Before the women have been fascinated by the cai English women's classroom , Hong Xuoju Salon , today, President Ma Ying-jeou to the women's entrepreneurial headquarters and our exchange of eyes in the world. The 2.5-hour visit, reserved for 30-minute private whispers, lets us take a look at the rendezvous between the president and the women's new team . (Recommended to you:"Live direct strike" women fans first political salon: and you a beer a mouthful Taiwan )

129 years ago today, the United States accepted the French Statue of Liberty as a symbol of freedom and democracy; 53 years ago today, the Soviet Union withdrew Cuban missiles, lifted the Cuban missile crisis and moved towards peace; 8 years ago today, Argentina broke the gender limit and produced the first elected female president. October 28, 2015--President Ma Ying-jeou arrives at the head of the Women's Center for Entrepreneurship, setting a milestone for Taiwan's head of state to visit the women's new team.

We support, hug, and even desire to hear the voice of a plurality of voices as in the past, whether it is the previous CAI English women's times in the classroom, or the Hong Xiu Pillar women's uncompromising salon, we do not divide the blue-green, no war stance, only talk about "exchanges." (Recommended to you: The responsibility comes, take it!) Hong Xuoju uncompromising female force will be after direct hit )

Came to the entrepreneurial headquarters 2.5 hours, the president retained 30 minutes with women fans exclusive private conversation, no media filming, only the multiplex rendezvous. We sit close to President Ma, and we have no distance to speak freely. This afternoon, President Ma and women are obsessed with all the words, the word is known, together exchange our eyes of the world.

Don't think, you'll never get a chance

The President, with little contact with the entrepreneurial team, first came to women and was impressed by the vigor, creativity and courage of women's fans.

"Only the courage to make the creative realization." 」

The president has expressed regret and pity that the current development of the creative industry in Taiwan is limited. Before visiting the Yunlin University of Science and Technology, I had seen a great design: when the body approached, the door would become transparent to the refrigerator. "How wonderful the design is!" He said, but in the end, no firm is willing to pay to develop the sale. Because it is: "Open the door of the fridge, how about spending a little more electricity?" 」

The Taiwanese are often awarded prizes in various competitions, but suffer from no market and no resources, so that the current development of Taiwan's creative industries is facing a major dilemma. Society is content with the status quo and is unwilling to spend more time developing and challenging new things. Echo Woman Fan founder Zhang Wei Xuan said in the opening today: "Many people say that entrepreneurship is not a fool is a bit crazy people." "The president has gone through a woman's entrepreneurial experience, and also put forward his own view:" You do not think, do not try, there will never be a chance to achieve. "Spend a little more time testing what's the relationship?"

The lightness of words, however, pointed to the entrepreneurial spirit of women's obsession: "Embracing diversity and breaking the status quo". (More female spirit: No sex, all by hard work: These women writers stand up to break the gender ceiling of writing )

The "Iron butt spirit" that Taiwan is seen by the world

In addition to the vibrant womanyors that made the President stunning, he and I spent "brainstorming time Brain storming" also opened his eyes to the idea that women are very imaginative. " The first time to know women fans, is last month's female youth entrepreneur talks. After learning about women's obsession, it was found that female media such as this were rare and interesting in Taiwan, which led to the active participation.

When it comes to Taiwanese, the president's face is full of pride: "Whether it's a little media platform like a woman, Taidong surfing, KOM (King of mountain bicycle racing) is a possibility I've never thought of before." "In modern times where the internet is borderless, anything can happen through the internet," he said.

The president and we share KOM another interesting name: the Iron Butt race. In each of the process of making Taiwan glow, we are also in the course of the Iron Butt competition again and again? Any time in the international glow, not overnight can be achieved, "Iron butt spirit" to a certain extent, is also an alternative to the Taiwanese spirit. (You should hear the voice: Desktop Rock Spirit!) The orchestra 1976:"yesterday was stupid, but I still believe in tomorrow! ")

Rather than spend time weak, think about the relevant countermeasures

Talk to entrepreneurship, the president patted his neighbor Wei Xuan's shoulder: "People can not have setbacks, so you have to refuel!" "So we wonder if the president will have a time of fear and frustration?"

