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7/31: We will always be the little prince

Today is the 71 anniversary of the death of St. Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the author of the Little Prince. 71 years ago, P-38, a French Air Force pilot, piloted a lightning fighter in the south-eastern part of France to take the terrain and map, not to be returned.

The story of the Little Prince begins in a pilot crash in the Sahara desert in Africa, where he met a small son from a distant planet . The little prince came from a small asteroid numbered B-612, on the tiny planet where he lived, a proud and beautiful Rose,

After the "Little Prince" published in the next year, and he was driving the plane disappeared together , many people think that this story with the little Prince too many coincidences , the life of the story of a little prince again.

What is really important is not seeing with the eyes. Only by looking attentively can we see clearly. "The Fox said to the little prince, domesticated me, in this world I am the unique fox."

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8/1: When whitening in India becomes a myth that encourages skin discrimination

You also believe that "a white cover three ugly." "?" she said. In India, White is not only a beautiful myth, but also a symbol of the level of class. Many Indian women often run out of ways to improve their social status, only to turn themselves white.

Women's journal Kali for Women founder Butali said, "Indians deeply rooted in the heart of caste superiority, is the main cause of skin discrimination." "The main ethnic groups in India are the Nigli, the original Australians, the Vishnu, the Aryan and the Asians."

Because the colonial Aryan and the British were all white, for the Indians , the white skin is the ruling class power symbol, so the society often thinks , the white skin Aryan person is more exalted than the brown complexion of the Vishnu. "The Last generation wanted to marry a daughter-in-law that was white skin," said Women Worth, co-founder of the international nonprofit organization. 」

In 2012, the amount of whitening products in India reached 233 tons, selling more than Coca-Cola. In order to choke off India's whitening trend, the 2009 Indian International Non-Profit organization Women of Worth launched the Dark is Beautiful (black is beautiful) social movement, hope that women of all colors can find self-worth.

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8/2: The women's aid will be set up to bear their wounds.

The 1987 "Anti-trafficking-care child" campaign called on the community to care for Aboriginal girls being forced from prostitution and demanding that the government outlaw the illegal color industry. The women's rescue will be set up on August 2 this year.

Before the martial law was adopted, Taiwanese society did not fully understand and disagree with the so-called "fight for women's rights" by women's groups. The anti-child prostitution campaign has pushed many people's enthusiasm for the women's movement to the highest point, and is also an important milestone in the history of Taiwanese women's movement.

Caring for the Child prostitution Parade, the women's movement was pulled to the stage through the "Child prostitution problem", and a friendly interaction was reached between the mass media, which allowed more people to see the existence and voice of the female community.

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8/3 when the seeds of hatred continue to spread between the Israeli and Palestinian

The Israeli-Palestinian relationship has been strained and heated up. A 1-Year-old boy who was still in a toddler's life was burned alive in a residential area in the West Bank of Cisiordania, arson by Jewish extremists on the night of July 31.

The attackers were dissatisfied with the conciliatory policy that Israel had taken before, arguing that the official stance was weak, so they called the action "price action" and vowed to pay the Palestinian price.

Extremists enter the Palestinian Duma Village (Duma), throwing bombs into homes, and instantly burned the entire house, 1-year-old Ali Dawabsheh was burned to death, parents and 4-year-old brother was severely burned.

In the past 3 years, Israelis have set fire to 9 homes in Cisiordania and bombed a taxi, but no one has been prosecuted. Israeli human rights organization B ' Tselem said that if the attacks continue to be tolerated, those who express "regret" and "no longer condone" the official statement is only a deal with the rhetoric.

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8/5 New York "National Underwear Day", Dance Your Freedom

Each year August 5 is the New Yorker's nationalunderwear Day, which is meant to showcase a variety of underwear, no longer just for sexual purposes, to advocate a healthy lifestyle, and to raise people's attention to underwear.

American Lingerie network retailer Freshpair launched the National Underwear Day in 2003, each year in different parts of New York, the same design, the biggest event is the 2013 in the Times Square party, to challenge the most people wear underwear together set of the Golden world record.

At that time, a large number of men and women strip response, all different age , stature, body type of people are equally free to bare-some people happy to show beer belly, there are old people confidently put on underwear to dance, this event from five in the morning to seven o'clock in the evening, various sections style of underwear all out.

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8/6 Hiroshima 70 Anniversary of the original explosion

Today is the 70 anniversary of the original explosion of Hiroshima, the prime minister, Abe, once again calling on the world to abolish nuclear weapons in his speech at the ceremony.

August 6, 1945 8:15, the U.S. military in Hiroshima dropped a small boy's original bullets, three days later from an airbag bombs. These two original explosions were considered the key to the end of the two World War. But in Hiroshima at least 70,000 people died on the spot, the remaining more than 70,000 people in the original explosion, after another because of burns, radiation infection, white blood disease and other causes of death.

"Please sleep here, and let the war be a mistake again." "Hiroshima, the death of the atomic bomb," said the consolation tablet. Many Americans believe that the atomic bomb is the necessary evil to quickly end the war and to avoid more lives to be sacrificed.

However, can life really be measured in quantity? In his speech, Abe Abe mentions that not only is death approaching, but survivors are suffering from unspeakable pain. The problem of life and emotion can never be calculated accurately, because suffering is always the " person" with blood and tears.

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