8/26 We invite Cai English to participate in the women's Times Lecture hall, 10/14 Hong Xuoju come to Women's paradise and readers to talk about the future practice of Taiwan. 10/28 this day, President Ma as head of state to visit women's paradise, eager to understand the rebellious forces of the new generation. (Extended reading: the mind and practice are diverse!) Woman obsessed content guidelines Guidelin)

MA president's first visit to Taiwanese women's new media! The first stop comes to women's paradise. The woman's companion at the door to greet the president, said: "The President Welcome to come, please take off your shoes, hoping to make you feel back home." 」

Taking off your shoes is tantamount to stripping away all identity labels and ambiguities, regardless of whether anyone enters a female fan. That day president Mat in the Women's paradise on the white ladder stage to enjoy a brainstorming; gathered in the women's paradise on the second floor of the entrepreneurial headquarters of the Greek theater, talk about the times of Taiwan, the moment, the future.

The president stepped into a woman fan of the multi-mobile design of the first floor space, sitting on the sofa fresh Try the Face book live, live finished he to the side I said sound nervous, the original one saw all the big scene of the people will be flawless.

This day we not only greet a president, but also welcome a more open discussion of the equal space. The bright spot of the five President Ma's first visit to the female new media, let us sit down to chat rationally, to talk about it, to look back on the road, and to expect the future of a pluralistic and mobile Taiwan. (Extended reading: The gentle philosophy of a strong woman: listen to women fans, CEO and editor-in-chief chat work )

Bright spot one, regardless of color, everybody has the right to make sound for oneself

Woman Fan founder Zhang Wei Xuan to talk about women's obsession with freedom and unity: "129 years ago, in 1886, the President of the United States opened the Statue of Liberty in New York today, and 53 years ago today the Soviet government announced the lifting of Cuban missiles in 1962." Both things symbolize freedom and a renewed imagination of the future, and the president comes to women fans, representing the infinite possibilities of dialogue. 」

Wei Xuan said 10/28 of the significance is to create the gentle strength of unity. We look forward to creating a dialogue of the bigger picture and bearing, return to the value of people attentively listening. So women fans do not give up communication possible, actively create a rational communication platform.

Politics, has never been a person to decide, so in 8/26 we invited Tsai to participate in the women's Times Auditorium, 10/14 Hong Xuoju came to women's paradise and readers to talk about the future of Taiwan practice. 10/28 this day, President Ma was eager to understand the rebellious power of the new generation in his capacity as head of state.

The body and the human, never despicable high, 10/28 is one day, we let the head of state sit in the stage where the salon readers sit down together, and the Greek theater that produces many creative ideas during the discussion. This is what women fans believe deeply, even if it's just the 100-ping space of the 20-person team, it can also produce a collision beyond the historical record, creating a generation of listening and sounding talk. (Recommended reading:"women fans Exclusive" "to build the stage of youth, is the fastest way home" Cai English to the Taiwan Question of five solutions )

Highlights Two, brainstorming! On the president's Day entrepreneurship and team design

In a new team full of potential, the most important thing is to create conflict! We are not afraid of setbacks, card shut not panic, independent thinking let the partners embrace hope. Come to the female fan entrepreneurship headquarters, we ask the President to give himself a period of not be disturbed by the official time, to the brainstorming!

Woman mystery editor Audrey share the breakthrough value of design thinking, pioneering team indispensable design thinking means not afraid to stand, not fear criticism, as women fans do not give up to break the frame. Designer Merci introduces the design of women's traits: "First, people-oriented, we attach importance to the user's thoughts and aspirations;" The second is to think, we must have empathy; the third is cross-border communication, with people from different fields and perspectives coming together to inspire fun and innovative ideas. 」

Each 5~6 a post-it note, piecing together 10 years later Taiwan's imagination Keywords: warm, pluralistic, courageous, just, no positive solution, only together a better answer. The first experience of the President through the partnership of Women's partners to complete, the group summed up the next ten years of Taiwan, looking forward to the pluralistic equality, science and technology across the border, brave innovation.

