Witch Shop, the spiritual cradle of all independent musicians , Qingfeng said his near nostalgia timid, An Pu ( Zhang Hang ) said that the witch shop let her self-reliance, Chan said her sensitive nerves sprouting here. Over the past 20 years, the witch shop to maintain the heart of the city's negative space. Listen to the founder of the witch shop Peng Yujing said, the original idea of the first thought, but let the Witch shop become the soul of many people's home, the most profound memories of life. (Recommended reading: to drink An Pu of salty porridge!) Peng Yujing: A musical offering with a witch taste

"When it comes to witch shops, there is a feeling of home, though I seldom go home." But home is like this, at any time waiting for you, home is shouting you, desperate, also want to go back. The story of the Witch, should be full of fantasy complex and magical description, but in front of her I always become humble real and feeling timid. Because in the bustling world of twists and turns, I know, she will know, this feeling, is the real me. --Soda Green Peak

20 years ago, a newly graduated from the Department of society, the girl with passion for dessert, daily nest in the kitchen of the 5 floor of the Taipei Xi ' an hotel to make snacks, responsible for the chef assigned recipes to complete, she is also satisfied with life. Then one day, her BB call sounded, it was a message from the Women's bookstore on the south Road, said there was an urgent matter, please her quick return. "Our florist downstairs has moved out, don't you want to open a coffee shop?" Come on, open the shop. "At the end of the line, the woman bookstore friend said eagerly.

"Coffee shop?" I thought to myself, did I ever tell you I wanted to open a shop? The other party just said, because knowing that I was interested in dessert, I reasoned that I should want to open a coffee shop in the future. Yu Jing smiled and said, I actually did not think to open the shop ah, just listen to a friend said, suddenly feel like a good. Back home and mom and dad said, dad asked only one sentence "How much money?" ", with her to look at the space, found that this site is very special no pillars, that era good, looking for a few friends to invest, the store opened up."

This is the Witch shop owner Peng Yujing Story, who also did not think, this in a bit Holi hu Tu open shop, should become the cradle of Taipei independent music, become many people common youth mark, more become everyone's life also forget, don't want to lose home. (Recommended reading:"Do music do not make ripples, to do stone" the music of the Lifetime Zhong Chenghu )

"I just want to open a room where girls can play late."

"Yu Jing a few sentences to my influence is very big, she said," I just want to open a shop, let girls can perform Ah! The rest is for the boys to sing. "She made me think it was important for the girls to sing their own songs and speak their minds," she says. I didn't think it was so important to write and sing, but it seemed to be important to hear her say that. --Banai

Many newcomers may be surprised at the Witch store's store environment, with a few bras on the back of the chair, on the walls, and posters of the lower body that may bump into them as they wander around. This is an obvious negative space, I said to Yu Jing, open a coffee shop is one thing, but open what kind of coffee shop is another thing, she was the first reason to create such a field?

"When the university went out to play, found how can play to the late shop, are male as the main body?" If you want to play late, you will feel a little uncomfortable. So I want to create a predominantly female space, so that girls can stay late, in this space, you have to say, want to express ideas, can be expressed here. "I can imagine that 20 years ago, women's rights just like a bit of the stars came out of the generation, the Josephine Ho and other people shouting" I want to orgasm, do not sexual harassment, "the generation, Yu-Jing participate in it, perhaps in such a subtle, just wipe out the witch shop such sparks.

Social movement, thin body of Chenge

"I went to a schoolgirl class in high school, in that era, probably everyone to Chiuxin and Sanmao are very concerned about the era, so when you see a can project" I am a girl "this identity, rather than" Boys eyes girls "place, you will feel that it is mine. The most important time in my life, is in the Witch Shop Kitchen training out, you really learn, how to use a girl's way self-reliance and self-improvement. --An Pu (Zhang Hang)

With a girl's way of their own strong, is Yu Jing has been doing, and her practice, but also led many girls to find their own self-reliance. I asked curiously, what was the past Yu Jing like? I want to know what kind of book she is looking at, what kind of songs she listens to, what kind of society she's going through, that makes her her present.

