"Fast news is about information, and slow news is about meaning." "Here, when we're not realistic, we use a daily selection of diaries to explore stories from all over the world in a frivolous way." Modernization does not mean Westernization, and international view is not equal to the western view, the mainstream media is not concerned about the international news is not non-existent, open the other window of the world, read the world past, present and future significance. (Extended reading: bubble cowboy, plastic and what?) The "Good woman" rule of the Chinese Village Rabbit )

8/21:Patricia Field proves that fashion does not mean youth

When we talk about fashion, young girls are always admired. Most fashion magazine covers, ads, and catwalk are surrounded by faces under the age of 30, with only A handful of exceptions, such as Marc Jobs's latest advertisement for 69-year-old Cher.

However, when we worship youth, some things are in the ripe age, can accumulate the personal style. Like the sex city and the stylist Patricia Field, who wears Prada, the 74-year-old likes extremely bright colors, always with strong red hair and red lips, breaking the tradition of the old woman should be "elegant "," simplicity "of the impression.

Patricia Field has won the two Emmy Award for the best costume styling, many people think she defying age impression , try new modeling is brave behavior, but for her, shaping the style is: "Find yourself, listen to their hearts, positioning themselves, do not doubt to go from The letter interprets oneself, has nothing to do with bravery. 」

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8/22: Zhanghua Women will write down the starting point of Taiwan's maternity movement

At the beginning of the women's movement in Taiwan, temples were often used as a stronghold. The temple at the peak of incense is the public place where the people of Taiwan are gathered and the most frequent "appearances" of women. The first Taiwanese women's group, "Changhua Women's Association ", is the preferred venue for the activities of the Temple of Heaven to promote the feminist movement.

In the new culture movement during the Japanese rule, there are many cultural people in Changhua. Local women, under the background, produce different new thinking. In 1925 years (big positive 14, by Yang Yong, Cai Feng, Pan, Lin Wu, etc. 40 Knowledge Women, co-founded the Changhua Women together, let the original barren woman movement, inject new life.

The Zhanghua women are free to participate in the same age and identity as long as they agree to the purpose of "improving their habits and promoting their culture". Regular meetings, lectures, games and handicrafts exhibitions will be held. In particular, the department has organised a sports meeting to enable women to increase their physique through physical activity in view of the fact that women have long been locked up within the family and lack physical training so that they are chronically frail. Furthermore, various language workshops are held regularly to broaden the horizons of women's knowledge. The speech will also be the focus of the meeting, encouraging women to rise up to promote women's social status. The speaker was the first in Taiwan's history of women who had been a member of the audience.

The police have adopted an urgent targeting strategy, such as the various workshops, the presence of inspectors, the banning and suspension of meetings, and even dissolution. Despite the colonial authority's eyeliner , or the pressure to transfer work, Zhanghua women are still trying to break through the trap and fight for sound.

The women's movement is indeed a hard road. Their efforts have opened the first window for the women's movement in Taiwan, allowing Taiwanese women to get a glimmer of hope from the opening up of the gap.

Open another window of the world 〉〉 from Europe and America to see Taiwan! Women in politics make society better

8/23:823 female forces in the artillery

When it comes to 823 artillery, we must talk about Kinmen women, in which all young women are to be incorporated into the civil defence system in self-defence.

In the past Gang era, the great front of Kinmen, way, no male and female, must be ready to go to the battlefield. In that year, Kinmen women, as long as the age of 35 years old, unmarried, have to join the SDF (also known as the women's team), to receive civil defense training.

At 823 artillery, these women risked their life defending their homeland under fire, and when we remembered men's bravery, we did not forget to salute the women of the battlefield.

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8/24: The nudity controversy in Times Square

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has decided that when it comes to Times Square, the naked display is the best formula. Recently, he has enacted the latest reforms--aimed at nearly all the in Times Square.

Over the past few months, carnival-like scenes have appeared in Times Square, where many young women of Latin American immigrants are covered with only thongs and pose with tourists to earn tips.

These have little or no physical contact with visitors and rustic , and they have strong male assistants to help keep the money and ensure that the audience's hands remain calm. But some tourists complain that they do not want to see a lot of flesh, especially when traveling with their children.

Despite the indifference of most New Yorkers to the nudity, The city's patience has come to an end, as the New York Daily cover story featured the "Topless woman" in Times Square. 」

"I assure you that this is going to change. "blasio recently announced to the media:" I will not tolerate it, this is what we want to change. " 」

According to the American Supreme Court, nudity is the art of performance. New York Law also allows men and women to be naked in front of the public. The gaudy movements of these naked "performers" make culture and thought stronger, because true freedom is the "difference" of support, and the ability to be free to do what everyone seems to dislike, fool or even obscenity.

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8/25: Anne Boleyn of History

Anne Boleyn, born around 1501 BC, is generally defined as the main cause of the notorious divorce case in King Henry VIII in the history of the United Kingdom. But modern scholars speculate that the king's heart had long since left his first wife, Catherine, several years before he met Anne.

Although Anne's appearance is not outstanding, the King is still attracted by her wit, intelligence and rich expression. Anne also uses her influence to promote religious freedom and to educate the poor. Under her influence, the king broke away from the Holy See and founded the British sect.

Eric Ives in his book "the Life and Death of Anne boleyn" that after King Henry's advisers staged a coup, AnnE was sentenced to death because of her confrontation with them on charitable issues. EriC Ives also pointed out that Anne's enemies had manipulated women's culture and attacked her female identity, leading to the death penaltyfor adultery, incest, treason and other crimes in 1 to 536 years.

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8/26: Chua is invited to participate in the feminine age of female fans

"Let me try it once." "This is the remark of the DPP president, Tsai, before he went abroad to study, to worry about her father. At that time the Tsai heart embrace the world, anxious to make their own life is different.

Tsai led the DPP through the presidential election defeat, still firmly ahead of her, heart is still the same sentence "Let me try to see." "But now Cai English is eager to close, from the world back to Taiwan, this time in the female force of the classroom and we have a glimpse of Taiwan's problems, and to ask the solution side of the problem."

"Personal is politics. "What kind of life we want on this land depends on political security for us," he said. Politics is not just a fight or a vote in Congress, everyone is a small but important change of power, the women's Times classroom, where we do not divide the blue-green, do not talk about right and wrong, exchange the eyes of Taiwan to you.

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8/27:women ' s Equality Day women Ping Quanji

1920 of Yesterday (8/26), American women get the right to vote. The 19th Amendment passed in that year changed the lives of countless American women. Women's Ping Quanji was launched in 1971 by Congressman Bella Abzug to commemorate the 19th Amendment to the Constitution that gave women the right to vote. Today, women's equality Day has become a platform for advocacy groups to promote women's issues such as equal pay and health options.

So far, we have been working on this long road. "If you believe that law and social norms have become your defining principles, then you have given your own" legitimacy "to the institution, and you are no longer you. 」

The main idea of feminism is never to "hate men", but to change the oppression of the social structure to the single sex, so that people of different sexes can be free. Eckhardt Tolly said: "Waiting is a state of mind, meaning you need the future, and you do not now." You don't want to put your hopes in the future at this moment. 」

Open another window of the world 〉〉 wrote in 38 women's Day, what kind of world do we want?