President Ma expressed his imagination about Taiwan for the next decade, laughing that he had not had the enthusiasm of a young team for a long time: "What I think about is whether Taiwan's electricity supply will be exhausted in ten years." After ten years, can we reduce carbon to 2000 levels? Ten years later, I will be 75 years old. 」

The president is still wary of everything about Taiwan, and is not forgetting his own. What will Taiwan look like in ten years? President Ma witnessed the women fans of the team's unlimited imagination and no fear of losing ideas of self-confidence, but also said their own earnestness. It is rare for a woman who believes in multiple values to put aside the clash of opposites and talk to the chief of today's yuan. (Recommended reading: What really changes Taiwan is that most people are willing to make small changes )

The president's deep talk about gender: Women's power inspires Taiwan's future

The president talked about the understanding of women fans, in a female media meeting, the idea of the value of women fascinated him curious, and then actively contribute to today's visit. He said the girls at home gave him more empathy and vision to create a fairer environment for women. The Cai Yuling Commissar, who is interviewed by peers, further talks with the President on women's strength: "Taiwanese women have not only Lianping rights." We have more power to inspire others, not just the role of being taken care of. In the International Women's Forum should have more like female fans such a role, to show women's power and influence. 」

The president's response this is also what he sees in the woman's obsession: "I get along with you, feel your thoughts are very unrestrained, see each of you are very confident, determined to do the right thing." In the relatively conservative Taiwan of Europe and America, women fans are indeed milestones of the times. Vigor, rebellion, and persuasion, which I have seen in you. The president looked around at every partner and firmly said.

The president's shift to the age of female power: "We can hardly remember that after Taiwan's recovery there were adopted sons and daughters, and civil law became monogamous in 1930 years, before many supervisors lowered her performance because of the pregnancy of women." Even if Taiwan were to be suppressed internationally, we should not give up the creation of a fairer and friendlier environment that has subverted the notion that women need to be protected. "The president believes that in the traditional masculine industry, there are also outstanding female elite, and his female bosses during the work of the lawyers are excellent to him." (You would like: women fans of the first political salon: and you take a sip of beer in Taiwan )

I think at the moment, women's fans are in the heart of the countless invisible, small and great sexual subversion moment, and believe that even if it is difficult to continue to practice the necessary. This is the vision that women are obsessed with creating, we believe in the power of change, we try to break the rules.

The president is interviewing comrade: Comrade is a human rights issue

When it comes to private conversation, the president is more like everyone's friend. He not only listens to the questions of seven or eight-year students, but also has a greater desire to understand the new generation. Every woman's partner has a warm hand and the president has a chance to answer questions. Sitting next to the president, I was so clear to see everyone in the eyes of the light, the statement of the firm, as I have been familiar with the female fans, proud.

The woman is obsessed with content. The lab editor slowly asked the president's views on gay issues in the Saturday gay parade. The president replied: "This is a matter of human rights and cultural issues for me." I had a further understanding with the gay director, and the second year of the mayor, I began budgeting for a gay parade. I want to spread this concept, comrade just love one form, sexual orientation is not the same. (Recommended you see: Stefanie Sun, small S, May days very gay love!) Interview behind the scenes, Bruce

The president believes that gay issues need a little time, more open discussion of communication, or it will cause social hatred and confrontation. He talked about the media as a "comrade" as a means of humiliation: "The media often take the particularity of the joke, take other people's sexual orientation as humiliation, this is very unhealthy." 」

We respond to the president with a woman's obsession, change with gentle power, shed conflict and bloodshed, and spend more time listening to communication. The President smiled: "Yes, that's it." "It seems that the president has lost his distinguished status and learned to discuss contemporary issues with the entrepreneurial team that represents the new creative power."

Highlights five two key words for President MA: Dialogue and intention

Talk to President Ma in person for more than eight years, to regain his identity. This day we not only give Taiwanese keywords, but also give the President two key words. One is the dialogue, he does not want to stop understanding, so come to women fans and partners on the SAT, and the second is the original intention, he lived many life experience, still have 75 years old and Sun Moon Lake of children gas. Not only is our one-sided understanding of Ma Ying-jeou's image, Wei Xuan Curiosity in eight years of ups and downs, the president has won't be feel afraid, he should: "I do not have time to be weak." 」

So decisive he also indirectly encourage women fans new team: "People can not have setbacks, I have four words have always been in mind:" There is nothing, there is ambition, Qinnengbuzhuo, practice makes perfect. "He also earnest hope that women fans can become such a team:" You have energy, creativity, the next is sustainable. When you send the best ideas to the market and create the echoes, you need to repay that echo. 」

The end of the campaign, women fans team still in a cheerful, the president also talked more than. I think women fans have more facets to the President, and the President sees in us the soft power of many young generations. 10/28 this afternoon, women are fascinated by paradise has a wonderful study. Put aside all the identities of the opposition, do not do Xiangyuan from keyboard hand, grasp the president of the opportunity to speak out, a new understanding of a person. (Recommended reading: The most tragic lady in Taiwan?) Hong Xuoju taught me the commendable sincerity )

Understanding a person is always not enough, in response to brainstorming's summary, Taiwan should move towards pluralistic equality, scientific and technological cross-border, and brave innovation. We do not flow with the wind, do not spend time in opposition. In the black and white of the public opinion, women fans are always willing to use a pluralistic perspective, to say more in-depth stories.