Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the Dream . The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics, so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's see, always think more than others, see more than others open Chen Hong years, is how in the hard entrepreneurial process all the way to keep optimistic persist. (Recommended reading: Bill couple: Optimism, let the world a better driving force)

(Artists attending the 62icon Platform Publishing Conference)

Creative Link Information Co., Ltd. (62icon), is a hope that more creative artists can be seen by the world's art platform, local illustrator such as a few meters, mark, curved, etc., have been the company's development projects. 62icon through the authorization of automation, to create a dragon-style services, so that commodity design, commodity production, Internet access, O2O access, integrated marketing, can be completed online. This is Chenhongyon in the domestic pioneering business model, she has been all the way for herself, for artists to build the Dream Center.

Chenhongyon, who likes to live with creative artists, says with the artists for a long time, will find that although the heavens are given by God, but she also saw many people are very hard, very outstanding but always did not meet the good opportunity, therefore, I believe that the creators as long as the effort, good opportunity is worth a day of her thinking:

"If there is an equal opportunity platform, believe that the efforts of the people will be successful, the creation of production value and the artist will be able to shine!" 」

Build your dream platform, and put your expertise and connections together.

With this idea, she began to work on the "image to output value" of the four major gates automation, so that commodity design, commodity production, access, marketing can be through the platform to help artists to complete.

In addition to the local illustrator such as a few meters, mark, curved and other derivative development projects, Chen Hong also actively to the United States to obtain the licensing of Disney knowledge and methods, to find various areas of professional assistance such as the Ministry of Culture, Financial policy, technology, law, finance consultants, etc., and then integrate marketing channels, commodity development, commodity production, The specialty of the authorized application is modularized on the network.

Although the process of modularization is arduous, but Chen Hong also said that since the June 2 war has been hundreds of well-known creators online completed thousands of of their own design works can be sold,62icon Point reading rate, the number of fans, the number of artists, sales of goods and offline O2O The position has continued to increase, and these predictable growth and the continued support of the friends associations are a big motivator to keep them going.

"When you create the industry, someone can share together, is the happiest thing." 」

(62icon Platform founder Chenhongyon general manager)

It turns out that we can speak for a group of silent voices!

Talk to Chenhongyon since the venture, there is nothing to make her particularly touched by the story, she said moved the story of what only on the thousands, colleagues, friends, family support, this period let her particularly touched is a person-a autistic mother.

In order to let the 16-year-old son Xiaoyu creation by the world to see, Xiaoyu's mother brave to help him apply for the 62icon platform of Creative artists began to publish works, not only very good, but also get quite a lot of Echo, colleagues also because want to help Xiao Yu and help publicity. Chenhongyon said he was too touched, private message to the mother to express their excitement and excitement.

I found that the original 62icon platform function can not only help serious artists, but also to take care of the disadvantaged groups, no way to voice the silent groups.

"We have to do more!" "We must work together!" "Chenhongyon and the team were all excited. After receiving this move the whole team is like suddenly alive! Perhaps entrepreneurship is the case, after some hard work, the usual little story, is enough to make people moved extremely, and the rise to continue to walk several miles of power. (also recommend you: uninterrupted moving moment, thank you for giving women the power to go down )

( creation of Li Shiyu )

Encounter setbacks, the solution is!

The road of entrepreneurship will always encounter a lot of setbacks, and Chen Hong years to talk about the low tide and dilemma, she says setbacks often happen, like when the platform is growing fast, and the difficulties of funding often break their brains, or come all the way and, when they are unknown, try to quickly find more power to identify them and inspire them. But all this for Chenhongyon, not too low ebb, there is no real low ebb of the story. (Recommended reading: there is no eternal adversity in life! The bottom of the road, are climbing up the

Chenhongyon said: "I think I am a" more than others, see than others open "person. Encounter problems, the only way is to face and solve, therefore, only to resolve the length of time and solve the results of the good or bad it!

Hear here I smiled, yes ah, can quickly pick up, quickly face, fast resolution, quickly put down, can continue to keep running forward. "Optimistic has the executive power" is Chen Hong year entrepreneur's characteristic. It is too late to chase the dream forward, how has the time been immersed in sadness? The face of the plight does not let the sadness overrides the open, as well as the face of setbacks can immediately face the backbone of the solution, so that Chen Hong years can be all the way with the team continue to sprint forward. (Guess what you like: every day is a practice of letting go, face the problem bravely )

How many times, in the face of difficulties, we always first anxiety, panic several times, only willing to let themselves calm down to solve the problem? In these emotions over the process, is not careful to let time slip through the fingers, unresolved problems or like a heavy stone pressure on their own heart heavy unceasingly? Hey, next time, in the face of difficulties, stop for three seconds and talk to yourself! Think of why you have such emotions, how to do to solve the mood, and then face the problem and solve the problem, like Chen Hong years of life attitude, let oneself through constant temper, let the mood and mistakes in reconciliation, become more capable of taking responsibility for the people.

"Creative Link Information Co., Ltd.: A platform to make money for art creators"

62icon has a desire to become an art creator marketing, fair profit platform, hoping to create long-term value for art works, and then to win the new model of the text. Creative link used to operate the local painter a few meters, Yilan children Play Festival, mark, curved. and other designers, at the same time obtain the United States Disney licensing, from which to obtain international authorization of knowledge and methods, and then integrated marketing channels, commodity development, product production. Key industries such as industry chain, decided through the IT Internet technology to make it modular, expand the application of art licensing.

62icon in 6/2 since the station, there have been hundreds of well-known creators to complete thousands of design products, and continue to increase the value of the creation of a work to maximize the goal of Taiwan's literary creation towards the international.

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