The Arctic and the Antarctic are the furthest distances in the world. Because of global warming, a polar bear who wants to drink the world's finest coffee meets a lone Penguin who wants to learn to fly. So they became partners in each other's dreams and formally embarked on their adventures. Every week, we follow their footsteps to know the world. (Recommended reading:"The World Good Log" the absurdity of the world has been in, but we can choose to change )

October 10 Double National Day Happy

No one is born a revolutionist.

Because there are countless people, all holding the same faith, look forward to changing the world, in the concerted efforts of all, the Revolution will succeed. The revolution has been 104 years, despite the process, we have partisan bickering, racial discrimination, gender inequality and the gap between rich and poor, but as long as our hearts are still hot, standing in the same land, looking at the same piece of the sky we are not cold.

Taiwan will not always be peaceful and will occasionally feel discouraged. When the society is stirring, let us remember our fiery heart, looking to belong to our sky. Because every revolution, it will be a progress.

Today we are thinking about Jiangguoqing and thinking about Taiwan. Happy Birthday to the Republic of China! (Recommended reading: What really changes Taiwan is that most people are willing to make small changes )

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: Quarrel is inevitable ~ ~ like the two of us every day noisy, feelings or good ah ❤
Penguin Rice pulp: which has every day! I don't want to talk to you anymore! (It's going to be noisy now)

October 12 Jackman Happy Birthday

Eight degrees in the film, Hugh Jackman has been 17 years of golden Steel Wolf, 47-year-old he decided to next year, "X-Men: Revelation" After the film release, officially from the role of the Golden Steel Wolf retired. In the past in order to play a good "diffuse universe of the best fighting Master" Jackman not rely on repair software, rely on exercise and diet control to maintain good posture, for this, he basically with sweets insulation, diet is mainly high-protein. So dedicated spirit, in addition to the audience is responsible for, but also Jackman attitude to the Act. (Breaking up with orange peel: increasing muscle mass is more effective than massage )

Acting is not just a job for Jackman, "I hope that when I look back at these stories in the future, I can bring about changes that will allow people to think, question, or inspire any kind of emotion while smiling." 」

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Penguin Rice Pulp: Do you think Wolverine can make me fly?
Polar Bear Alpha: I don't know, but I'm sure the coffee beans are good!

October 13 steel Tenderness, happy Lady Thatcher's birthday

Margaret Thatcher, the first female prime minister in British history, is also the longest term. Higher education and the influence of the father, so that Mrs Thatcher in the male hegemony of the society, can still be fearless to adhere to their ideas and ideas. When she accepted her husband's proposal, she said, "I don't want to wash the cups all my life." , showing the different ambitions and values of contemporary women.

Despite the mixed experience of the Thatcher government, it is undeniable that the "Iron Lady" in the political and life of the road of insistence, as well as the invention of ice cream, we deserve to give this great woman big applause. (Recommended to you: The life of Mrs Thatcher, Iron Lady Iron lady〉)

"The same field plus the map"
Do you know that the most influential woman in the history of England is also the inventor of "ice cream"? With a double degree in chemistry and law, she proposed to inject nitrogen into ice cream, and also participate in the development of ice cream emulsifier, and finally invented the delicious ice cream now ~

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: Your little wings are best for washing cups!
Penguin Rice Pulp: (startled)

October 14 Live each size character-Sakai Masato Happy Birthday

Debut 22, has been to the "Half ze straight tree" and "ace Barrister" only really popular Masato Sakai (Sakai Masato), university, for a round of the dream resolutely suspended. In 20 years by each small role hone acting, Sakai Masato said: "On the stage even a daze, must be taken seriously." 」

With a half ze straight tree "double pay" said the little people bowed their heads desperately and unwilling, with the ancient beauty of the arrogant and exaggerated limbs performed under the hypocrisy of the true skin. Only through solid basic skills, can play in the heart of everyone's half ze and ancient beauty door. (Sakai Masato Works:"Please do not try so hard!" "VCDs Dr. Lentairo tells you the secret of empathy."

