At 10 pm every night, you have a lot of expectations in your Facebook page.After the completion of the Wava "program, the first song was written in diary page in the winter of the Sunshine , ," >, and a song in the winter.(Recommended reading: Interview with Zhong Chenghu: "Do not make a ripples, please do rocks"

For 11 years, we have only done music.' --- soda green

You remember that year, the air came from the air, and I thought I'd be happy. When you had your heat, you knew it was a little late. You humming up a beautiful little beauty. You imagine, like a friend of mine, you're so sad and so drunk, you picked up a broken, and you pick up the broken one.(Recommended reading: More truthful than the movie plot )

course of eleven years, he didn't know how to make a good package, but he was not so good at making fun of it. Su beat himself to the opposite side of popular music, but he was even closer to the sincerity of making music.How often doesn't one song make you cry and make you feel angry and sad, so that you can shake hands with the world again and again?How often do you have to be good music for a while?

(Picture Source: soda green Sodagreen )

Su says: "Our intention is simple, but it's not easy to keep up to it."We do the music that we really want to do, to sing to anyone who really wants to hear it."

Su Hua-gren's Plan of Completion is not a simple little love song, a classical symphony orchestra and a pop music player. The winter is too long. The winter is too long, and the winter is too long, and yet you have already been dissolved.

Nonsense and Malicious: Violence is more than art.

"Nietzsche, you ask," What did you step on?"Is it retaliation?"A mediocre man, violence is far more simple than art.Well, again, what would you do?Are you really yourself?"Decorative", "Decorative powder,"

I want to know who is waiting for me at the end of the landing?

" Finds the courage in your words, but your hands are transparent and clear, clear, pure, full of joy, full of joy, full of joy, thank you, I repeat, the end of the trail, and the horizon of the sunset."

Can you talk about death?Stars of one person only

"Please take me to the loss, say, the dry and sunny cracks in the rainy season, all a little drop, starting to rush off."We don't understand the stars, but only with one person, from the middle of the night ... "

To love and hate with stray gestures

" With me in the wind, I am the falling leaves, I am empty.All the rain, that is, a drop of rain, twists and smiles, the feeling of feeling.Love was once you, the most active energy, the hatred that explode in your heart ... "

Umbrella for your heartbreak: When you cry for him, I'll be with you

"He took that far away with his instinctive instincts, and until today, you also commemorating him."If you take a slow pace and get tired, until today, he is not aware of it.It is painful for you, not to say goodbye, let the past continue to play out, and the sky over memory and stubbornization is still circling that day."

" The night of the rain, your heart, the whole of it broke, let the rain, quietly cover your tears, I wouldn't ask, I wouldn't say you were so stupid, and I would be here with you." (Recommended to you: six books, you dedicated to you in love )

Walls in walls: sadness, cold war, black dreams, and love

When the road disappeared from my feet, those emotions rivers and rivers lost control, destroyed and destroyed the Cold War. When I lost my sadness, I was able to tear down the walls of my heart, and I was thinking, I was still thinking, I was long and dark, and I was too long." (Recommended to you: Don't be kidnapped, angry, and reconciled with yourself )

The word soda green is that you have to whisper to yourself, to catch the melody that you haven't spoken to. If you have five minutes of silence, you want to leave it to the music and concentrate on one thing, and there's no other way.

It is right that the sentence written in the words of Su-ku, "The dream of music, has made a great value of great fanatic."It is right to tell us that it is right to concentrate on one thing." We use our ears to respond to this spirit, and gently talk to them, we are also.

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