We have talked about the brutal truth of five child marriages , theelegy of "Children at the age of eight" , and now we hear a girl who complains about the status of child marriages in Afghanistan in a Rap, and whispers, "They sell girls for money, We don't have the right to choose for ourselves ", invite you to stop to listen to her story, know in that faraway country, their childhood has no life choice. (Recommended reading: Open the educational revolution with books!) Malala: "Children all over the world deserve a better future")

"Let me whisper to you, so they can't hear me telling the truth about selling girls." In our country, good women must remain silent and unable to discuss their future, a tradition that Afghanistan teaches women. 」

Her forehead was marked with a set of commodity numbers, and she started with a whisper, and she stared at the scene stating that Afghan women do not have a free future, and she protested the brutal state of trafficking in girls ' marriages, Sonita Alizadeh, who wrote a Rap called "Brides For Sale" Describe the status of child marriages in Afghanistan and Iran.

"I screamed, in order to make up for the silence of our nation's women for life; I screamed, for the scars of my body, I screamed, for the bodies that were trapped in the cage, and the bodies were bruised when they were pressed up. I'm puzzled by the tradition of my country, they sell girls for money, we don't have the right to choose for ourselves. 」

When Sonita Alizadeh was 10 years old, her mother tried to sell her ideas. "I didn't feel sad at the time because I didn't even know what" marriage "was, I just felt like a costume game," and then her family's family fled the Taliban regime in Afghanistan to go to Iran to pursue a better life. But the family's way of life has long been influenced by the distorted traditional values of Afghanistan.

"I wasn't married 10 years old, and when I was 16 years old, my mother told me," There's a man we chose for you, waiting for you, who will take care of your life and sell your money to get your brother to marry the bride she wants. 』」

At that time, for the first time, she realized that for the country's people, she was just a commodity to be priced. "I don't blame my mother, who was sold to her husband when she was 13 years old, and the fact that everyone in her family told her that women were worthless," she said. 」

Sonita Alizadeh can't words feel heartache, she chose to write "Brides for sale" This rap put on the network, expressed dissatisfaction with the country's current situation. In Iran at that time, it was illegal for women to sing openly, but Sonita proved that women need their own vocal ducts, they have to be able to say the invisible scars they bear, they must tell the world this is not their life. (Recommended reading: Strive for the race !) Nine girls ' dream of schooling )

After the film was uploaded, Sonita's story gained international attention, and people looked at her complaints and found it difficult to escape. Sonita thus received the foundation's sponsorship to study in the United States, and she no longer needed to worry about the fate of her own trafficking. She opened the imagination of Rap with the voice of accusation, and unexpectedly came out of the alternative way of escape.

Sonita singing the girl in the big environment of helplessness, the girls ' bodies are still waiting for maturity to be forced to sell, their love and hate and life are not their own, many of the same girl in front of the screen to hum this song, shed tears, they told themselves, Sonita Alizadeh is the replacement of their lucky girl.

A vicious circle that cannot be reversed: a marriage that betrays the fate of two girls

Sonita Alizadeh is lucky, but there are more girls who can't walk this way.

Noorjahan Akbar, another Afghan woman who has been vocal for many years on behalf of women, says that for Afghan culture, female workers are a taboo, so women cannot have socially recognised productivity and are seen as an economic burden. In the Afghan culture, the traditional custom of "marriage and trade" has made it necessary for families to sell their family's girls in order to collect the cost of the boy's wife. (same field Gayon: every minute, 28 underage girls are forced to marry )

A marriage that buys and sells often sacrifices the fate of two girls.

According to the Afghan actress, about 57% of the women in Afghanistan were sold and married before Marriageable. The 11-year-old bride sat next to the 40-Year-old groom in a 2007 photo of Afghanistan released by the United Nations Children's Fund, and she did not know what future was waiting for her. But at the moment of sale, she had no choice.

Poverty and pain in this country are hereditary, girls can not escape the identity and the passive position of being bought and sold, Love is they did not think of things, and even more girls did not think life is the original can choose, the original living should not only wait to marry a way.

Last month Sonita Alizadeh was invited to London to attend the World Women's summit, she said in a traditional costume, "Seriously, I am very good and free in the United States, but I know that one day I have to go back to Afghanistan, I have to go back to the land that gave birth to me." I know it's dangerous to be a female action family in that extremely conservative country, but my country needs me, and a bunch of girls need me. "(same field Gayon:" Kill me, Make me Stronger "17-year-old girl Malala Nobel Peace Prize speech )

I close my eyes, but can not forget the Sonita in the film that a pair of God eyes. I do not know how many tears in the eyes behind those eyes, how many helpless hands, how many forgotten childhood, how many trafficked life, how many times neglected human rights? What we see is the luck of Sonita Alizadeh, what we can't see is the fate of more and more girls being separated.

Child marriage is no longer just the words in history textbooks, but the bloody reality. Perhaps we are really far away, but through the help of the report, we can make a contribution to them. invite you together.

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