"Your success will be accompanied by your efforts, a hundredfold!" 」

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Penguin Rice Pulp: Then I will try to get the double fish!
Polar Bear Alpha: So I can get 10 times times?

October 15 The 7 anniversary of the death of Wang Yung-ching, the Taiwan operating God

Do you know that Wang Yung-ching, a Taiwanese operating God, is the founder of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Besides setting up the Formosa plastic group?

In the 60 's, the domestic medical system was inadequate and the hospital did not treat the patients without paying the hospitalization money first. At that time, because the family economic situation does not allow, Wang Yung-Ching's father because of gastrointestinal inflammation of the disease unfortunately died. After, Wang Yung-ching in order not to let more tragedies happen, decided to create a poor also can see the hospital, and the father's name "Wang Changgeng" named, set up Chang Gung hospital.

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: really worthy of the operation of God! Can I ask him the secret to the coffee shop?
Penguin Rice Pulp: Then you may have a long, long time to see him oh ...

October 16 Happy Women's Day breeding program pioneer Margaret Sanger Birthday

Margeritesanger's mother, who had been suffering for pregnancy for the first time in her life, died when she was 50 years old because of her 18th pregnancy dystocia. Then Margaret became a nurse and found that there were too many women suffering because of no birth control concept, and decided to bring in the womb, condoms, etc. from France, and opened the first American birth control clinic in Brooklyn in 1916.

Religious relations, so that "contraception" at the time of the United States became taboo, but Sanger defying the Vatican, still brave for women's rights and interests, after the replacement of "contraceptive" research and development fund-raising, under the efforts of Dr. Locke and Professor Keppings, the contraceptive pill (the pill) changed the role of women in the family, let the feminist move forward. (When a mother is a choice, not an obligation: a woman who doesn't want to have a baby doesn't have to explain to society )

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: Mom is really great!
Penguin Rice pulp: Yes! Dad's great too! Like my father in the incubation time needs 2 months not to eat not to drink, waits for me to break out of the shell!

October 17 The Tower of Taipei 101 building was completed

Taipei 101 has the world's tallest building record from December 31, 2004 to January 4, 2010, and is currently the world's 9th tallest building, as well as the tallest building in the globe and the highest in the world. Taipei 101 was recently selected as one of the 8 most beautiful and super tall buildings in the BBC world! Both aesthetic and safety, is the essence of Taiwan's Light Heart map interpretation

"Extended reading"
In addition to Taipei 101, the winners were Dubahari (Burj Khalifa), London Debris building (debris building), Creisler mansion in New York (Creisler Building), Chicago John Hancock Centre (John Hancock Center), Chicago Spiral Tower ( The Chicago Spire), Moscow University (Moscow State University), Kuala Lumpur Twin skyscrapers (Shuangfeng Tower) Oh!

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: Wow, you know 101 is 509.2 meters high! Let's go for a day to see.
Penguin Rice pulp: Really oh ... But I'm afraid of the high, yes (shake)
Polar Bear Alpha: No, there is fear of high disease how to learn to fly! Go! I'm going to take you out of your fear of heights (take the rice pulp to the MRT)

October 18 Elf actress Zhou Xun Happy Birthday!

Speaking of Zhou Xun, you will think of her beautiful face, exquisite acting, or ethereal temperament? Played countless roles, has been the media and director called "Gifted actor", but Zhou Xun's success, is definitely not accidental.

She struggled to overcome the problem of stuttering since he was a child, and to make her lines and interviews smooth and fluent. Zhou Xun said: "Overcome each stage of their own, is our life lessons." 」。

Many awards, but never nostalgia in the halo, challenging countless roles, in the discipline to find the most comfortable themselves. Zhou Xun's bright eyes, from the pursuit of the dream of the eyes and the most sincere self. (Recommended to you: Zhou Xun some more than Reiki, more for love to crash silly )

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: I do not know if we can not be like the "skin" inside the same as the Yui change ~
Penguin Rice pulp: I can't change skin, but I can change hair every year.