beginning of the year, the massacre of Nigeria killed 2000 of innocent people, November 12 terror attacks on Lebanon, November 13 in the night of Friday, France plunged into a terrorist attack. The world has never lacked the sad field, let us listen to the healing song, gently heal the scars of the war left. ( extended reading: Paris and Lebanon terrorist attacks: Our care can be more than the change of head stickers )

November 13 Night in Friday, France plunged into a terrorist attack. On the evening of Sunday, November 15, France attacked the target of the Islamic State (IS) in Syria. The French defense Ministry said it had hurled 20 bombs at the card, targeting a command center, a munitions depot and a training camp. Throughout the incident, there were terrorist attacks from Paris to La Card, 7 attackers with automatic rifles and bombs were killed, 132 innocent victims, 352 injured, and Raakel were not counted as casualties. Countless casualties, a lost world.

We hate, we pity, we love, we mourn all the dead souls. Sadly, the world chooses to avenge jihad with war, and to repay the innocent with blood. When everyone hangs up on the French flag, it is a pity to think we are the perish of the flowers in Paris, or the right to live.

Listen to the song, let us close our eyes lightly. Forgiveness and relief such as poetess Wislawa Szymborska wrote: "I understand, love can not understand things, I forgive, love can not forgive things." 」

Imagine: If there's no pain in the world

"You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one." (You may say I ' m a dreamer, but I ' am not the only one.) "

John Lennon softly: "Imagine this world Without Borders, try, it is not difficult." There are no killings, no sacrifices, no religious points. Imagine the whole of mankind living in peace. A voice with some of the world's troubles, and he always kept pure.

The Beatles of the 60 's took a song to the world to find a bloodless revolution, using guitars and flowers to counter the system's muzzle. Last year's Umbrella Revolution, Hong Kong Central Place this song, everyone sings in unison: "You can say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one." "Are you willing to make one more wish for world peace?" Do you still believe that goodness is valuable? Do you expect yourself to be the one who is willing to dream? (Extended reading: maturity is not worldly, but no matter how bad the world is, you still believe in Goodness )

What A Wonderful World: Thank you for letting me see love.

"I saw the blue sky and the white clouds, bright, happy day." Night to people say goodnight, I think: what a beautiful world ah. 」

〈what a wonderful world〉 for Louis Armstrong in his later years, when the world was in the Vietnam War. Children in the United States are going to fight in Vietnam, no news is good news, they would rather not receive the letter, was told the child died. Armstrong Vigorous singing yearning: "When people walk on the road, they will ask each other" How did you do? "Have you Been good lately?" When they say this, they love you with all their heart. "

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A "How are you?" "I hope we can all cherish deeply."

France was attacked by terror, face book on the symbol of "freedom, equality, fraternity" color stickers at the same time, it was said that Lebanon, Nigeria and the war, the attack, why no one care? Care for no class, the world is never lack of sadness. The life of France and Lebanon has no class, care, nor should there be. (Recommended reading: Paris and Lebanon terrorist attacks: our concern can be more than the change of head stickers )

Care, is a deep and sincere "How are you?" ", is powerless also to do the dissemination of information media, our concern is never enough, so more humble open to see the world's vision."

Hero of War: no heroes in wars

"A maiden came up in bullets and mist, and I asked her not to come again, and I begged her to stop there, but she kept on moving." I could only raise my gun, then fire, and the bullet passed through the smoke into the sand, the blood sprayed, and she fell down, and a white, snowy flag fell out of her hand. 」

I think of the movie "American Sniper" Blay de Coubely raised his gun and aimed at the boy with the bomb, the boy is about the same age as his daughter. He did not want to shoot, but he did not shoot, the death is the opposite of the brothers. Malala, who escaped gunshot wounds, said: "I do not want to retaliate against the terrorists Taliban, I would like to educate the children of the Taliban organization." "There is no day, the world will be willing to hurt, willing to put down the gun." (same field Gayon: female force times!) Emmahuasen and Malala for the first meeting: As feminists, we are proud.

"In this age of mutual suspicion, we need a revolution of trust." This is from Tariq Lamadan, he is a lot of traditional Islamic headache figures, based on Islamic righteousness as the starting point, anti-capitalism, anti-colonialism, anti-consumerism, animal protection and so on. Although he is a controversial intellectual, he argues that the French view of Muslims is still of reference value: "I think it is a violation of human rights that France forbids a Muslim woman to wear a headscarf." France's far-right party National Front and the extreme right-wing parties and populism of all countries claim that we have to lose identity, and that nation-state is defined by the nation. I'd say, "Sorry, it's not real anymore." (Extended reading: 7 million of the refugee Boys: Where are the boys and girls who have not been reported?) )

In many European countries, Muslims have been subjected to discrimination on the economic level and even human rights, which is a fact that cannot be ignored. We believe that both the "jihad" and the French government's "counterattack", the real communication is not on the war, but the political system and the basic human rights. (same field Gayon: The Forgotten Middle East: Gay refugees in Iran, Turkey, Israel )

Wind's change: freedom in a storm

"This fast-changing wind blows in the face of the Times." As the wind blows the bells of freedom, only for the peace of mind. 」

This song is written in the fall of the Berlin Wall, the disintegration of the Soviet Union caused the upheaval in Eastern Europe at the moment, the people like through the storm, from the outermost change, to the center of the quiet good. Through the high-pressure centralization of power, they face the world more uneasy imagination, but still firmly forward. We are not afraid of the wind, not afraid of change to bring discomfort. The more turbulent the times, the more able to calm down and stare at the hearts of people.

Heal: Love Heals the World

"We are no longer just living, but really starting to live." (We stop existing and start living) "

We do not want to say time passes quickly, but only look at the immediate road, in order to protect the body behind. Mourning the undead as Michael Jackson sings: "There are people dying, if you really care about the living." For you, for me to create a better place. 」

November 12 terrorist attack in Lebanon, 41 killed and more than 200 injured
November 13 The night of Friday, France plunged into a terrorist attack

countless casualties, a lost world. Whether it was the 2000 people who died in the Holocaust in Nigeria at the beginning of the year, or the 132 victims of Paris, life is precious, and one day we no longer stand in the opposite and accuse each other. Where is the better place? It may be the day we weep not only for Paris, but the day when we cease to dispute who cares about the nobler world, the day when we no longer retaliate for justice.