How to make a raspberry Pi game machine from scratch and use the Python programming language to create unlimited possibilities for this tiny computer.

June, women fans of the first operation of Paradise, the key word is technology! After the first Facebook party, women are very happy. The second event in the park is the first joint Raspberry Pi game Machine DIY Workshop organized by Taiwan Women Technology Group pyladies & Taiwan Raspberry Faction . The main purpose of the day is to teach a group of 30 students who do not have a raspberry machine background to make a multi-functional small computer game with their hands after a day's workshop!

It's a wonderful feeling to be able to create with your own hands. Woman fan CEO Wei Xuan often said a word is "from zero to one", starting from the beginning of the concept of zero, to all the real process of occurrence is particularly moving, because we can rely on their own efforts, every bit of a picture of the beautiful blueprint, all experience, learning also can give back to themselves. 6/28 This day, we walked a journey from zero to one in a woman's paradise. In the women's Paradise, Taiwan's Python Ladies first collaborated with Raspberry Pi to organise a DIY workshop to teach you how to make Raspberry Pi games from scratch and use the Python programming language to create a small computer with no Limit possibilities.

Technology is a step closer to life.

First of all to introduce you to the raspberry machine in the end is what (W is not a science and technology people, so will try to explore the vocabulary we all understand):

A computer with a credit card size. Any computer can do, raspberry Pi can! At first it was developed by an educational institution in the UK to educate children about computers and coding, which are more lightweight and more versatile than computers. As long as the different parts are connected and the instructions are set, the expansion of the raspberry Pi may be infinite! Not only that, raspberry Pi is the average computer 10%, cheap price plus multiple applications so now there are more and more adults to become his loyal supporters!

There are two very unique groups in this workshop to make sure everyone knows! Pyladies is a non-profit international organization that aims to enable the world's girls to learn Python programming language in a comfortable and comfortable environment, and to set up exclusive women's pyladies in major cities in Europe and the United States and Australia, Korea and India. community. Take for granted, in this way encourage the development of women's pluralistic organizations, female fans how willing to miss the opportunity to cooperate with them! (Extended reading: The company that the girls started is more profitable!) To see 5 women entrepreneurs in the tech circle.

In addition to pyladies , the Taiwan Raspberry Faction , another organization of the joint workshop, is a designated agent for the Raspberry Pi headquarters in the United Kingdom. The Taiwanese raspberry pie was originally intended to attract and gather more people who love raspberry Pi games to delve into its beauty.

Because in the production of Raspberry Pi game will also need to learn the language of the program, so pyladies This special please come to the head of Taiwan Raspberry Faction Sosorry (W series also specifically confirmed twice this special name) to teach you how to assemble raspberry Pi game when using the Python language to set program instructions.

Before participating in this activity, W make up oneself also never contacted Raspberry Pi, but in a whole day workshop of the ears, can't help feeling this palm size machine function is too powerful! We know that people who are unfamiliar with technology, how far to write programming language, let alone assemble a computer? Just think "impossible","can't do it". And you think the day activities live and raspberry Pi powerful function, perhaps you will also ignite a curiosity on the program, attentively learning technology, from life a step closer! (You will also like: believe in yourself, infinite possibility )

You can write a program without a professional background! Exciting events

The most special part of this workshop is that all participants do not need to have a technical background. Like the combination Lego blocks, as long as the purchase of a simple hardware accessories/combination set, everyone can follow Sosorry Teacher's explanation step by step, in the constant attempt and error, create a unique raspberry Pi. It is worth mentioning that, because this activity does not set a limit for female students, women's paradise is also the first time to receive so many boys (hope to let more boys join together to make the world a better, more free ranks!) )

On the day of the workshop, the park was full of curious and studious students. Most of the participants are working people or college students who already have a full-time job. In order to learn how to make a raspberry machine, everyone took a whole day off from a valuable weekend to experience the charm of this mini computer! In order to let everyone fully learn to raspberry Pi wide use, the day Sosorry teacher prepared a series of basic function introduction, lead all students from the most basic parts assembly began, and gradually will rapsberry PI game machine function expansion to: Internet, induction, sound playback, With the game remote!

The first step is always the hardest and most fulfilling. Students first learn how to connect raspberry Pi to a wireless network because each student has a different schedule. Every half hour, lecturer Sosorry will ask and personally teach to make sure that everyone is on the same schedule and then go down to teaching.

Sosorry one by one pay attention to each student's progress

Then, Sosorry teachers to demonstrate how the lightweight small computer with LED lamps to induction, display the various states of the environment. After the LED lamp is moved into the console panel, students can try to use the Python programming language to set the current so that the lamp will continue to shine after reaching a certain current intensity.

This light action seems simple, but can extend the function is infinitely many!

In addition to the LED lighting display, students also learned how to set the computer on the same day to the different frequency of the current output as audio to the link on the Raspberry Pi buzzer beep.

After leading students to experience the use of raspberry Pi more "serious", let us easily return to its Chinese formerly known as "game consoles" the nature of play. Sosorry the same day on the scene to demonstrate how the game on the market on the remote thumb joystick connected to the raspberry machine, and will be transformed into a small game remote control operation of the familiar Mary and gluttonous snake game.

This is the most favorite learning content of the day W. Remind us of the happy memories of the times through the familiar games. Suddenly, the programming language, the Palm-type computer, these difficult concepts feel less distance.

Although the impression of Mario is always stuck in the memory of being eaten by turtles, but looking at the Sosorry teacher easily control the palm of the big raspberry Pi machine so that Mary can not help but miss these are now classified as "retro" of the simple game.

Although each new action instructions need to write program settings, but Sosorry teachers carefully take into account the writing program is not familiar with the students, and all need to set the program language information are listed in advance so that students can light meaning with the course speed. At the end of the workshop, W series observed that the students are showing satisfaction with the expression of their own can in a day, from zero to one, from the program language to be able to build a multi-functional raspberry Pi machine Progress full of achievement.

Raspberry Pi practical and fun to use example

After class, Sosorry also revealed that in addition to sharing the basic use of the day, Raspberry Pi game machine can also be paired with different hardware accessories, expanded into more sophisticated sophisticated high-tech products such as small cameras, tablet computers, even a robot! In order to let us simple to understand the raspberry Pi function, the following finishing out W make up their own think raspberry machine most interesting, practical functions.

  • Surfing the Internet: seemingly simple, but for the writing program language ignorant of the W series, a large palm card can send and receive network signals is really incredible. For the outside rush, and often need a special network signal of the W series, light this basic skills can be an eye-opener!
  • Environmental induction: The indispensable convenience of modern life, good helper! Using the LED flashing principle taught by the workshop that day, raspberry Pi can be transformed into a traffic light, or even a number of induction weather forecasts.
  • Music player: Raspberry Pi machine can also be played as a small music player. Similar to Sosorry teachers teach students the same day the link in the Raspberry Pi buzzer sounds the same reason, students can extend this function and to make piano simulator, music player, their own musicians!

Full of strong scientific and technological atmosphere in June, in addition to face Book Party ,pyladies & Raspberry Pi DIY Workshop, women's Paradise in 6/29 also held the first parent-child Salon , Teach parents how to use technology puzzle games with computer apps to participate in their children's lives and make learning more like playing games rather than drudgery.

In the three events of June, we emphasized the use of technology to concatenate people and make life more convenient.

Finally, but also thanks to the day after the course to leave every comment on the park. Your suggestions are the driving force for us to become better:

"The first time to see such a good venue, each place is comfortable, see the design of the intentions and ingenuity." 」

"Female fans of the space design is very comfortable, but also access control, let people feel secure space." 」

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