Five we think can have a better social phenomenon, inviting you to use three small methods, let us really go to "everyone can be free to do their own" world.

in countries where women are not yet entitled to the basic rights guaranteed by laws such as the right to political participation, striving for equality in legal norms is the most important gender issue. But do you think that our world is really "gender equality" when it is the same as legal norms?

Most modern women do not have the surname, the same voting rights with men, and gradually from the family to the workplace, seemingly there is no difference between men and women, but the implicit oppression has never been far away, our world is still a distance from true equality.

consider the following question: Why are 90% of the victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault or domestic violence women? Celebrity outflow of nudity or erotic photos, why do we always kneel on the point, watching the victims for their own "good silly naïve" apology, but not to punish the infringer? In the division of household chores, it takes a lot of effort and time to cook and wash dishes and take care of in-laws and children. "Man has tears not light bomb" is also tears, for men and women will have different evaluation? In fact, we still have the shadow of gender inequality everywhere in our life, below we have four social phenomena, want to let everybody more know our world.

What kind of face does an "ideal" world have? To us, the ideal world is "free", "freedom to be Yourself", "to be able to truly embrace their desires and vulnerabilities." Dear, to achieve gender equality, as a woman we have a lot to say, but also want to invite you to work with us from life.

Stop condemning the victim! Give me back my body's sovereignty.

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Do you know? Women between 15-44 years of age are at greater risk of rape or domestic violence than they are at risk of war, cancer, malaria or traffic accidents. Regardless of national boundaries, there are violent women crying in the world everywhere.

In addition to the recent High-profile Turkish-rape killings, theBBC documentary "India's Daughters" , in the Middle East,ISIS is carrying out "seeding" operations , kidnapping 300 Yazidi women, The group sexually abused them in order to keep the women pregnant in order to perpetuate the offspring of ISIS. The occurrence of sexual violence in western civilized countries has never been absent. In the United States, for example, the Federal Ministry of Justice investigation revealed that one of the five female college students in the United States had been sexually abused during the school period, and the New York State situation is more serious, according to New York State against Sexual Assault coalition data, girls in the university during the sexual assault rate of up to One-fourth.

"Are they wearing or behaving in a disorderly light, why should they wear that?" Boys can not help it when they see it. "," So late to go out, be sexually abused who blame? "Every time there is a sexual assault, there is always a comment asking the victim to review his or her own behaviour rather than the atrocities committed by the perpetrators," he said. But in addition to asking women to learn to protect themselves, is it also a different angle to think about: Why men can't control their sexuality? (Thinking Together:"The body was picked up is the girl deserved?" "The ubiquitous culture of violence Rape Culture."

In the case of sexual violence, female victims lose control of their bodies and activities, but still do not lose control of the "mind", so those violations, are truly imprinted on the fragile heart, into the scars will never be wiped out.

Please return the female body sovereignty to the female, male's rape behavior should not be regarded as the established but cannot change the state. We look forward to a world where women will one day have the "privilege" of being male, free to walk in the evening, free to dress like clothes, free to gaze at strangers and smile. (Brave to say no: bear the pain bravely! Big girl student carrying the mattress on the incident to sue the culture of rape

Lust, it's my privacy, not the public.

Last year there were two events in Taiwan that were impressive, one is Molly's "I Want to Rape you", the other is Liu Jiaoan's "senior Aid to women," the former is a model of young Jasmine in the medical Beauty Clinic in the present no one, to her boyfriend spoiled love: " I'm going to rape you over here. "After the clinic dispute, the film was leaked to a weekly. In the end, she choked with a journalist and apologized to the fans: "I'm sorry to disappoint you." 」

The latter is a weekly magazine to Hong Kong men videotaping video directly to Liu Jiaoan is a senior aid to pay women, in addition to the report, one weekly also published Liu Jiaoan suspected to discuss the price of the film, after Liu Jiaoan to 17,000 words of confession letter to the public apology, and explain the day is due to negotiate business, was framing candid camera.

