Some things are still old! Anhevie and Lauderdinio starred and starred in the "high-class interns" and "cheers", except to talk about women's family, workplace, and self-setting , and to cheer you up for you -Ben at the various points of life.Innovation and tradition may not necessarily be conflict, or they may be a pair of good friends who grow up.(Extended reading: "The experience and strength is your resume" from the "high-grade intern" for the three people of Anhesieus )

Whether in all walks of life, the alternation of the generations, the old and the old, are the problems that everyone may face.At home, there are often conflicts of generation and generation, and there is no communication between them.But are new and old, young, and old, really just antagonism?

Have you ever thought about a 70-year-old partner next to your work or school?The intern, Ben Whittaker, as an intern of Robert Dini, is an "senior intern" for the new generation network buying company in order to fill the void of his bereaved and retired lives.

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A combination of times, seemingly conflicting, is a reflection of the alternation of new industries and traditional enterprises.It's not just a film, it's a story, it's a lesson to be taught about life.Society needs innovative thinking to make progress, but the new soul also needs to rely on old-fashiers and heavy shoulders.(Forever safe haven: Dad's shy and shy words: Give my dear daughter's 13 tenderness of wisdom )

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Ben's existence, in addition to being a public good, is the best way to talk about an inflator on life, the workplace, the family crisis, as well as an inflator on the role of the working woman, Jules Wiesel.

Old School is an esophagus, a tradition, an old palettes for you?For the rapidly changing technology industry, the old thing is the product of being eliminated by the times.But there are some things that are old, like Ben's experience in sharing people's lives.Perhaps old-fashiers, however, have been used to fill the "temperature" of the lack of rapid urban life.

If you haven't found your Ben, then put your life wisdom into your eyes, put it in your heart!(Recommended to you: The annual woman's intelligence quotations, we are all the power of us )

I know that my life is vacant, and I have to fill it up.I just know there's a hole in my life and I need to fill it soon.

Often, in one paragraph of life, or even after a Korean show, a birthday party, a wedding party, a wedding ceremony, and a vacation home, the void appears to us in front of us, and to us, to get us to the head.

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Ben's retirement life also saw a big gap, trying to use different ways to engage and keep up with society, to fill in the void of life, to fill in a void, to learn Chinese, and to find a futile effort.It was not until he discovered the AFT's hiring list and opened his "Interns".Dear, please don't worry about the void in your life. Try to fill it up!And maybe you'll look like Ben found another option to experience life.

The key is moving forward.The key is to keep moving.

Just as Ben attempts to fill the void in life, the key to everything is to move forward.The frustrations will stop us from worrying, and will lose our direction.Life is not a one-way street, so long as the heart goes, every step you walk is able to lead you farther.Don't be afraid to be hesitant, because even if you're not sure, you're still on the road to your dream.Come on, let's go! No misguided journey, every choice in life is a standard answer )

Adstick to the right thing and never be wrong.You are never wrong to do the right thing.

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In the middle of the night, Ben and Jules carried out a Facebook page in the office of late night offices, Ben and Jules, in the workplace, where "the boss hasn't gone."When you completed your Facebook page, Jules asked Ben's favorite quote, saying, "You are never wrong to do the right thing."

It seems simple to insist on doing the right thing, but it is not.In life, we will encounter both internal and external obstacles, and we all face a compromise.We must seek to survive in a compromise, and in compromise a certain kind of existence."Doing the right thing" will be a ruler in our hearts, urging us to go forward and forward in the right values, even if we go around the road.

Don't let the low tide forget about yourself who had accomplished everything.Remember who did that.

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The company's rapid growth allows investors to think of a more experienced CEO to replace Jules.In the face of a low tide of life, Ben simply said, " It took you a year and a half to build a company that is now so large.Never forget who made it."

Life ups and ups, like the tides of the sea, will be the same as the tide.In the face of low tides, we are all likely to be discouraged, may be discouraged, or even self-repudiated, negating their value.But don't look at the bottom of the valley floor. Don't forget, the perfect self once did!(Recommended to you: [See youtube learning English]) treat others. Are you using empathy or compassion?)

Musicians will not retire until there is no music in their hearts.Musicans don't retire; they stop when there's no more music in them.

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At the end of the film, Ben said, "Musicians will not retire until there is no music in his heart."But I still have music in my heart. There is no doubt about it." Music, like Ben, is the power that pushes us forward, perhaps as Ben's passion for life, perhaps idealism, perhaps the value of our hearts, perhaps the love of family, perhaps the support of our friends, and leading us to our dreams.

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Although the film has subverted the generational relationship of the former subordinates, it is still necessary to be passed by the times, though the time has been able to survive and survive.Let's learn from Ben's Ben, who has the passion for life and the experience of life. At the age of a few years, we can all be on the road of dreams.