We like to read because we can see another in between, because you can go beyond time and space to travel in different countries and times, reading is a very high opportunity cost of leisure and entertainment. Do you know that a girl who loves to read is more considerate and allows you to grow? If you have a bookworm beside you, please cherish him, because he will lead you to see a better world between the pages. (Now it's hot: the life scenery in those literature: we read all the way, we reap it )

"There's nothing sexier than dating someone who loves to read." 」

Do you like reading? Do you have more credit cards or a library card in your wallet? What's good about girls who love to read?

Love to read the woman is like a book, about her fascinating story, you always want to read and reread, each age with her, have a different intelligent harvest. Here are nine reasons why it's nice to be with someone who loves to read! (same field Gayon: A reading list of peeping women fans: engineers, editors, designers, read Books)

1. She enjoys the beauty of solitude

"We read to understand that we are not alone." We read because we are lonely. We read, and then we are not alone. We are not alone. --Ka Bullie Liven

People with a habit of reading can always spend hours immersed in the world of books, and she doesn't even need you to stick around and spend time together. When Alice. If a new book is published, you may be left out for a few days; When you work late, don't worry about whether she is full or angry. Because Shen immersed in reading she has no time and you care about Trifles!

2. She's better at understanding than anyone.

Studies have pointed out that people who like to read novels have a special empathy for others. Because she is reading a world more than most people walk, she can be very comfortable in many roles between the shuttle, as her years of experience in reading novels.

Reading bottom Interreligious deep people absolutely have double empathy and stress, because she has the ability and imagination of deep stories, relative to the reality of empathy, the charm of tolerance. you are with her, not afraid to meet the conflict and setbacks, because she understands the people, nothing immutable eternal. She will always be around you to embrace your quirks and weaknesses, never to persuade you to be who's shadow. (Extended reading: love for the rest of your life!) From the psychology to see the relationship six secrets of the long

3. She has the ability to think independently

when you meet difficulties or setbacks, she is a person who can take the time to spend with you and help you make a choice. Such a girl will not be stingy to tell you her original insights, and will not always complain about the unhappiness of her life. Because the people who love reading have the space of independent thinking, they will force themselves to be static, reflective, such people to assess the actual situation and the ability to seek positive solutions is also better.

4. She is content and happy to herself

What made her happy was perhaps not an anniversary, a holiday, but the freedom to spend the afternoon in a bookstore. Even at random in a second-hand bookstore, is her heart Pentium Paradise. A love of reading, as long as a corner to sit down and a good story, you can have a beautiful full of the big adventure, she more than who, all know the joy of life and self-sufficiency. (Recommended reading: The basic condition of having a happy, satisfying, happy life: Being true to yourself )

5. She makes your life very different.

You would like her to appreciate the lovely surprises of many worlds, to discover the culture of a distant village, to know the most unknown secret of Taipei. She never ceased to grow, nor did she stop taking you along the course of the sea.

6. She'll be the best listener in your life.

Anyone who is willing to spend hours reading stories of other people will have enough patience to listen to your whole life's whining.

7. Don't worry about giving her a present.

We've got your book list ready for you.

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8. She was active in society rather than on the sidelines

Such girls have great enthusiasm for life, she is not only drunk in the fictional world, usually love to read people also care about society more. They take the knowledge of the book to Practice life, more actively participate in righteousness. I think you can't wait to be with such a rigid and soft girl. (Recommended reading: A caring and caring Practice: when "refueling" doesn't change the status quo, what do we need?) )

9. She always makes you feel challenged.

Psychology shows curiosity and affection between people first because there is "worship","object" is a spiritual pillar of love.

A girl who loves to read is never boring! Her inner level is like a maze that never ends and you can't get around. You have to stand in the corner of her heart and peep at the vast universe of the human brain. She makes your life passionate and always wants to possess her knowledge more and more.