We take it for granted that they are coming out to apologize for the privacy they have violated, but they have condoned the media's disregard for journalistic ethics and the question of why the media can spread sexual privacy issues without the consent of the parties to consume women. The apology should not be theirs, but the bloodthirsty media. White: Their personal behavior, whether or not in line with your own values, should not be a media profit-making tool. (Look together: the Sun Flower Queen's Media witch hunt Apocalypse: Refusing to take candid photos to defend sexual rights )

But the absurd is the media crazy hype victim's privacy according to the news, until the victim publicly apologized for their "good silly naïve" responsible. We think that women are contaminated with sex is private morality, the media abuse of privacy issues are masked, everyone in the victim's private life, rather than denounce the media can discuss the method of reporting.

I hope one day we will see the victims in Taiwan, like the Hollywood topless outflow, the reaction of Little Jennifer Laurence:"I don't need to apologize!" It's not a scandal, it's a sex crime! " no longer eager to apologize to the public, and confidently defend their privacy." (Recommended reading: hollywood actress nude photos of the outflow of reflection: "You wear too little, will be raped" era, actually not far away )

Beauty, by my own definition

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"Thin body secret big public!" "and" eat and drink not afraid of fat! "," the most effective whitening Method! "," RIPE female rejuvenation! "," Cup Super effective upgrade operation! "," three-minute big eye Method! "These headlines abound in our daily life, whether it is to open a magazine, turn on the television or surf the internet," white, thin, chest big, three-dimensional facial features, "such as beautiful myths will be repeated, so that women to put aside these stereotypes more difficult.

Jolin in the new song "Pooh" in the MV to dare to expose the method to taunt the media chasing female star career line phenomenon, in recent years, women's breasts have almost been replaced by the word "career line," regardless of the female's intrinsic, talent, ability, as the deeper the breast groove, the greater the possibility of career, In the actress of showbiz, the more chances of topless breast lotion, the more attractive the lens will be. Women have been caught up in the society's established framework for "beauty" in female bodies. ( on the topic of "Beauty": I define beauty myself )

Let us learn to discard the "breast, whitening, slimming, deep features," The beauty of the myth, as Feminists Mies view: "As the main body, from the inside to feel their body, try to meet their own pleasure desire to know what their needs are." Define yourself by your inner feelings and feel like you are a complete person. Instead of looking at ourselves in the eyes of other people, our bodies are not there to make others feel happy. 」

Stop believing in the perfect figure and appearance that the public has created, everywhere to enviable slim posture, rounded chest, or flawless skin, when we yearn for beauty too single, and the "beauty" of the standard is outside manipulation, will forget their feelings is the most important. Dear, everything you look like, as long as you feel at ease, is your most beautiful appearance. (Recommended reading:3,000 years of beauty standard only to prove one thing: this time for women to make the decision )

Family and career, never should be the choice of life alternative

Last year, human rights lawyer Aramudin ended the golden Bachelor George clone, the woman's highly educated, high-income marriage, so that American anthropologists Fisher recently invented new words ──"the clone effect" to describe such a social phenomenon. " Men began to want their wives to be more independent and to have their own lives and careers outside the home. Traditional patriarchal, wife of the combination of your husband gradually changed.

Aramudin to society as a successful woman, marriage is not a stumbling block in her life, she can take into account both marriage and career, not only in two of them to choose one. Even with George Klone married, she is the original herself, to maintain the true self, her life is not the accessory of George Clone, and her identity is not just "George the wife of Benny." (Take a look: not just George Clone's fiancee, let's give you the name: Aimer Aramudin )

The definition of success certainly varies from person to person. But the dilemma of modern women's desire to break through is that women lack or believe they have the right to choose. "There is always a woman behind a successful man", reflecting the concept of traditional female owners, men never worry about how to reconcile work and family, but women often worry that they can only choose one, after the family, is unlearning, is often a woman to the cause of the heart.