Yu Jing said that her high school participation in the "Sanmin Research Society", when the school community is mostly technical, recreational, the ideological community is very few, and she joined the Sanmin Research Society is one. "At that time is hanging the name of the Sanmin, in the peep of Communism things, see some Nietzsche ah, Marx Ah, in fact, also can not understand, look at the want to sleep." Later, the university joined the Hakka Society, I was raised in Taipei Hakka people, not very good, but at that time members from the Hakka village, speak a super fluent Hakka, I get a lot of fun from the Hakka society. Yu Crystal side to talk while laughing, jokingly said in the Hakka society experience a lot of cultural differences and "exotic."

The gender movement in college was not absent, but one of the most impressive sporting experiences occurred during her time in the Hakka society. At the end of 1992, the Government planned to build a reservoir in the Mino district on the grounds of developing water resources in the south, but the local environmental groups believed that it would cause an ecological catastrophe, so the residents of the Mino region began a spontaneous struggle, which was not overlooked in the history of sports. (Share with you: The Chai Jing of accountability to the Chinese government: we are all under the same "Dome", no one can hide )

"At that time I was shocked, the Hakka are very stubborn ah, whether it is the youth or elders, the villagers are chartered to come to the Legislative Yuan, all united, and finally really put the plan to block down." The sex movement often has no result, but this kind of movement can react immediately the result, I admire them very much. "This is the university period of Yu Jing, small body is not afraid of confrontation with the power, often shouting" come ah, I am not afraid, Tai is in the vicinity of the Legislative Yuan! "This strong and powerful exterior is a heart of tenderness and love for Taiwanese society." The original Witch Shop is also just soft, it is like the soul of the crystallization of the specific practice.

Wings for indie music, Music Man's Home Forever

"Every year, the boss shows up with her child and then leaves when the child starts to face the trap," he said. The same is simple greeting me, today she took a spoon, replace my hand sanitary chopsticks .... Look at me before singing something to eat, frowned, her way of caring for many years unchanged, not nonsense, very sincere. To the Witch shop sentimentally attached to not only singing at that time, before that, after that the details, all irrigation my sensitive nerves. Although the audience is only 100 people, this meticulous passion, like a grand concert, continues to stretch in the deep night. --Kee-jeong

Witch Shop at the beginning, and did not want to become a showcase space, until the end of 1996, Taipei Independent Music last position Scum and the government after the fall, independent musicians declared nowhere to go. At that time, the flesh and blood leather Orchestra of Aki found the witch shop, from that day, Yu-Jing received from the Scum equipment, but also took in no place to perform independent music. "I was also listening to the blacklist studio, Lin Yu-jie that kind of song, had thought that the store can have dynamic activities, but the light business is too busy, just connect the independent music, also feel full fit." "Such a simple idea, let the Witch and independent music officially rendezvous, unfold a very dense and fantastic story."

But limited by the Witch Shop environment, a start from the Scum Metal Regiment and other performance volume, leading to neighbors alarm, the shop was fined, this let Yu Jing began to think, exactly how the performance for Witch shop. "I decided that all the performances would have to be unplugged (not plugged in) and that the musicians would have new work, and then a female singer would be a priority," he said. "Such conditions, gradually screened out with the Witch Shop tune the music, not suitable for the gradual departure, suitable also often find their own door, and 1998 years later, Vibe, underground society appeared, plug the performance is not afraid of breathing space." (Same field Gayon: The past you don't know: The music memory of Taipei Live House)

In that case, I asked Yu Jing how to look at indie music. She put her hands on her chin and thought for a while. "Independent music, for me is writing books, poetry, and so on outside the other way, the function of rock and roll, in addition to express feelings, but also express dissatisfaction with the reality and rebellion." Some things are not to be heard by others, but they can be smuggled with music, like a missionary of thought. She said she would insist that the musicians of the Witch Shop had to sing the reason for their creations, and so on, "of course, there are things that are good but there are limits, but we are all waiting for a clever, some new stimulus." 」

The Witch store injected a whole new life for indie music, many independent musicians with the demo came to hope to have the opportunity to play, Chen Shanni, Huang, Chan, Zhang Hang, Shei Yuwei, Chen Mingzhang ..., these countless musicians, and the Witch shop there is a love between the past, it is they and the Witch store secrets, A kind of unspeakable friendship and the mark of blending in the youthful years. But the Yu Jing did not think is that these marks, let witch shop in the 2011 Lights out crisis, safe and sound survived.

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