Lust is the most primitive and true reaction of man. Flirtmoji created a cartoon version of the genitals , hoping that with a lovely and pluralistic image, people would be more honest with their bodies and their desires. (Hug every one of them:"ripe age nude Painting album" The Years Never withered! Women's body is not only because of "youth" but the United States

Do you still sneak "sex" in a quilt? In the era of advanced technology, communication software has become one of the necessary accessories for modern people. Cleverly combined with modern technology and flirting elements,Flirtmoji last year launched a cartoon version of the genital vagina emojis for everyone to download and use.

This interpretation, in addition to providing "flirting", "expression of their own lust," a more lovely way of expression, the diversity of patterns has brought a healthy, pluralistic understanding of their own sexual organs of the positive materials. (Recommended to you: the body of the confession: I cherish your smell, mark and appearance )

Let the vagina speak! A new "flirting" option.

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Flirtmoji This web page, is composed of two designers and an engineer, in the hope that through the visual language and functional emoticons, so that everyone can be free to embrace their sexuality, face the desires of the heart and bravely express sexual love desire. Although Google play and Apple Store are currently refusing to let Flirtmoji develop software on the market, you can register on the website and download this lovely and unique emoticon. Although it can not be directly expanded into a computer or mobile software, the picture must be downloaded after the copy affixed, but has been for the traditional chat type open another door.

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200 emoticons, including cute sexual cues, sex organs and erotic products, as opposed to our previous "sex" of the vague, the passion of each under table open, directly to be able to use immediately, that is, a strong sense of the "picture message." Will love "in other words", so that the shy person no longer have to worry about how to open their desires.

Every nuance is a beautiful element of ours.

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A single sex organ, there is a different color, shape, hair patterns, as in real life, each person's sexual organs are unique, no specific shape color. And pornography, always will promote a particular shape, color, or even the size of the sexual organs, so many people mistakenly think the nipple must be pink, labia small coated vaginal mouth. But in fact, the genes determine the different color and shape of the organs, each person's eyes nose and mouth are different, the genitals of course will be different! Vagina emojis with a variety of icons, showing the "diversity" of organs, so that we know the sexual organs are not good or bad, no beauty ugly, are part of the body. (Blush recommended: You and I do not need to become Semaria )

For the body's depiction, designer Yingling said: "We strive to find the body's sexy place, different colors, different shapes, different hair and freckles, wrinkles, freckles and other small details, so that our image more beautiful." "The desire to be able to express" sex "in an artistic way is an interesting, healthy thing that can fully demonstrate the autonomy of the body.

Mastery of body autonomy, "romance" with new emoticons

The sex organs of women and men are as unique as everyone else's. Designer Yingling put forward for the physical and diversity of the body, broke the Black-and-white, non-beauty that is ugly, so that everyone can find their own picture.

Just as women fans and blush have always believed that sexual love is normal, is a part of people, there is no need to feel ashamed or hidden. Because we believe that the body and the people, have the desire to explore their bodies and other bodies. Whether it is a shy beginner, or an experienced veteran, vagina emojis can bring you a new kind of cute flirting, let us openly "talk About Love" Bar! (The most naked dialogue with the world: summoning the Pure Witch: The act artist is naked on the road to the world )