"People can not have setbacks ah!" But I don't have time to be weak. 」

Taiwan's economy was small and open, and the global financial tsunami of 2008 caused a tightening effect. At the time, the consumer voucher policy reacted at the Poles, but the president cared more about the public than Taiwan's economic growth. "People are stable, and other things can be stabilized." 」

As a leader, any decision can lead to positive and negative discussions, rather than trying to curry favor with each opinion, it is better to grasp the core value, and in order to maintain this value, to make relevant contingency measures. The process of entrepreneurship, too, will be questioned, not optimistic, but if always adhere to do their own, you can protect the value of believing. Today's visit also brings to other entrepreneurial teams an era-inspiring encouragement: "As long as you stick to it, you can be seen without a background." 」

I think the real hardworking man has no time to be weak, because he will spend his strength on the march, and abide by the principles and never compromise.

Let us open up rational and open communication with the strength of meekness.

Women fans are not only concerned with women, we also believe in the multidimensional flow of sex. 10/31 (vi) is the annual Taipei Gay Parade, as the pioneer of the first gay parade in the Chinese world, the gay issue is the focus of Taiwan, Asia and the whole world. President Ma shared with us the first close contact with the comrades and made him aware that this was a topic of "human rights and culture" and needed to be dealt with in a calm manner. (A big step for love: the street Manifesto of Love!) Four gay processes belonging to Taiwan )

At a gay event, he heard a gay voice he had never thought of: "We cannot deprive them of their rights because they do not belong to that group." 」

Affirming gay rights, and taking into account the current situation in Taiwan, the president raised Lee, the American martial arts star. Marvin Lee Marvin, who divorced his partner, still needs to pay alimony in the absence of a marriage guarantee, as Taiwan's current answer. "Although there may be no way to pass the law, it can begin with the substantive protection of rights and interests." 」

Rome was not the result of a day. Even if it is a melting pot of culture like the United States, it will take some time to work hard to make today's achievements. The President hopes to reach a rational and open communication with a gentle force to avoid confrontation.

Although Taiwan is still a long way from "legalizing gay marriage", it is important to maintain a healthy mindset. Comrades should not be stigmatized, but this is only a different sexual orientation.

"I don't immediately deny a particular relationship, because the difference in sexual orientation is normal." "Does President Ma think that the person who will deny it right now is not a proxy for the stigmatization of his comrades?" In fact, LGBTQIA is no different from us, no one should be discriminated against and no one should be stigmatized. (Would you like to know:"Kim particular relationship?") "Demonized Gay before the spotlight."

Female force show: We can take care of others

Women fans want to use our faith to be able to go international and become the driving force to change the world. Cai Yuling Commissar Listen to the story of the woman, often nod to agree, Taiwan's female awareness of the rise, let her see the future we can work in the direction.

The women's rights groups, which have been vocal for females, actually represent the "women need to be protected" signal, and as the gender framework is loosened, more and more female leaders are jumping on the world stage to tell women's success with their stories. Seeing a woman's obsession from zero to one, she believes that Taiwan can "do a little more".

"We should let this group of Taiwanese female entrepreneurs be seen by the world and let them know that Taiwanese women are starting to get out of the" protected "stage and have the ability to take care of themselves and others," Tsai said. 」

30 minutes of private talk is very short, but also very solid. Before the end, the president, with a curious look, asked a woman who was a fan of the team: "Are you boys here, are you all right?" 」

Men in women's fans have said that in an inclusive, pluralistic space, gender seems less important. Dan thinks it's a space for both men and women to be comfortable. Little crabs feel that there is no gender here, and the point is to be able to work with a group of very good people. Tank says everyone here is an independent individual and everyone is different. Irvin said here is the most tolerant environment he has ever seen, let him learn and grow. And that's the kind of environment that makes James look forward to coming to work every day!

Whether in the afternoon and President Ma, Cai Yuling Commissar, Feng Yan Commissar sat on the ground, launched a stimulating thinking of the "brainstorming"; or to sit beside us, chatting with the very happy woman fan exclusive private words, usually seemingly distant government officials at this moment, close to us very close, in our usual office place, gossip homely.

Just as the women Fans website attaches importance to gender mobility and human intention, any existence needs to be told and listened to. The number of conversations that we thought would never happen is due to the value we believe in. We wish to keep in mind that this is a long road, but it is hoped that this pluralistic value will become one of Taiwan's beliefs. (You will want to know: the heartbeat and practice are diverse!) Woman obsessed content guidelines guideline)