into high school dance class of the lotus; dream of becoming a dancer but not the family support, college, because the community back to the dance embrace of the text; never thought that they would become a dancer, through the dance to rectify the hump and meet dance is Xuan. Three different starting points, three dreams, three girls chasing dreams. This lonely but full of happy road, they walk a good sureness.

In the state of physics and chemistry teacher's sentence: "After the Lin Sulin is to stand on the electronic float dance to the others to see", let a dance full of hope children are deeply hurt. Lotus does not think that the electronic float dance is not good, but the teacher's contemptuous tone, despise the attitude of the dance feel sad. Lively love speech, love and classmates for fun, this is the most true of the Lotus, also because of love to talk by the teacher humiliated. Despite the humiliation of the physics and chemistry teacher, then the Lotus very hard to become the first class to admit high school dance class people. This part of the acid with sweet memories, we saw the Lotus to dream of persistence.

Dancing is very realistic, physical energy will wear along with age, after the waves continue to push the waves, and sometimes efforts will not be directly proportional to the harvest. At the end of his senior year, he thought that the pinnacle of his dancing career was the best in his strength, the most energetic moment to draw a period; he has always had a high curiosity for various types of performing arts, stretching from dance classes to jazz, hip-hop, underground orchestras and even large musicals, and she found it important to understand her strengths and weaknesses, Find their irreplaceable, the future is still infinite possibility, become the ideal "performer." He said that the way to work in the arts is really lonely, but when you see someone in the rehearsal room who is as convinced as you are of the ideal and working together for the artistic environment of the land, you will feel full of life and vitality, although this is an unknown road, but she also mentioned the Polish poet Vislava. Wislawa Szymborska once said: "We are very lucky, do not know what kind of world we live in."

is not a dance class birth of the article, before the most expected is after school practice dance time, every time into the theater is a kind of enjoyment, can put aside all the worries, concentrate on doing one thing-dancing, that is the happiest thing! Dancing to her, is an important part of life, always give the article full strength. Even asked about the article, dancing on the road there is no unhappy memories, product text quick and happy answer: "No!" 」。 It was his love of dancing.

What kind of person do you want to be? On the way to the dream, we have been hurt, but as long as you know what you want, in the lonely road, but also can be confident to go, happy to enrich. We asked the little things to make every member of the graduating students, are chasing the dream of friends on the road to encourage:(same field Gayon: Hollywood Smart star graduation speech: The heart is always more important than the appearance )

"Imagine yourself at the age of 50, what do you want to be like at that time?" What kind of life do you have? Said the article.

"Brave to give up the wrong, the right will come (including Love Yo hehe)." "said Lotus.

"you Choose, you carry" Xuan said.

It's definitely not a small thing to love the real self from the heart.

In the small production of the hearts of members, there is an important mission: "I hope that one day, everyone can enjoy the true self, although it sounds a small matter, but in fact, is the most important thing." 」

on this mission, Lotus smiled, revealing curved eyes said, she once with a group of non-dance professional training of the vegetarian dancer together performance, in the curtain call, standing next to her little girl constantly crying, children because of dancing, like theater, reluctant to leave the joint rehearsal time, moved the Lotus Let everyone believe that we are able to dance, but also is one of the reasons for small production efforts.

Small production want to share with women fans reader: "What kind of yourself, you will be happy?" "It's never a trivial thing to find the dream that you want most, and to love yourself from the bottom of your heart." Small production, talk about their dance, their ideas, their dreams, everyone in the eyes of bright, they are doing their favorite things, they also really like the real themselves. (same field Gayon: after leaving you , I finally have the courage to do what I like )

Dream, let us use a different way to interpret!

At the end of the interview, we invited small things to be made to a woman who was fascinated by the reader with a "love herself" as the theme of the dance.

Small production in the Wonderland Park on the white ladder to play, with their lives, dance a period of wonderful. Dream, never easy, when you are willing to bite the teeth through the lonely road, waiting for you, is the most beautiful future. This dance, for you!

After watching the small production of films, is not the intention to do?! And you share the next little things to make a show around the performance information Yo, welcome to personally enjoy their performance:)

Liandro. Aillich A House in Kaohsiung x trifle production "Mi Casa Tu Casa" 2015 Wei Wu Ying Children Festival
Time: 7/3-7/5
Location: Kaoshong Camp Outdoor Park

2015 Taipei Arts Festival "Longing"
Time: 9/4-9/5
Location: Polymer〈, 3/F, 9th Beitou Road, Taipei, China

2015 Taipei Fringe Character program "Amateur Life"
Time: 9/10-9/12
Venue: Performing Arts Hall, third floor, youth breeding Centre

Little things make a team debut
Taipei Reservation in 2015/12/16-18 at Huashan Wine Hall
Chiayi Field Reservation in 2015/12/26-27 at Jiayi Performing Arts Center Beech

Please look forward to it!