How to vindicate? How to say Love in an unconventional way? How to make " I love you " more meaningful? The illustrator Emma block, named "Untranslatable Word," collects the expression of love in every language in the world, and for those who want to love and love, what is your love like? (recommended to watch: the words of love are inserted in the painting collections: it is not gazing, but looking at the same distance )

"Cute" is a sign of helplessness left after exhaustion, a language of fatigue. I'm writing a sentence, searched, also cannot aptly describe my love image, cannot express my love desire exactly, in the end, I have to confess--and use synonymous repetition: This lovable thing is really lovable, or, I love you, because you are lovable, I love you because I love you. "---Roland Batt the lovers ' Whispers"

Whenever said "I love you", always let the lovers powerless. "I Love You" is a common and numb word, but I love you the way other people are different ah, every time the love is limited, how lovers wish to have only their own language, can stroke strokes, ramble, accurate expression like and miss.

There is no common language of love in the world, but in the language of different nationalities, love is left in the track of Lovers. Love to stay in words, eternal life, the lover's appearance, in the long years of youth forever.

The illustrator Emma block sorted out the lovers in different languages, Romanian, Serbian, French, Dutch ... And so on, the memory of lovers love stingy and vast. (same field Gayon: The Romantic Confession of the exotic language, which one do you like?) )

The first thing to start is Miss

Catalan dor:"When you miss a person, the thoughts spread can not be curbed. 」

The scent of his hair on your fingers

Portuguese cafune:"when your hand slips through your lover's hair. 」

You make me feel like I'm not alone

Serbian merak:"When you feel that you are no longer alone, with them, you feel that you are one and have the purest happiness. 」

Love a person, I hope you better than me

Hebrew firgun:"When you are selfless, hope that good luck falls on another person" (recommended to you: The best love allows you to grow!) Seven love exercises out of the comfort zone

Because of him, you start trusting destiny.

Japanese language Koi no yokan:"when you meet her, you know you are destined to love. (same field Gayon: a letter to my future boyfriend: Will Your love make Me grow?) )

Want to go with him a long time later

Chinese hands, and the son of the same: "When you take his hand, imagine the future of the two people." 」

You don't want much, you need him to hug him hard.

Welsh cwtch:"when he hugs you, you feel like you're in the safest place in the world.

Together, you learned to be afraid of separation.

The French retouvailles:"are so separated that you finally get together again. "(Empathy Recommendation: I hope, there is a person waiting for me )

He was not around until he found out that he was important.

Hindi viraha:"because he was not around you, you found your love so deep. (Recommended reference: Love psychologists tell you: seven long-distance lovers keep the secret of temperature )

You remember when you were so shy

Jager Chinese mamihlpainatapei:"You exchanged good looks, but two of people are too shy to reach out to their hands first. "(Another Kind of mood: like you, but not the courage to be with you people )

The weight of love cannot be measured

Philippine He gallo: "When you see your lover, your heart is a joy that cannot be measured." "(Recommended reading:" Happiness is to understand their own brave "15 words to find happiness in the same sentence )

The temperature of love, let you no longer afraid of cold

Dutch gezelligheid:"When you are with your lover, you always have the warmth of love in your heart.

If the world lost him, it would be boring.

Arabic ya ' aburnee:"if there is less of him in the world, you feel that life is no longer meaningful, not live alone" (Recommended to you: learn to separate the journey of a person: quiz You face lost courage and attitude )

I'm angry because I care.

South Indian Tamil language oodal:"After the argument, you twisted your mouth and pretended to be angry. 」

You're so proud that someone loves you so much.

Indian Urdu naz:"because he loves you in the world, you are proud of yourself. "(Recommended to you: reread the Little prince: the world is beautiful because of the people you love )

you love a person, so no longer feel left alone. every time we love and be loved, we all leave a kind of love for the world, only this time, can not imitate. What is it like to be your lover's whisper?