in American families, wives are more 30%~40% than husbands in nurturing their children. In Taiwan, women spend an average of 3 times times more time on housework than men. In the case of family and career candles burning at both ends, husbands cannot be shared together, when a wife or mother is well hard, women's time no longer belongs to their ideals, while the marriage is kidnapped. Finally became a lack of sleep, work overtime, back home and to take care of the housework of the Labor robot. (Recommended reading: Please thank the mothers who would like to have children in Taiwan )

dear, overcome the fear of your own heart, and when the chance comes, say aloud: "I Can!" "Don't be afraid of being labeled" strong "or" trying to be too strong ", don't always bow your head and fear that you can't juggle marriage or family. Find a partner who is equal to each other and find a partner who is not afraid that women may be more successful than you, find a partner who thinks they can appreciate their intelligence, insights and ambitions, and find a partner who is willing to share the housework with you. We have to achieve equality at home before we have the opportunity to achieve equality in the workplace. (You will also like:Lean in, female forces conquer the workplace )

What can we do to "change"?

The patriarchal system often makes the person in it feel normal and natural, so that there is no feeling of oppression. We often do not see the true nature of the patriarchal, the discrimination, prejudice and repression as a reasonable thing, to shake up a system that has been in existence for a long time requires a concerted effort between the sexes, so that we can truly be free as a "person", rather than continuing to struggle under the "Man/Woman" label, these simple actions begin with you and me:

1. To remain skeptical, nothing is "taken for granted".

A lot of people think, "It's not what I do, or what happens to people I care about." "And that the gender is not responsible for the problems under the patriarchal system," he said. But "being sexually abused is not protecting yourself!" "," white, thin, big eyes, big breasts is beautiful. "," The sex picture asks the load point! "and" The meaning of marriage is family. "And so on, these are everywhere in the life of the concept, in fact, are the patriarchal system of the collective products, as individuals, we also often become an accomplice in the unconscious." So we need to be more alert and mindful of what is happening around us-to actively observe, read, listen, learn and doubt what we see, rather than drift along with the public opinion. (You will also like: The Australian supermodel Andreja Pejic's dream come true: I became the woman in my mind!) )

2. Practise making sounds and make people hear their own voices.

Paternity depends on the silence of the masses, so let's not turn silence into habit. So let's practice from life together, for example: When someone tells a sexist joke, can I not laugh? In the media's disregard for journalistic ethics, can I leave out curiosity and try to write a letter to protest or refuse to click on the relevant news? When there is discrimination in other people's discourse, can I not be afraid to destroy and be brave and tell each other how I feel?

Society is not forever a huge thing, only people's participation, the system is meaningful, when we are naturally to follow the established route, the oppression of paternity is so little bit to be maintained and molded. Don't let oppression limit our lives and our imagination, so that our horizons cannot transcend it. Don't forget that every time we choose a different reaction, we let others see the opportunity to have different paths. (Together voice: Hollywood's male star Force is very Emmahuasen!) #HeForShe let men be the gentle support behind women )

3. Mutual assistance and understanding of gender has never been a fixed role.

Last December, in California, a 12-year-old boy, Ronin Himisu, had chosen to go to the brink of a prolonged bullying at school. He suffered from classmate speech bullying because he is the school's only cheerleader male, and later was elected captain, and often be sour laugh as "like a homosexual." Hey honey, from this heartbreaking story, what we want to say is that men are not just "masculine", women are not just "feminine ".

To loosen the patriarchal system, it is necessary to avoid the classification of gender two, to avoid using the traditional "gender role" to define individual performance and action. When people of different genders can be liberated from the words "male", "sissy", which violate the established gender impression, men can shed tears, express emotions, and define success without the achievement of career, and women can be independent, dominant and not good at nurturing. Gender "can no longer be a bondage, this path requires mutual assistance between people of different sexes, no longer use the" to be like a man/woman "Standard to see others, and embrace the difference. (Recommended reading: when the memory of tomorrow becomes the gender issue today: Do men have a weak right?) )

The main idea of feminism is never to "hate men", but to change the oppression of the social structure to the single sex, so that people of different sexes can be free. Eckhardt Tolly said: " waiting is a state of mind, meaning you need the future, and you do not now." You don't want to put your hopes in the future at this moment. "

Honey, if you tell We are convinced that the same thing, let us now together in life practice, perhaps the ideal future is still far away, but as long as the day changes a little bit, we will be able to approach ourselves to like, feel at ease a little bit.